Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Am.... - September '13

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Outside my window...

It’s as if I’m living in Snow White’s World, thanks to all the furry critters.

I am thinking...

The only available entertainment up here is creating siggies in GIMP….

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…. and watching dvd’s that I’ve already seen 100 times.

It’s pathetic how addicted I’ve become to watching He-Man every night, although two weeks ago they stopped airing it altogether. (insert crying jag)

I am thankful...

That Wendy Kitty is no longer an old gal with aches and pains and poor health, although I do miss her. It’s strange not owning being owned by a cat anymore.

In the kitchen...

It’s very small and narrow, and there’s no garbage disposal. Photobucket

‘Nuf said.

I am creating...

A protective bubble of positivity and happy thoughts around myself.

I am going...

To be so happy when cool weather arrives!

I am wondering...

Why most of the antique shops around here are only open from Thursday – Saturday. It’s like the ultimate practical joke to finally be living in antiques-land (aka the world famous Round Top) and seeing “Closed” signs on all the buildings filled with wonderful treasures.

I’m also wondering what happened to the cattle in the next field over. I miss seeing them!

I am reading...

All the old journals I made when my niece and nephew were little.

I am hoping...

To find happiness.

I am looking forward to...

The house FINALLY being built. I really miss having a pretty bedroom, although I do love the size of the one in this house.

I am learning…

That I miss watching Doctor Who reruns on BBC America, and I’m really starting to miss being able to use the internet anytime I want.

The lack of internet usage hasn’t really bothered me too much until this past week. I miss visiting my favorite blogs and sites.

I desperately miss uploading photos and watching YouTube videos.

Around the house...

It’s all very topsy-turvy, and it’s a daily battle keeping the outdoor critters at bay.

Baby geckos in particular seem increasingly fond of daring each other to enter the house and then taking off at Flash Gordon speeds whenever they see a human with a plastic container to catch them in.

They’re a busy lot, undoubtedly climbing the walls or scaring one of the dogs at this precise moment. It’s like they have some secret society and initiations going on…. I swear!

Either that, or they’re just following their dinner/flies into the house.

I am pondering...

That I’m exhausted over not having a purpose when everyone around me does have a purpose.

A favorite quote for today...

“It's not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it."
~ Anne (with an E) Shirley

One of my favorite things...

Is to watch the sunsets around here. They really are beautiful. (I have short video of them a few posts below).

A few plans for the rest of the week:

Same old, same old. Just living in limbo and nursing a lot of headaches. (I’ve had too many headaches to count since we moved here. I really think it’s from this place having been overrun by Hunca Munca’s descendants before we got here).

A peek into my day...

 photo b22.jpg

Okay, so I cheated. This is just a simple photo I took here at the house a couple months back. I can no longer upload photos and video just willy-nilly, so it’ll have to do.


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