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I am, I think, I know

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If there ever comes a day...
that you lack for blog post ideas of your own, just cheat by borrowing someone else's. Photobucket

I'm not sure where this meme began, but I've been seeing it on a lot of different blogs so I decided to take part, too. I wish I could provide a link to it's original source, but so far I haven't spotted one.

I'm actually happy to have found this little questionnaire, because otherwise I'd be bored because yet again I'm sitting outside in the back with the animals.

The girls have been enjoying the Spring-ish weather this week. While I find 80 degrees in January depressing, little Abigail is in love. Whenever I let her out to play, her energy level goes from something like 4 to 1,000 mph.

If I head into the kitchen and make myself a cappuccino, perhaps I'll possess the gusto to join the little lass.

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Here are the questions:

I am: becoming an astronomy geek, and I like it! Did you know that back in 1994 the Earth would have been completely annihilated by a comet if not for Jupiter acting as our big burly bodyguard?

No joke. It would have been the end of life. Story over, check please.

I think: far too much for my own good. Really, my brain needs a vacation.

I know: that this means I'm just your typical INFJ. It's just how I'm wired, and at least now I know that this is normal. Rare in the general population, but normal amongst others like myself.


I want: to return to Disney World. I miss it!!!!

I have: an intense hatred for loud noises.

I dislike: when the neighbor that lives behind us neglects their dog by abandoning it in their backyard. The poor thing just whines and howls at the back door for hours. Why do these people even have a pet when all they do is ignore it?

I miss: when my niece and nephew were little.

I fear: summer's arrival. It's a horrible time jam packed with mosquitoes, humidity, bad hair days and a lot of extra strength deodorant.

I feel: guilt, because the birds are lined up on the fence wanting the dog and myself to go back in the house so that they can resume eating.

I hear: the birds singing, and Maddie Kate hacking on the bird seed which I've strictly forbidden her to even go near.

I smell: someone cooking BBQ again.

I crave: either a large order of McDonald's french fries, or barbecue. SMOKEY barbecue and not that horrid sugary kind.

I search: for answers all the time, but instead they lead to more questions.

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I wonder: why some people just can't think for themselves.

I regret: that at the end of the day the purpose of life (and even our origins before birth) is just one big guessing game. We all have our own opinions about it, and some lean on blind faith, but that still doesn't change the undeniable fact that the real truth is hidden from us. Our opinions and guesses are just that, and nothing more.

Surely I'm not alone in my thoughts.


I love: my alone time.

I care: for my own and other people's happiness far too much.

I am always: striving for perfection and chasing the wrong dreams.

I worry: about leaving the animals when my brother gets married out of state this summer. I truly am worried about having a total stranger or a neighbor look after them. I feel like I'm abandoning my own children.

I just don't trust anyone else to take care of them.

I remember: that when my niece and nephew were small, they believed my word was the gospel. I had them believing in pixie dust and a fairy cow named "Daisy." We were so very close.

Those were the days.


I sing: only in front of the dogs. (My apologies, dear children).

I argue: when I know I'm right, but usually I only voice my frustrations to myself. I'm not a fan of conflict.

I write: no more these days. After receiving all those rejections and getting my hopes up, I gave it all up.

I lose: a lot of sleep at night because it takes forever for my thoughts to stop racing and just wave the white flag.

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I wish: that my cat was in better health.

I listen: to pretty much every kind of music, except for that gangsta rap cr@p and outright screaming masquerading as notes on a musical scale.

The ability to scream does not a singer make.


I don't understand: Gary Busey.

I am scared: that the hummingbird moths are back. Our little neighbor next door saw one the other day, so now I'm cautious about being outside around sunset.

Pathetic, I know.

I need: to gather together the necklaces I've made and give them to grandma for her to sell.

I forget: why I go into a room all the time now. I should probably start taking Ginkgo Biloba again, but I always forget to put it on the grocery list.

I am happy: that just now a couple doves landed on the brick wall next to me and said Hello.

Or were they telling me to Scram? They could have been telling me to go inside and watch more astronomy geek shows while they devour their dinner. I think the little finches sent the doves out here, because they're a lot bigger and louder than they are. They think I'll listen to the big bad doves over them.

It worked, because I'm going inside now.


(Because I don't care to make this a new post)


Mom and I took Abby walking, and that little dog had so much fun! In the car she did her usual routine. She was so excited about just being inside a car that her entire body shook as though she were possessed by 2 or 3 chihuahuas.

Once we stopped the car and got out, she was instantly filled with overwhelming J-O-Y! It was like watching a child experience the happiness of celebrating a birthday, Christmas, New Years, and the last day of school all at once.

The battery on the camera kept dying on me, so I had to condense all those little vids into one.

And the same goes for this one, of the hawks circling overhead.

Speaking of hawks, I SWEAR I heard an eagle the other day. I asked Mom if hawks can sometimes sound like eagles. She said they can, but there have been sighting of eagles nearby at Lake Conroe.

Either way, I wasn't taking any chances and brought Abby inside. No way am I taking a chance at her being carried off.

Here's a pic and some video I took of a hawk on our back porch recently:


Larger Pic

And now I must sign off. Bad weather might be coming. The winds are so high that we had to take down the tarp that hangs over the back porch The board it's attached to lost it's footing in the ground and hit the side of the house. I hope the brick of the house isn't damaged.


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  1. Hi Kristin :)

    Wow! Visiting your blog for the first time is like visiting wonderland! ;)
    First, let me say I love the names you picked for your lovely pets.
    Second, I also enjoyed (very much) reading your answers to the questionnaire. You're an INFJ! I'm also very interested in personality types, but have yet to decide between INFJ and INFP...

    I'll keep reading you!


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