Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Boredom = Rambling to Myself

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I don't know why I'm bothering with this looong entry. No one reads this blog because hardly anyone even knows about it.


Over the past week we’ve been seeing a lot of wildlife around the house. We’ve seen a pair of Mexican Eagles, a coyote (see video below), two big roadrunners and a jackrabbit.

(Mom wishes I had muted her voice in the background, but I think it’s funny. Photobucket “That is NOT a dog.”)

Sadly, I missed the roadrunners. They were next to the house, and when the garage door was opened they ran down the driveway to the next field. I also missed seeing an eagle up close early one morning, but I did see them before sunset one night. There were two of them really far away in the fields. This type of eagle is usually found in San Antonio.

I’m really worried about there being a coyote hanging around here. (My new SIL said she heard a lot of them howling from far away when she was here one night, but I never dreamed they’d come this close). Mom saw it the other day, but wasn’t sure what it was because it was walking inside the tall grasses behind us. When we saw it the other night it wasn’t the least bit interested in us, but what worries me is our dogs’ safety.

A couple weeks ago I swear I heard a bobcat, but surely it wasn’t? My grandmother has had bobcats at her house before, but that’s in the middle of the woods. We’re not near any woods, and when I heard it the sun had just come up about 30 minutes before. I never saw anything, but whatever I heard did sound exactly like the scream of a bobcat. There’s no mistaking that sound, especially since bobcats have always petrified me. (Update: My grandmother says there have been reports before of long tailed panthers in the area).

Another thing… a snake got into the garage the other night and we discovered that the mice got into my box that I had some of my Christmas Village in. The little brats ate through all the extension cords.

And the other day, driving towards Brenham, a jackrabbit ran in front of the car to the other side of the road. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a jackrabbit in person! We have loads of rabbits out here, but none of them have been jackrabbits.

I’m surprised I haven’t seen any armadillo near the house. (Here in Texas, we call them “road bumps”). I see hawks and vultures all the time, but we even had those – the hawks - back in The Woodlands area. The only difference is that a lot of the hawks out here are massive. We have to really watch out for them because of the little dogs.

What’s been surprising to me is that I haven’t seen even one squirrel until last weekend. Even driving down the country roads now, I’m starting to see them for the first time. I hope this means the fall weather will be arriving soon. I’d welcome that in a heartbeat! Words cannot express how miserably hot it’s been. Everyday it’s in the 100’s, and then add the humidity to that. Thankfully, we have had a few short rainstorms lately. We see heat lightning pretty much every night.

I really wish I could share lots of video of the wildlife around here, but we have VERY limited internet per month. I wait until the very last day to upload just a few pics and short vids. I don’t even visit any internet sites or blogs.

Here are just a few vids which I uploaded recently. They’re all very short:

Over these last few months I really wish I had made this new blog more known. It would have been nice being able to “connect” with kindred folk in cyberspace at least once a week. It’s been pretty boring around here, what with limited internet and cable tv.

Unless we drive into Downtown Brenham, there isn’t much to do. I can’t even substitute teach for the (very small) school district here since I don’t have strong enough internet to take the required online tests. (Last year, I believe there were 15 of them). Also, the original plan was to be out of here by late October, which means by the time the schools would start calling… I’d already be in the new house which is under the jurisdiction of a different school district.

Oh, yeah. That’s the latest, no-good extremely lousy news for us. The building of our new house won’t be done until DECEMBER! (I’m banking on even later than that. We were there just this morning and nothing’s being done, and the little they have done has to be redone. It’s ridiculous that WE have to play the role of being in charge of quality control. We discovered today that the sheet rockers even smashed our front gate with their truck and then didn’t report it. They just left).

Word of Warning: Never do business with Tilson. Never ever ever! They lie all the time, completely trash the house and yard with garbage, and their work – when it is done – is shoddy and unacceptable. (And get this… in our old neighborhood they would build a large 2-story house in one month, and our teensy little 1-story Tilson house is taking ten times that long).

Even after they fired the first building supervisor, things are still running just as slowly and the work is just as sloppy and always having to be redone. (Which is bad considering it takes them forever to do the work in the first place). The brick has been sitting in the yard for over a month now. (By the way, the first building supervisor was never working at our house because he was working on HIS OWN HOUSE. I’ve no idea what this new guy’s excuse is).

So we’ve been extremely dissatisfied with Tilson.

Word cannot express how depressing a thought it is to be stuck in this house even longer than planned. It is still overrun with critters… especially mice, snakes and tarantulas as big as your fist.

While I'm grateful to be living here - and I do love the area - I cannot wait to be living in OUR brand new home on our little 2 acres. That day cannot come soon enough for me.


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