Saturday, January 26, 2013

I am, I think, I know

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If there ever comes a day...
that you lack for blog post ideas of your own, just cheat by borrowing someone else's. Photobucket

I'm not sure where this meme began, but I've been seeing it on a lot of different blogs so I decided to take part, too. I wish I could provide a link to it's original source, but so far I haven't spotted one.

I'm actually happy to have found this little questionnaire, because otherwise I'd be bored because yet again I'm sitting outside in the back with the animals.

The girls have been enjoying the Spring-ish weather this week. While I find 80 degrees in January depressing, little Abigail is in love. Whenever I let her out to play, her energy level goes from something like 4 to 1,000 mph.

If I head into the kitchen and make myself a cappuccino, perhaps I'll possess the gusto to join the little lass.

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Here are the questions:

I am: becoming an astronomy geek, and I like it! Did you know that back in 1994 the Earth would have been completely annihilated by a comet if not for Jupiter acting as our big burly bodyguard?

No joke. It would have been the end of life. Story over, check please.

I think: far too much for my own good. Really, my brain needs a vacation.

I know: that this means I'm just your typical INFJ. It's just how I'm wired, and at least now I know that this is normal. Rare in the general population, but normal amongst others like myself.


I want: to return to Disney World. I miss it!!!!

I have: an intense hatred for loud noises.

I dislike: when the neighbor that lives behind us neglects their dog by abandoning it in their backyard. The poor thing just whines and howls at the back door for hours. Why do these people even have a pet when all they do is ignore it?

I miss: when my niece and nephew were little.

I fear: summer's arrival. It's a horrible time jam packed with mosquitoes, humidity, bad hair days and a lot of extra strength deodorant.

I feel: guilt, because the birds are lined up on the fence wanting the dog and myself to go back in the house so that they can resume eating.

I hear: the birds singing, and Maddie Kate hacking on the bird seed which I've strictly forbidden her to even go near.

I smell: someone cooking BBQ again.

I crave: either a large order of McDonald's french fries, or barbecue. SMOKEY barbecue and not that horrid sugary kind.

I search: for answers all the time, but instead they lead to more questions.

 photo infjthink_zps2bf3d0bc.jpg

I wonder: why some people just can't think for themselves.

I regret: that at the end of the day the purpose of life (and even our origins before birth) is just one big guessing game. We all have our own opinions about it, and some lean on blind faith, but that still doesn't change the undeniable fact that the real truth is hidden from us. Our opinions and guesses are just that, and nothing more.

Surely I'm not alone in my thoughts.


I love: my alone time.

I care: for my own and other people's happiness far too much.

I am always: striving for perfection and chasing the wrong dreams.

I worry: about leaving the animals when my brother gets married out of state this summer. I truly am worried about having a total stranger or a neighbor look after them. I feel like I'm abandoning my own children.

I just don't trust anyone else to take care of them.

I remember: that when my niece and nephew were small, they believed my word was the gospel. I had them believing in pixie dust and a fairy cow named "Daisy." We were so very close.

Those were the days.


I sing: only in front of the dogs. (My apologies, dear children).

I argue: when I know I'm right, but usually I only voice my frustrations to myself. I'm not a fan of conflict.

I write: no more these days. After receiving all those rejections and getting my hopes up, I gave it all up.

I lose: a lot of sleep at night because it takes forever for my thoughts to stop racing and just wave the white flag.

 photo cb-1.jpg

I wish: that my cat was in better health.

I listen: to pretty much every kind of music, except for that gangsta rap cr@p and outright screaming masquerading as notes on a musical scale.

The ability to scream does not a singer make.


I don't understand: Gary Busey.

I am scared: that the hummingbird moths are back. Our little neighbor next door saw one the other day, so now I'm cautious about being outside around sunset.

Pathetic, I know.

I need: to gather together the necklaces I've made and give them to grandma for her to sell.

I forget: why I go into a room all the time now. I should probably start taking Ginkgo Biloba again, but I always forget to put it on the grocery list.

I am happy: that just now a couple doves landed on the brick wall next to me and said Hello.

Or were they telling me to Scram? They could have been telling me to go inside and watch more astronomy geek shows while they devour their dinner. I think the little finches sent the doves out here, because they're a lot bigger and louder than they are. They think I'll listen to the big bad doves over them.

It worked, because I'm going inside now.


(Because I don't care to make this a new post)


Mom and I took Abby walking, and that little dog had so much fun! In the car she did her usual routine. She was so excited about just being inside a car that her entire body shook as though she were possessed by 2 or 3 chihuahuas.

Once we stopped the car and got out, she was instantly filled with overwhelming J-O-Y! It was like watching a child experience the happiness of celebrating a birthday, Christmas, New Years, and the last day of school all at once.

The battery on the camera kept dying on me, so I had to condense all those little vids into one.

And the same goes for this one, of the hawks circling overhead.

Speaking of hawks, I SWEAR I heard an eagle the other day. I asked Mom if hawks can sometimes sound like eagles. She said they can, but there have been sighting of eagles nearby at Lake Conroe.

Either way, I wasn't taking any chances and brought Abby inside. No way am I taking a chance at her being carried off.

Here's a pic and some video I took of a hawk on our back porch recently:


Larger Pic

And now I must sign off. Bad weather might be coming. The winds are so high that we had to take down the tarp that hangs over the back porch The board it's attached to lost it's footing in the ground and hit the side of the house. I hope the brick of the house isn't damaged.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quiet Afternoon

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I'm sitting outside with one of the dogs and the cat. It's finally cooled off and the birds are singing and flying around everywhere, so I sort of feel like Snow White right now... only with no singing prince in sight.

 photo prince400-1.jpg

Wendy Kitty is exploring the flower bed, but I think that's only because she realized that I prefer that flower bed be off limits. (Wendy likes feeling like a rebel, especially at her vintage age of 18).

Abby on the other hand... well, she's our outdoors-loving gal and when she's outside she's like a cat overdosed on catnip. Presently, she's barking at either the birds or the school bus that just passed by. (Maybe both. She might be a fan of multitasking, just like me).

Oops, okay. I think it was a bird because I just heard a flutter of wings next to her. She used to try making friends with them, but lately she's grown cocky and fancies herself a bird herder.


It's a new year, and this is a new blog which means this is a new start. Of course, I have no clue what to ramble about, but that's okay. Since I can be quiet in my daily life, I do love to ramble on my blogs so I'm sure this particular one won't be lacking for posts.

Goodness, it's refreshing having a brand spanking new blog! Currently, the audience in this theater is comprised of 0 but a lot of freedom comes with that. Take this post for instance... b-o-r-i-n-g but that's fine because I'm only talking to myself.

Anyone else do that? Talk to themselves? (Wow, that sentence sounds ridiculous when the one above mentioned no soul reading this). Maybe it's an INFJ thing, but I talk to myself all the time. My pets, too.

It's safe to say that I speak to my pets more than I do people. I think it's because pets are so genuine and they can't exactly engage in that dreaded small talk.


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

She wants adventure in the great, wide somewhere

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This is my first review, which I warn you will be ridiculously long (taking days to write for quite possibly a tiny audience consisting only of me, myself and I), so let's get to it!

Last Sunday night's Rumbelle-centric episode of Once Upon A Time was such a treat. After weeks of seeing my favorite couple together in only 20 second cameos, where their lunch dates and picnics were so rudely interrupted by various fairytale characters, Rumpel and Belle finally take center stage again!

Photobucket Photobucket

While Belle tosses back a few at the tavern, she's joined by Dreamy. They overhear talk of a hunting party wanting a few recruits in defeating a fiery beast called the Yaoguai. Since Belle no longer has her own beast to tame, it doesn't take long for Dreamy to talk her into joining the men in their hunt.

But first, Dreamy has a little parting gift for her. A bag of sparkling fairy dust, which just might come in handy on her new-found adventure.


And for Belle, her adventure is pretty easy peasy thanks to a book on said creature and her smarts for understanding an ancient language. (Which looks remarkably similar to Chinese). After purposely leading her ride of annoying and boisterous hunters down the garden path, Belle finds the Yaoguai's cave faster than Rumpel chopped off Hook's hand.

But the Yaoguai doesn't like house guests, and has no reservations about killing girls donning perfectly arranged braids and red lipstick. Luckily for Belle, Mulan-the-bad-ass comes to her aid.


Mulan is not amused, and really doesn't care to stick around since Belle just cost her her hunt. Mulan had been tracking down the fearsome beast for weeks and Belle found it in just one day, thanks to her book... which probably had no pictures.

Rambling Note: See? Knowledge really IS POWER! That one Doctor Who episode (coincidentally with the same theme, only concerning a werewolf) and all those after school commercials weren't just engaging in lip service. Books really can be arsenal. How wonderfully nerdy is that?!


Fastforward a bit, and Mulan comes to Belle's rescue a second time. She rescues Belle from the aforementioned bullies trying to give her a good christening down a well. (Which they think she deserves, seeing how she led their gullible minds to believe that the Yaoguai prefers lake habitats over mountainous terrains. Those brutes, with all their boorishness and boasting, and let's face it... probably a lot of ungentlemanly farting and belching... learned the hard way never to trust a woman who could read and think for herself. Likewise, if she's wearing chain mail and carrying a sword, your ass is pretty much toast. I hope they learned their lesson).


Confession - As much as I've not enjoyed Mulan in this series, I loooved it when she fought the guys here. I was definitely cheering her on. Girl Power!!!!

Swallowing her pride, Mulan asks Belle to join her on her hunt. Together, they'd make a good team. Brains + Brawn = That Yaoguai is gonna be dead barbecue to feed to Mulan's entire village. It'd be like a big picnic!


But there's a problem. Mulan's leg is injured, and a la Disney's Gaston, Belle is gonna have to "KILL THE BEAST!"


And she does, figuratively speaking of course, because the fiery creature is in actual fact Aurora's boyfriend/Mulan's future loverboy Prince Phillip. That dragon lady Maleficient had cursed him! Thanks to Belle's keen interpretation of the beast's message (which he scrawls in the dirt), alongside Dreamy's bag of fairy dust, Phillip's curse is now broken.

Random Thought: Phillip explains that's he's been trying to tell the village people who he really is, but I guess loverboy's brains were a little fried (literally) because he should know aggressiveness and pillaging villages isn't exactly the way to get anyone to listen calmly. It's kinda hard to look deeper into a scenario when death is barreling towards you at 30mph.

Apparently, he tried writing a message - in fire - for help, but all the villagers knew was that their homes were being burned down by a monster that breathes fire and charges people like a lion on the kill. Even from a distant hilltop, I didn't see any message written on the grasses below. All I saw was one huge fiery doodle.


Then again, in Phillip's defense my acumen for dead languages are pretty much most definitely zippo and null.




Now for a little time traveling to Storybrooke.

In the hull of Captain Sexy's Hook's cloaked ship, Archie is being interrogated. Hook is threatening the cricket to spill the beans about where Rumpel's/The Dark One's precious dagger is. Learning that Archie truly doesn't know anything about this dagger, Hook gleans that Rumpel's most precious object is his son's cloak. (Rumpel has had success creating a magic potion that will allow him to cross the town line with his memory still intact. All it takes is one drop of this potion on the object he holds most dear, which is why Hook wants the cloak with all his evil heart. If you ask me, Hook really needs to dispense some of Archie's services for himself. Methinks Hook has a lot of issues that he really needs to let go of; mainly this vengeance crap with a man that could kill him without even touching a hair on his purty little head).

Quick Thought: I don't really know why he thinks he needs the town's shrink to help. What need does he have of Archie when he has his spy glass which can obviously see through an entire town of brick buildings? Does the brute not understand that he doesn't even need Archie when there's the shapeshifting Cora?

My personal opinion is that he just enjoys being a bully and parading around that shiny hook. I think he's become rather fond of his steampunk-ish hand.

But I digress.


Hook isn't only causing trouble for Archie. First, he breaks into Belle's library... but no worries. A shelf of books knocks him on his pretty ass, and after Belle's frantic phone call with really bad reception, Rumpel comes to her rescue. (All the while, back at Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop Smee steals the cloak for Hook. As Admiral Ackbar would say, it's a trap!)


Rumpel is pretty PO-ed. It's the same old relationship woes that we've witnessed with Rumbelle before. Rumpel wants to rip someone's heart out, but Belle can still see the good inside the beast. If anyone can reform The Dark One, it's Bookish Belle. (This would be a rather unhealthy relationship in real life, but since it's fiction I'll let it slide because I love these characters so much).

After Belle rescues Archie from the invisible ship... (those darn gulls resting in mid-air were a dead giveaway that Cora never thought of)... she searches for the cloak which Rumpel needs to find his son. (Like the American Express card, he can't leave Storybrooke without it). Unfortunate for Belle, she risked her life only to find a small chest of buried treasure.

Well, ya can't win 'em all.

Belle turns around to find Hook holding the cloak. While Belle has proven in this episode to be all bad@ss, she isn't quite quick enough to snatch back the pistol Rumpel gave her to protect herself from a particularly sexy and dastardly pirate.


I have to admit something here. Apart from Hook caressing Belle's face with a loaded gun, I was jealous of her in this scene. I don't know if it's because he's near-sighted or what, but Hook seems to be really fond of threatening his enemies with only about a half an inch between them.


All I could think during this scene was that the man put on his eyeliner a hell a lot smoother and better than I do, and that I really hope for Belle's sake that the man munches on breath mints throughout the day. Were I Belle, I could withstand Hook's threats if only he had fresh minty breath.

The importance of good oral hygiene aside, Belle learns of that little detail Rumpel left out about Milah's death. Belle was in denial for about 3 seconds, but in an instant her faith was renewed. She professes to Hook that Rumpel has changed and "his heart is true." (I think she read that in a few romance novels and liked it so much that she borrowed it for her real life. I'd do the same, so color me a little jealous again, nerdy-style). Belle then proceeds to take down Hook, who falls over like a ton of bricks. (He still manages to look all sexy when a girl in heels bests him). Bae's cloak in hand, Belle runs for her life.

But this is Hook we're talking about, and like a cheetah on the hunt he's up on the ship's deck before Belle is.


It looks like it's all over for our storybook heroine, but all that good karma from saving crickets, rescuing princes and hot dogs on the run is on her side... because behind Hook stands her lover whose heart is true!


And her lover-whose-heart-is-true proceeds to beat the everlasting hell and damnation out of Hook.

And deservedly so, I might add.


Next, we hear no whimperings from Hook. In fact, he's egging Rumpel on to rip his heart out like he did with Milah. Belle is understandably upset, not wanting to witness a murder and all, so after a little course correction she gets through to Rumpel whom let's Hook live.



After a heart to heart talk inside Rumpel's car, it's time for what they've all been waiting for. It's time for Rumpel to cross the town line and search for Baelfire.


But just as Rumbelle fans start to witness a smooch between the two fairytale characters, Hook gets his piece of the pie by shooting Belle.


Booooooo! You terrible and despicable rat bastard! Belle is only the #1 princess in all fairy tales! I hate you, hate you, H-A-T-E you! I'll feed you to the hungry crocodile myself!


Belle falls over the town line, losing all her memories. Hook, in that vengeful voice I can't help but be ashamed of falling in lust for, tells Rumpel that she'll live "but just won't remember who YOU are!"

A menacing cackle from Hook would have inserted itself well here, but instead we see Rumpel having a full-on nervous breakdown. Just as he begins to hurl a fireball at Hook, a car is speeding it's way INTO town.

By this point, I'm having a little breakdown of my own. I'm angry with the sexy pirate, feeling sorry for Rumbelle, but at the same time I'm relieved because finally an hour long mystery has just been solved. At last I understand why this episode was titled "The Outsider!"

So Hook gets hit by the car. I really don't care about that. It's the least he deserves after threatening innocent conscience's/crickets and bookworms.

Photobucket Photobucket

- Is Hook dead? PLEASE, NO! I love to hate him and he's too sexy to die. Really, I just want to look at him. Is that too much to ask?

- I never did speak of Snow and Charming! Snow wants to move out of her adorable shabby chic-ish cottage and spend a quiet life in Storybrooke, but Charming wants to fight, fight, FIGHT for their old home in FTL. Snow is tired of fighting, and I really can't blame her. All the same, my vote goes to Charming.

Charming 1 / Snow 0

- I'm glad the town now knows Archie is alive, but I want to know who Cora really killed.

- I'm happy for Pongo having his master back.

- Ruby and Archie totally need to hook up. Everytime I see them onscreen, I think they'd make a cute-as-pie couple.

- Hook got his butt kicked for this entire episode, but somehow the testosterone went through the roof anyway.

Reminder to the writers: PLEASE let this man survive.

- Henry is one confused kid. One second, he's drawing up plans for an armory in his 20-something's grandmother's old room, to protect himself and Emma from the evils of Regina. Then fastforward two seconds and, learning that it was Cora that only shapeshifted as Regina to "kill" Archie... Henry tells his Mom "I knew it!" He knew all along that Regina was innocent.

Wuh-huh? Sure, kid. I'm glad Archie is back because you just might need someone to talk to about this. It's been one hell of a stressful week for you, and now you don't even have a dog.


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