Saturday, September 21, 2013

Guide to Country Living 101

 photo 101.jpg

- Citronella candles aren’t made just for the outdoors.

- Rabbits are cute, and you will want to cuddle them, but a hug from a wild rabbit is a pipe dream. It’s never going to happen.

- Cicada’s can be so noisy that your dogs will bark back at them.

- Baby lizards are like the paparazzi. Every time you step outside, they’re already gathered on your doorstep and insist on invading your space.

- Cows don’t do very much.

- Flies enjoy stalking human flesh and are not opposed to living indoors.

- When the washing machine and dryer are in the garage, becoming paranoid over snakes, tarantulas and mice engaging in surprise attacks across your feet aren’t exactly outside the realm of possibility.

- Never yawn without first covering your mouth since flying insects think of an open human mouth as an invitation to crash your tonsils.

- If doing laundry in the garage, beware of kamikaze flies flying into the dryer and baby salamanders falling from the ceiling.

- After washing your car, don’t expect it to remain clean more than a total of 15 minutes. In the country you have things like dirt… birds using your car as a toilet… whirly dervishes… bugs that like to melt and die on the hood of your car… dirt… dirt… and did I say dirt?

- Mice aren’t as cute as they appear in Beatrix Potter’s children’s stories.

 photo mice2.png

- If your water comes from a well, be prepared to purchase A LOT of bottled water.

-If you see a tarantula that looks like it’s standing on stilts… run like hell. It isn’t standing upright to be polite, asking you to pull up a chair and chat. It’s getting ready to kick your ass.

- Invest in purchasing fly swatters in bulk. You will need one in every room… on every table… on every porch.

And don’t be surprised when you buy one of the larger ones which are battery operated and act like a taser.

- When you see a man wearing a cowboy hat, it doesn’t mean its “Livestock Show and Rodeo” Time in Houston. These aren’t drugstore cowboys, but the real deal/country folk. Enjoy it.

- Some hawks have such an immense wing span that they’re reminiscent of the eagles in Middle Earth.

- Don’t expect to spend many nights gazing up at the stars. It gets DARK out there, and the predominant thought inside your brain will not be the wonders of the Universe but rather the frightening idea that inside all that inky black there exists nothing but poisonous insects and snakes preparing to strike you at your most vulnerable moment.

- When you live on 43 acres and have to do the grass cutting yourself, you’re only going to be able to walk – and with great caution - about 2 acres of it.

- When traveling down a country road, you have to become talented at the art of multitasking; waving at passerby riding their tractors, and driving 60 mph at the same time.

- Especially when it’s raining, a lot of the older country folk prefer to ride in their golf carts to fetch the mail.

- Watching a sunset behind nothing but fields of grass is a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l sight, and the sun itself looks ginormous and like something out of Star Wars. It’s a spectacular show.

- Snakes do climb fences.

- Mice are smarter than you think. When they find one of their 90,000 brethren fallen victim to mouse traps, they’ll steer clear of the area.

Until the day they let down their guard, and then…. SNAP!

- When you live on large acreage, 99.99% of it is populated by mice that dig tunnels of holes at your feet and hang out on your porch no matter the time of day.

- Boredom and the lack of internet will soon have you pulling the trigger of your very own Red Ryder BB Gun as you shoot at empty Coca Cola cans.

- Having such a limited number of tv channels to surf, you might have to make the painful choice between watching a dozen Hispanic channels (a lot of news and talk shows), two religious channels (mostly children’s programming where scary puppets like to talk about God), a few Japanese channels (more talk shows), or He-Man on the cartoon channel.

FYI: He-Man > Gibberish and Religious Sock Puppets

(Unfortunately, they cancelled He-Man a few weeks ago)

- Toad poop is gross and not like what you'd expect. Toads love to hang out on the porch at night, and when you get up the next morning it’s going to look like a team of terriers had been using it as a bathroom all evening.

- If in suburbia you used to be in the habit of rescuing spiders, in the country you’ll become a spider killing machine. You’ll become so gifted at the sport that you could karate chop them in two, blindfolded and with your bare hands.

- It’s impossible to drive down a country road without seeing a swarm of vultures having lunch.

- In all the small towns you drive through, the cattle population exceeds the human population.

- If you try to make friends with cattle by talking to them, they’ll only study you intensely (never breaking eye contact) while munching on grass. (Which will make YOU feel like a monkey in a cage that’s being observed at the zoo).

- When you see a pair of very large dogs working in unison to flush innocent rabbits out of the barn, they’re not chasing them to play Tag.

- When the boredom is too much to bear, always have a pair of binoculars next to the window facing the highway. If you’re lucky, your day’s entertainment will consist of watching at least 3 trucks being pulled over by the cops.

- There isn't much to do in the country but there are lots of antique stores, most of which are only open from Wednesday - Saturday. The rest of the week you're on your own in finding something to do; whether it's having one-sided discussions with cows or making root beer floats.

- Don't drink root beer floats outdoors. Flies like root beer floats.

- A bowl to trap lizards in, and a shoe to squash bugs with, is a permanent fixture under the bed in your bedroom.

- The highlight of your day is traveling to the nearest grocery/rest stop to get a bottled Starbucks drink with a homemade cinnamon roll.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Country Life is Hell


Prepare for a lot of babbling….

Not that I’m speaking to anyone really. I only blog for myself. How boring.

Well, for the past 4 days we’ve stumbled across 4 snakes.

- Snake #1 was on the side of the back yard. I was glad to have not seen this one personally since it was a really long, very large snake. We think it was poisonous, too.

- Snake # 2 was discovered by yours truly two mornings ago. It was around 7 am. The dogs wanted out, so even though I was petrified of running into a critter I forged ahead anyway.

Big mistake.

I stepped onto the porch, shutting the door behind me because I have to search the perimeters first. There’s no way I’m taking a chance at by dogs getting hurt by some wild animal.

So I step on the porch and don’t see anything. It’s another very foggy morning, so I do one last search on the acreage to the right of the little “fence” we put up for the dogs.

And then it happened. Hidden from view was a really big snake, and it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! It was coiled halfway in the grass and halfway on the porch I was standing on. I didn’t see it originally because the wrought iron table was between us. This thing was really long, and its head was raised up as it stared at me. It scared me to death, so I did what every coward would do.

I walked backwards in just 2 steps (no way am I turning my back to a snake), slammed the door and then ran into my Mommy’s bedroom to wake her up and have her take care of it. Photobucket

When she asked what it looked like, I told her: green with a yellow stripe. She said it was just a garden snake.

Just a garden snake? JUST a garden snake? What part of SNAKE did she not understand? Hell, Mom. It’s a SNAKE! S-N-A-K-E! SNAKE! Not a june bug or doodle bug. A snake!

So after I woke Mom from a restful sleep (and probably dreaming of George Strait), she put on her battle gear.

Well, actually there was no battle gear involved because my Mom’s crazy. (I had no idea). She’s crazy because when she went out there to get rid of that snake she was BAREFOOT! She didn’t even bother putting on her red cowgirl boots.

She didn’t kill my green and yellow striped nightmare. It took a while, because this “harmless” snake was putting up a fight, but eventually Mom’s handy-dandy snake grabber stick fulfilled its destiny. The “harmless” snake went for a little ride across the yard before being tossed across the fence and back into the fields.

The whole incident is on our security cams. (I’ll try to upload part of it to this post in a few days). It arrived before 2 am, and just sat there all night. At one point a little white mouse ran straight into it.

I don’t know if that mouse was made a meal of though. I actually hope so because the mice have been a real nuisance around here. They are absolutely everywhere, same as the geckos.

- And then there’s last night’s adventure with Snake # 3. Guess who ran into this one.
No, not the brave one but the cowardly one. Me!

Mom, myself and our dogs were outside, and then we went back in the house. After a few minutes I decided to stop being such a chicken. We’re currently living on 43 acres, and even though we can’t walk even ¼ of it at least I can enjoy the view and watch another beautiful sunset. (And I know I keep saying this, but the sunsets over here truly are breathtaking).

Feeling really brave, I decide to venture outside au natural. (Yeah, get your minds out of the gutter. I’m talking about feet here).

So I’m outside, and just as I start to sit in a chair I discover that I have a visitor. This time it’s a little brown snake wriggling around like a 3 year old hyped up on sugar cubes. It’s in the corner of the porch by a log (door stop) and the screen door to the garage.

Once more I call out for my Mommy. She gets off the phone… (Mom is always on the phone. People never stop calling her. She’s a popular gal)... and goes outside to take care of it. By the time we get the wasp spray, it’s gone. Somehow it digs itself into the dirt and beneath the brick of the house by the garage. (I still have no idea how it accomplished this. It’s a Houdini Snake).

- Snake # 4 appeared around 8 am this morning. A baby COPPERHEAD was CLIMBING THE DAMNED FENCE because it didn’t want to go near the ‘Snake Away’ that we have sprinkled around the perimeter. (Wanna hear a creepy coincidence? Only yesterday I was wondering to myself if these snakes could ever crawl that fence). Mom sprayed it with the wasp spray, but when she got to the shovel to kill the son of a bitch it was gone.

So there’s yet another poisonous snake nearby. (I know the big barn has them).

I am so sick of this place! It’s exhausting because everywhere you go, you’re constantly looking for danger. 24/7 we’re trying to protect ourselves and our dogs. Inside the house and outside.

And next week we have to dog sit my brothers 2 dogs in addition to our own. I’m really nervous about that. The last time we dog sat them was for 2 weeks, and this time it won’t be for near as long but I’m still very nervous over it. One of their dogs is a miniature Chihuahua, and one immediate danger for her are all the hawks. (The hawks here can be massive). I’m so tired of worrying for everybody’s safety.

Make that 5 snakes in 4 days. The moment my father drove into the driveway tonight, there was another snake. A really long one. It was too dark to see what kind it was, so it had to be killed in case it was another copperhead.

So that’s 2 snakes in one day now.

One funny thing... (or I'm just easily amused after all this snake trauma)... is that once he drove up, on the security cameras you can see a toad just sitting there in the driveway. Even when the headlights were on it, it didn’t move. It left when the snake fiasco happened, but a few minutes later it returned.

There are also 2 toads on the back patio. There’s a big one, and then a baby. The baby was trying to catch flies, and my dog tried making friends with it.

Fortunately, Maddie listened to us when we told her to leave it alone.

I can’t believe I’ve babbled so much in this post. It’s been one of those days, and no one really reads this anyway.


Photobucket Photobucket

 photo 2e17fa9d.jpg

- It’s my niece’s 17th birthday! (It also would have been my grandma’s birthday, and it’s even my niece’s grandmother’s birthday today).

- My poor father is out of state again. His plane was supposed to land this morning around 11 am, and then he’d have to drive an hour and a half home, but now he won’t even arrive in Austin until after 8:30 pm… and why?

How about because someone HIT THE PLANE last night and damaged it really bad? How in the heck does someone hit a plane? Really?!

I doubt he’ll land by 9, as it’s raining all day. It’s torrential downpours today and tomorrow. Mom and I braved it earlier today, because Mom needed a tall pair of work boots like I have. (Because of the snakes). We were caught in a huge downpour, and tonight another one came. It was so horrific that the back porch was flooding in no time at all. We had to think quick, so we emptied one of the large 24 gallon trash cans. It filled all the way to the top in less than a minute.

Yep, in less than a minute. I’m not making this up or exaggerating.

I’m petrified at the thought of copperheads swimming around on our back porch. I’m also worried about Dad driving home in this weather in the dark. He’s so tired.

And I’m really freaked out over all this rain bringing in even more snakes. Every single time it rains we see them trying to drink water out of the gutter spouts, and all week – and without it raining – we’ve been seeing one snake a day.

The problem with this place is we’re on 43 acres, and the owner isn't able to cut it. It’s a Mecca of meals for them, so of course they’re not going to go anywhere. They have all the mice and geckos that they wish to eat, right here on this property. We’re talking thousands of mice and geckos. They’re everywhere. Literally everywhere.

- We spent most of the day yesterday checking out the happenings in Round Top and Warrenton.

In case you’re living under a rock, what I’m speaking of is the Antiques Festival here in Texas. It sprawls something like 20 miles of the countryside. (And I mean that literally. None of this is in a big city. Think endless acres of cow chips, windmills and barns). People come from all over the world to attend. We’re talking Tommy Hilfiger’s people, etc. It’s a really, really, really big deal.

It is BIG, like Woodstock Big, and for once I’m living just a couple minutes away from the main hub-bub. (And no lie, I LOVE this area. If you ever want to visit the real Texas Hill Country, you must head this way. Rachel Ashwell’s B&B is here, as are The Junk Gypsies. We went exploring just a couple days ago and discovered one of the prettiest spots. We took Wickel Road, which led to Meyer Cemetery Road. Goodness was it gorgeous! I am so envious of the view all those cattle’s eyes feast upon day after day! It was so picturesque.

My mother said she and Dad had been there once before, when 10 or 20 acres was on sale. Of course… everyplace up there has fantastic views as far as the eye can see. I bet it’s b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l in the spring when the bluebonnets are blooming).

Anyway, even the house we’re having built right now is near one side of the Antiques Festival. (The house we’re in right now is next to Round Top, and the house we’re having built is in Warda/Warrenton).

I tried getting film of all the tents and venues being set up, but my stupid camera was misbehaving. And anyway… I don’t have good enough internet right now to upload and share the videos.

And speaking of our house building update:

- The walls and ceilings are finally up (sans texture), and let me tell ya… it is so very small. Our last house was so large with cathedral-like ceilings. This new house is like a doll’s house.

It is really tiny, but I’m sure we’ll get used to it over time. I know we will because from the outside it’s very sweet and very charming. It feels like a happy house. It’s only on 2 acres, but to us that’s a big deal. The people next to us have really large acreage populated by cattle and a donkey named “Hugs.”

I LOVE seeing them outside the windows. It’s really a nice sight to me. I love it.

But the latest news: Tilson called today to tell us of ANOTHER mistake they made. They’ve completely messed up the fireplace, so now that has to be fixed. The good news is they say they’ll make it up to us.

Pffftt! I’ll believe that when I see it. I’m tired of them constantly having to re-do everything and us having to point these things out. They desperately need lessons in Construction 101. They order the wrong stuff… they install it incorrectly… you name it, and they’ve screwed it up and then have to fix it.

It’s taking forever to get this itty-bitty house done.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do I dare be so stupid?

 photo wish.png

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, which explains this unwelcomed flash of depression I’m currently experiencing.

I’m having more and more trouble disguising it, too. In my daily life I’m not exactly one to discuss my feelings. They are what they are, and I figure most people prefer speaking about their own personal feelings opposed to really listening to anyone else’s.

Anyway… lately I’ve been thinking about writing again. (Ordinarily I would copy/paste a sarcastic smiley face here - with their eyes rolling towards the back of their head - but searching for one would take up too much memory on our extremely limited internet service. I’m afraid you’ll just have to exercise your imagination by picturing the little guy yourself).

I have a very complicated relationship with writing. It’s a love-hate/love-to-hate/hate-to-love ordeal.

See? Complicated.

When I do write, I OBSESS over it. I have to remind myself to socialize and eat (it’s a fantastic diet plan), and I become so engrossed that it even leaks into my dreams.

Always in these dreams I’m writing the words with such lightning speed that my fingers can hardly keep up. I don’t even pause after reading aloud the end of a sentence. It makes for a very exhausting sleep. (And it takes forever to even get to sleep in the first place because once my head hits the pillow my hands reach for a pen and notepad to write story ideas from. My characters are always demanding attention when all I want to do is sleep).

And once I awaken I’m ticked off because 1). I can’t recall what I had just been writing inside that stupid dream, and 2). In real life I don't write so fast.

The trouble is I’m unsure which route to tackle first.

Here are my options:

- Rewrite that first chapter to my latest completed novel. (I’m very unhappy with that chapter, but am really proud of the book. This particular story was dear to my heart and it demanded to be written years before I planned on tackling it).

- Continue writing my midgrade novel. (It started off really nice, but then I hit a roadblock).

- Edit my finished children’s story and submit it to a magazine or something. (It’s a little story that isn’t a big deal, but I would like to do something with it since it’s based on a silly story I shared with my niece and nephew when they were little).

- Continue writing a children’s book I began years ago. (Hardly anything was written, but in the kiddies arena this one speaks to me the most. It’s supposed to be whimsical).

- Write that one (of two) time travel/paranormal romance I’ve had on my mind for years. (I can feel the hero of the story beginning to talk, but I’ve been ignoring him. Still… he isn’t nearly as vocal as “Iain” was in my last book. My God was he a talker!)

I have other novels which I’ve begun, but I just don’t feel inclined to do anything more with them just yet. And while writing for children really isn’t my favorite thing… (even though they’re a lot shorter, I find writing for kids difficult)… I would love to have at least one children’s story published one day.

Most likely I’ll write the time travel/paranormal novel, but every single time I ponder such a thing my mind wanders back to my completed novel and that blasted first chapter. I am SO SICK of trying to edit that chapter!

 photo help.png

I’m pretty darn proud of that book, but that first chapter has been a nightmare and it isn’t a reflection of the writing from Chapter 2 onwards.


 photo 1t.jpg

Falling head over heels for Gerry has not made me blind. I skipped through watching Attila last night.

Oh, the lengths my precious Ger-Bear had to go to in order to get into showbiz! Photobucket

That has got to be the only GB movie in existence where his acting isn't so great. I know this was one of his first big movies, but it was strange to see him not acting well. Very strange.

Still, I can't hold that against him since this is one of his best eye candy movies. He looks so sexy wearing that black eyeliner! It really makes those blue-green eyes of his POP!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Of Cats and Red Ryder

 photo candle_framed2.jpg

Even though it was wicked hot… and I do mean WICKED…. we went to Round Top today. First, we stopped by a new custom furniture store to buy a chair and look at the coffee tables again, followed by hitting a few antique shops.

All which had no air conditioning inside, and most of our time was spent outside looking at a cornucopia of beautiful “junk.” I swear the sun and humidity was trying to kill us out there with its death rays. If it wasn’t in the 100’s, it would have been a blast out there.

In one of the outbuildings there was a gray cat lying in the shade beneath a chair. It looked so much like my newly departed Wendy Moira Angela Darling. It talked to me for a bit, and then closed its eyes while I pet its head.

It felt nice to pet a cat again, especially one that looked like my Wendy Kitty.


 photo bath2v.jpg

Guess who got a bath the other day. Do you think little Abby will ever forgive me?

Abby loooves the country by the way. I mean really, really loves it. She’s become addicted to watching us shoot our Red Ryder BB Gun at Coca Cola cans. It’s her favorite game and she gets incredibly excited.

I can't believe it, but it looks like our sweet little girl is a hunter in disguise!

(I know. I have virtually no internet until December, and can't respond - or even visit - other people's blogs until then, but I couldn't resist joining my fave blog hop anyway)


Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Am.... - September '13

 photo today2.png

Outside my window...

It’s as if I’m living in Snow White’s World, thanks to all the furry critters.

I am thinking...

The only available entertainment up here is creating siggies in GIMP….

 photo selfish_vain4_500.jpg

 photo find2.jpg

 photo magic_purple2.jpg

…. and watching dvd’s that I’ve already seen 100 times.

It’s pathetic how addicted I’ve become to watching He-Man every night, although two weeks ago they stopped airing it altogether. (insert crying jag)

I am thankful...

That Wendy Kitty is no longer an old gal with aches and pains and poor health, although I do miss her. It’s strange not owning being owned by a cat anymore.

In the kitchen...

It’s very small and narrow, and there’s no garbage disposal. Photobucket

‘Nuf said.

I am creating...

A protective bubble of positivity and happy thoughts around myself.

I am going...

To be so happy when cool weather arrives!

I am wondering...

Why most of the antique shops around here are only open from Thursday – Saturday. It’s like the ultimate practical joke to finally be living in antiques-land (aka the world famous Round Top) and seeing “Closed” signs on all the buildings filled with wonderful treasures.

I’m also wondering what happened to the cattle in the next field over. I miss seeing them!

I am reading...

All the old journals I made when my niece and nephew were little.

I am hoping...

To find happiness.

I am looking forward to...

The house FINALLY being built. I really miss having a pretty bedroom, although I do love the size of the one in this house.

I am learning…

That I miss watching Doctor Who reruns on BBC America, and I’m really starting to miss being able to use the internet anytime I want.

The lack of internet usage hasn’t really bothered me too much until this past week. I miss visiting my favorite blogs and sites.

I desperately miss uploading photos and watching YouTube videos.

Around the house...

It’s all very topsy-turvy, and it’s a daily battle keeping the outdoor critters at bay.

Baby geckos in particular seem increasingly fond of daring each other to enter the house and then taking off at Flash Gordon speeds whenever they see a human with a plastic container to catch them in.

They’re a busy lot, undoubtedly climbing the walls or scaring one of the dogs at this precise moment. It’s like they have some secret society and initiations going on…. I swear!

Either that, or they’re just following their dinner/flies into the house.

I am pondering...

That I’m exhausted over not having a purpose when everyone around me does have a purpose.

A favorite quote for today...

“It's not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it."
~ Anne (with an E) Shirley

One of my favorite things...

Is to watch the sunsets around here. They really are beautiful. (I have short video of them a few posts below).

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Same old, same old. Just living in limbo and nursing a lot of headaches. (I’ve had too many headaches to count since we moved here. I really think it’s from this place having been overrun by Hunca Munca’s descendants before we got here).

A peek into my day...

 photo b22.jpg

Okay, so I cheated. This is just a simple photo I took here at the house a couple months back. I can no longer upload photos and video just willy-nilly, so it’ll have to do.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boredom = Rambling to Myself

 photo home.png

I don't know why I'm bothering with this looong entry. No one reads this blog because hardly anyone even knows about it.


Over the past week we’ve been seeing a lot of wildlife around the house. We’ve seen a pair of Mexican Eagles, a coyote (see video below), two big roadrunners and a jackrabbit.

(Mom wishes I had muted her voice in the background, but I think it’s funny. Photobucket “That is NOT a dog.”)

Sadly, I missed the roadrunners. They were next to the house, and when the garage door was opened they ran down the driveway to the next field. I also missed seeing an eagle up close early one morning, but I did see them before sunset one night. There were two of them really far away in the fields. This type of eagle is usually found in San Antonio.

I’m really worried about there being a coyote hanging around here. (My new SIL said she heard a lot of them howling from far away when she was here one night, but I never dreamed they’d come this close). Mom saw it the other day, but wasn’t sure what it was because it was walking inside the tall grasses behind us. When we saw it the other night it wasn’t the least bit interested in us, but what worries me is our dogs’ safety.

A couple weeks ago I swear I heard a bobcat, but surely it wasn’t? My grandmother has had bobcats at her house before, but that’s in the middle of the woods. We’re not near any woods, and when I heard it the sun had just come up about 30 minutes before. I never saw anything, but whatever I heard did sound exactly like the scream of a bobcat. There’s no mistaking that sound, especially since bobcats have always petrified me. (Update: My grandmother says there have been reports before of long tailed panthers in the area).

Another thing… a snake got into the garage the other night and we discovered that the mice got into my box that I had some of my Christmas Village in. The little brats ate through all the extension cords.

And the other day, driving towards Brenham, a jackrabbit ran in front of the car to the other side of the road. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a jackrabbit in person! We have loads of rabbits out here, but none of them have been jackrabbits.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any armadillo near the house. (Here in Texas, we call them “road bumps”). I see hawks and vultures all the time, but we even had those – the hawks - back in The Woodlands area. The only difference is that a lot of the hawks out here are massive. We have to really watch out for them because of the little dogs.

What’s been surprising to me is that I haven’t seen even one squirrel until last weekend. Even driving down the country roads now, I’m starting to see them for the first time. I hope this means the fall weather will be arriving soon. I’d welcome that in a heartbeat! Words cannot express how miserably hot it’s been. Everyday it’s in the 100’s, and then add the humidity to that. Thankfully, we have had a few short rainstorms lately. We see heat lightning pretty much every night.

I really wish I could share lots of video of the wildlife around here, but we have VERY limited internet per month. I wait until the very last day to upload just a few pics and short vids. I don’t even visit any internet sites or blogs.

Here are just a few vids which I uploaded recently. They’re all very short:

Over these last few months I really wish I had made this new blog more known. It would have been nice being able to “connect” with kindred folk in cyberspace at least once a week. It’s been pretty boring around here, what with limited internet and cable tv.

Unless we drive into Downtown Brenham, there isn’t much to do. I can’t even substitute teach for the (very small) school district here since I don’t have strong enough internet to take the required online tests. (Last year, I believe there were 15 of them). Also, the original plan was to be out of here by late October, which means by the time the schools would start calling… I’d already be in the new house which is under the jurisdiction of a different school district.

Oh, yeah. That’s the latest, no-good extremely lousy news for us. The building of our new house won’t be done until DECEMBER! (I’m banking on even later than that. We were there just this morning and nothing’s being done, and the little they have done has to be redone. It’s ridiculous that WE have to play the role of being in charge of quality control. We discovered today that the sheet rockers even smashed our front gate with their truck and then didn’t report it. They just left).

Word of Warning: Never do business with Tilson. Never ever ever! They lie all the time, completely trash the house and yard with garbage, and their work – when it is done – is shoddy and unacceptable. (And get this… in our old neighborhood they would build a large 2-story house in one month, and our teensy little 1-story Tilson house is taking ten times that long).

Even after they fired the first building supervisor, things are still running just as slowly and the work is just as sloppy and always having to be redone. (Which is bad considering it takes them forever to do the work in the first place). The brick has been sitting in the yard for over a month now. (By the way, the first building supervisor was never working at our house because he was working on HIS OWN HOUSE. I’ve no idea what this new guy’s excuse is).

So we’ve been extremely dissatisfied with Tilson.

Word cannot express how depressing a thought it is to be stuck in this house even longer than planned. It is still overrun with critters… especially mice, snakes and tarantulas as big as your fist.

While I'm grateful to be living here - and I do love the area - I cannot wait to be living in OUR brand new home on our little 2 acres. That day cannot come soon enough for me.


Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wendy Kitty

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Wendy passed away only in July. I personally haven’t felt her around, although my mother has a few times. (Wendy used to always rub the side of her face on people’s toes, and Mom has felt this at least twice now. Each time we were just sitting in the living room in the evening watching tv).

Myself, I’ve only had two dreams about her; both which weren’t anything spectacular. I’m just happy I haven’t had any nightmares about her, as I usually do after a pet dies. That’s just how I’ve always dealt with their passing, and those bad dreams can go on for years. (With my canary, it lasted at least 10 years. I’m not kidding. 10 years. Those bad dreams only recently stopped, or at least aren’t as bad).

First Dream:

Very simple. I must have had this dream only a couple days after she passed. I just saw Wendy next to a potted plant. I think it was Rosemary, and she was just batting it with her paw like a playful kitten would.

Second Dream:

This dream I had a few days ago. We came across a little dog. It was a Yorkie, and my niece named her “Tink Lynn” as a joke. (When my niece was little, she had a Yorkie stuffed animal toy, and as a joke she named it that. We used to have a dog named “Tink,” and my niece thought it hilarious that “Tink Lynn” sounded like “Tinklin’. Photobucket I recently came across that story in one of my old journals, so I’m not surprised it was in my dream).

So anyway… we had this dog show up at our house, and out of nowhere appears both Wendy and Tiger Lily TOGETHER. (Tiger Lily was Wendy’s mother, and they had a rocky mother-daughter relationship. Tiger Lily passed away last summer. She was 20 years old). In this dream they were together and both of them were hissing and being mean to this new, strange dog.

Ya know, typical cat behavior.

What I HOPE (and don’t necessarily believe) is that this dream is to be taken as a sign that they’re together and are okay. They never did get along, and at the end of their lives they had to be separated completely. Thinking of them as “tolerating” one another again is a comforting thought to me.

And dream aside, I know Wendy was more than ready to go. I was really uncomfortable that she passed away here, at a house that isn’t even ours, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think any of that matters. If anything, this really is THE place for a feline to rest in peace forever after.

After all, she has 43+ acres to roam. It’s Nirvana to a feline. There are birds of all kinds flying overhead, bunnies galore, herds of cattle to keep a curious eye on, and plenty mice and lizards to corner and pounce on. There are even a few trees to climb and, when young, Wendy Kitty used to love hanging out in high places.

My greatest hope is that Tiger Lily and Wendy are partners-in-crime once again. If they are, I’m fairly certain they’re creating havoc!


What I’m about to share is amazing!

About two days after Wendy passed away, I witnessed one of the most awesome events ever. I stepped onto the back porch to find hundreds of dragonflies flying around.

I had no idea that they migrate every year. Even the video I took doesn’t convey just how many of them there were. Even now, there are usually a lot of them to be seen in the mornings but nothing like that one day.

I have much longer video of them, but I had to condense it to 1 minute in length.

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Here are the longer, higher quality videos.