Friday, May 3, 2013

I am, I think, I know: May 2013

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I am: more than ready for this house to sell.

I think: positive thinking and the Law of Attraction is total bunk.

I know: this is true because I've tried it twice now. Experience teaches sense, so never again will I believe in it.

I want: aliens to be real. I want them to beam up all the unconscionable real estate agents into their spaceships, and then transport them to a planet that's overrun by either dinosaurs or proctologists.

The choice is theirs. I'll trust their judgment.  photo 40_zps0e3c8b25.png

I have: grown tired of people and real estate agents that don't think our time is valuable.

I dislike: pretty much every single real estate agent we've come across over the past month. There's no professionalism or common courtesy. They even think they're above the laws of breaking and entering. (We have evidence of this on our security cameras, twice).

And if they're not going to honor an appointment, why don't they have the common courtesy to at least call and say that they're running late? Otherwise we're stuck riding around in the car for an hour or two, with 3 dogs and 1 elderly cat of 17 with failing health.

Treat others the way you wish to be treated is all I'm saying. This is something we're taught in Kindergarten, so you'd think that surely they could grasp such an elementary concept.

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I miss: the 80's. Remember when MTV actually played music videos, and the Disney Channel didn't just cater to middle school kids? Remember this?

I fear: that lately my pessimism > my optimism.

I feel: restless, lost and annoyed.

I hear: the dogs barking again.

I smell: a clean house, although the cat has other ideas.

I crave: to win the Texas lottery very soon.

I search: and search, and search all the time.

I wonder: if I'll ever find a way to make good money by working from home.

I regret: that money is a necessary evil in this world.

I love: this weather we're having today! It's a record breaking 67 degrees right now. Incredible!

I care: about my pets a lot more than some people.

I am always: wanting everyone to be happy.

I worry: more than people know.

I remember: that I used to want to be an astronaut.  photo earth.gif (What kid didn't?)

I sing: like nothing special at all.

I argue: with myself a lot.

Does that sound a little psycho, because it sounded like it as I was typing.  photo blink_zps6f8a60d8.gif

I write: hardly ever in my blogs anymore.

I wish: I had a bag of Orange Milano cookies to enjoy with my cappuccino tonight.

I listen: to cd's that I've made a lot more than I do the radio.

I don't understand: violence.

I am scared: of our time being wasted again. (The people that saw the house this morning are returning tonight. If they aren't pre-qualified and are just more lookie-loo's, I'm gonna lose it. I am so tired of this. So, so, soooo tired).

I need: either a nap or an attitude adjustment. I'm just not in a very pleasant mood tonight.

I am happy: when I'm at Disney World!  photo mk.gif

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Quote of the Day:

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