Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

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Easter sure snuck up on me this year. It always feels strange when Easter arrives in March, but if not for seeing my sweet Easter basket this morning that Mom made for me, along with her dying a few eggs last night.... (of course you can't ever be too old for an Easter basket and colored eggs! What are ya thinking?).... Easter would have come and gone and I wouldn't even have known it.

For weeks now, we've been running ourselves into the ground getting the house ready to put on the market. I feel like I'm 90 years old.

So since we've been so busy getting the house ready, packing boxes and carting them to "the farm" (more on that later)... I'm sad to confess that I never put up our Easter decorations. Since I failed at that this year, here are older photos of some of them.


 photo tudor_easter_zps5f7a2e76.png

 photo bottles_zps04047e5a.jpg

 photo 42_zps2c3cab7e.jpg

 photo names_zps45091710.jpg  photo 255ht_zpsbb703504.png

What? Doesn't everyone give their holiday figurines names?

We do the same with our snowmen at Christmas.

 photo 2858_zpsb8fdec7c.jpg

 photo estrbirds_zps069255a5.png

 photo 523069_zps3d0e5a07.jpg

 photo eggs_zps920db118.jpg

Named after the rabbit in Jimmy Stewart's movie classic, Harvey, meet ELWOOD P. DOWD. (And I'm pleased to announce that that hideous blue dinosaur-sized bow is no longer a part of his wardrobe. It was just too dandy for Mr. Elwood P).

 photo cajoline_vintageeaster400_zpsad978d02.png



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