Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wendy Kitty

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Wendy passed away only in July. I personally haven’t felt her around, although my mother has a few times. (Wendy used to always rub the side of her face on people’s toes, and Mom has felt this at least twice now. Each time we were just sitting in the living room in the evening watching tv).

Myself, I’ve only had two dreams about her; both which weren’t anything spectacular. I’m just happy I haven’t had any nightmares about her, as I usually do after a pet dies. That’s just how I’ve always dealt with their passing, and those bad dreams can go on for years. (With my canary, it lasted at least 10 years. I’m not kidding. 10 years. Those bad dreams only recently stopped, or at least aren’t as bad).

First Dream:

Very simple. I must have had this dream only a couple days after she passed. I just saw Wendy next to a potted plant. I think it was Rosemary, and she was just batting it with her paw like a playful kitten would.

Second Dream:

This dream I had a few days ago. We came across a little dog. It was a Yorkie, and my niece named her “Tink Lynn” as a joke. (When my niece was little, she had a Yorkie stuffed animal toy, and as a joke she named it that. We used to have a dog named “Tink,” and my niece thought it hilarious that “Tink Lynn” sounded like “Tinklin’. Photobucket I recently came across that story in one of my old journals, so I’m not surprised it was in my dream).

So anyway… we had this dog show up at our house, and out of nowhere appears both Wendy and Tiger Lily TOGETHER. (Tiger Lily was Wendy’s mother, and they had a rocky mother-daughter relationship. Tiger Lily passed away last summer. She was 20 years old). In this dream they were together and both of them were hissing and being mean to this new, strange dog.

Ya know, typical cat behavior.

What I HOPE (and don’t necessarily believe) is that this dream is to be taken as a sign that they’re together and are okay. They never did get along, and at the end of their lives they had to be separated completely. Thinking of them as “tolerating” one another again is a comforting thought to me.

And dream aside, I know Wendy was more than ready to go. I was really uncomfortable that she passed away here, at a house that isn’t even ours, but in the grand scheme of things I don’t think any of that matters. If anything, this really is THE place for a feline to rest in peace forever after.

After all, she has 43+ acres to roam. It’s Nirvana to a feline. There are birds of all kinds flying overhead, bunnies galore, herds of cattle to keep a curious eye on, and plenty mice and lizards to corner and pounce on. There are even a few trees to climb and, when young, Wendy Kitty used to love hanging out in high places.

My greatest hope is that Tiger Lily and Wendy are partners-in-crime once again. If they are, I’m fairly certain they’re creating havoc!


What I’m about to share is amazing!

About two days after Wendy passed away, I witnessed one of the most awesome events ever. I stepped onto the back porch to find hundreds of dragonflies flying around.

I had no idea that they migrate every year. Even the video I took doesn’t convey just how many of them there were. Even now, there are usually a lot of them to be seen in the mornings but nothing like that one day.

I have much longer video of them, but I had to condense it to 1 minute in length.

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Here are the longer, higher quality videos.


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