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March Flower - Daffodil / Narcissus


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The March Birth Flower is the Jonquil (aka Daffodil or Narcissus).

Meaning: Friendship and Domestic Happiness.

Hidden Message from Victorian Times:You are an Angel.”


National Flower of Wales


Flower Language

Regard or unrequited love (Victorian)
Chivalry (The great yellow daffodil-Victorian)
Good fortune (Chinese)
mirth and joyousness (Japan)

Mythology/ Folklore

According to the Greek mythology, Echo was a mountain nymph who fell madly in love with a beautiful young man, Narcissus-- a vain youth who cared for nothing but his own beauty. He spent all his time looking at his own reflection in a pool of water and spurned Echo's love until she finally faded away, leaving nothing but her voice. The gods, angry with Narcissus because of his vanity, changed him into a flower who was destined always to sit by a pool nodding at his own reflection.

Similar versions of this myth occur in Rome, Arabia, Egypt, Spain and Portugal.

Venus, god of beauty, governs all daffodils except the yellow, and that belongs to Mars, god of war.

Narcissus was also sacred to to Persephone, embodiment of the earth's fertility and Queen of the Underworld.



Jonquil Violent Sympathy and Desire.
Have pity on my passion.

Although the jonquil is a member of the narcissus family, the narcissus have only one flower per stem and the jonquil have cluster of flowers per stem.

The particularly favorite flower of Queen Anne was jonquils. She wove patterns of jonquil blossoms in her delicate needlework which included carpets, tapestry and dresses. She was inspired by her love of jonquils to establish Kensington Palace Gardens, the first public gardens in England.

A Greek myth relates the story of Proserpina. While she gathering lilies, she was kidnapped the to god Pluto who carried her to the underworld. As Pluto carried Proserpina, she dropped the lilies. As the lilies fell to earth, they became daffodils, hanging their heads for Proserpina's sorrow.

A superstition in Maine states that you will cause a daffodil not bloom if you point at it with an index finger.

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