Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treat!

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1. What's something you're dealing with that might be described as tricky?

Being able to join blog hops/memes, or glance at sites at all, with very limited internet access. (I also miss being able to post all the pictures I’ve made, and changing my blog themes… especially during Halloween and Christmas. It’s tricky making my blog not look so bare these days, graphics wise).

2. What's your treat of choice?

A tasty cinnamon roll or chocolate iced donut with an iced mocha.

3. Did you/will you carve a jack-o-lantern this month? Which real (living or dead) or fictional 'Jack' would you most like to meet in person? Why?

- For the first time in years we won’t be doing any Halloween decorating. We were THE place to visit on Halloween, so tomorrow is going to be a little sad. Even our old neighbors are still angry that we’ve moved.

In my mother’s honor, they all carved 9 Jack-O-Lanterns this year.

I wish I could post pictures and video of our past Halloween decorations, but with limited internet that wouldn’t be wise. Not to mention no one really knows about this blog anyway.

- Hmm, the “Jack” I’d like to meet?

Anyone but Jack Sparrow, because he’d likely steal all my Halloween Candy.

4. In your opinion, what's the grossest sounding word in the English language?

Kardashian… it just says so much. Photobucket

5. When did your heart last skip a beat?

Last week, when I had one too many cappuccino’s.

But seriously…. when I heard through the grapevine that my brother and his new wife are actually thinking of having a baby one day.

NEVER thought that would happen. Hooray for marrying the right girl this time!!!!!

6. Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon or Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters...your favorite 'scary' tune?

The pipe organ theme to Don Knott’s comedy, “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.”

7. It was a dark and stormy night when _____________.

My dog, Maddie, was close to having a breakdown because she thinks the thunder is a team of elephants that dance in the clouds before crashing through the roof over her head.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Since living in the country, I’ve learned that frogs are like those guards at Buckingham Palace. See the frog in the picture below?

 photo hidenseek_zps61d46ff8.jpg

Honest truth, it did not move all day long. No matter what I did, or how close the dogs got, it completely ignored us. It was only after dark that it proved to me that it hadn’t been lying dead in the grass all day.


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- Here's a very quick look at the happenings here over the past 2 months:

- I didn't have many scrapbooking supplies to choose from, but here's the front of the Halloween card I made my mother.

 photo h1_zps3491860f.jpg

Yes, I'm _______ years old and I still make my mother her cards.


Quote of the Day:

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellany Ramblings

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- The weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Everyone went to Austin, to see my brother and his wife on Mom’s birthday, so I stayed home. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really sit outside and enjoy the cool weather because I felt like I had a million toy soldiers marching over my brain and eyeballs.

Since I had a headache, and because entertainment is limited out here, I watched listened to a Christmas movie. I chose the old movie classic “Holiday Affair” with Robert Mitchum and Janet Leigh.

I had forgotten how know-it-all Mitchum’s character is in that movie! He’s kind of like Laurence Olivier in Rebecca - let’s face it, Maxim DeWinter was kind of condescending – but I can’t help but watch it every year. I know it sounds silly, but since the movie is in black-and-white I can forgive the hero’s arrogance.

I found these questions a while back... where, I have no clue… and thought them fitting for Miscellany Monday.

Random thoughts

- Since living in the country, I’ve discovered that cattle are moody creatures. One minute they’re as nosey as Mrs. Rachel Lynde, and the next they can’t stand your company and upon seeing you immediately turn away from the fence and Exit Stage Right.

- I spoke too soon the other day about the mice staying in the fields for a sweet change, because two nights ago one of them was trapped inside our garbage can. (Little Izzy told me about it by growling at the back door).

- On tv the other day there was some show on about professional shoppers for the rich. These people were such SNOBS. They were rude, and I think they should be ashamed for taking what they have for granted.

Example – One girl spent $5,000 on a prom dress, and another lady spent $30,000 on her dress for some snobbish gala event.

No, that is not a typo. $30 Grand!!!!!! That’s for one dress, which she’ll wear only once, for 30 Grand.

That just borders on evil in my honest opinion. Were I blessed with an unlimited budget, you can bet I’d do some good with it. Feed starving children, rescue animals… NEVER would I even have a $30,000 wardrobe allowance. That is just ridiculous.

Your dogs in one sentence

Maddie Kate Scarlett O’Hara - always smiling, loves to be admired, smart (she puts her stuffed animals in ‘patterns’ on the living room rug), and is obsessed with her stuffed animal rabbits… which she loves to bathe like they’re real babies, and when she’s excited when we get home she celebrates by squeaking her toys like mad.

Lady Isabelle Rosie Cotton – 5 pounds of bossy fluff, silly, cute for a reason Photobucket , is PERFECT inside her crate at night, is clingy towards me when I’m about to leave the house, has sweet moments…. did I mention bossy?

Abigal Annie Oakley – unique (so much so that I want to clone the little Angel), feels more like a newborn baby than a dog, has strange phobias, the best cuddler in the world, the only time she behaves like a normal dog is when she’s outdoors (she LOVES the outdoors).

Okay, so those were major run-on sentences but rules were meant to be broken. I easily could have made their personality descriptions even longer, but didn’t. They do have their own blog after all.

What do you want most?

To unearth a natural talent that is fun, and which I can make good money from.

Feel today?


Picture describes you

Because I miss my cat…

 photo 2c.jpg

Movie just watched?

Trying to celebrate Halloween, I watched “Casper” the other day.

Song describes current mood?

I think that Belle sums it up pretty well -

I want adventure in the great wide somewhere,
I want it more than I can tell.
And for once it might be grand,
To have someone understand.
I want so much more than they’ve got planned.


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I created this siggy a while back, but can’t recall if I ever posted it.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mama's Birthday!

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Happy Birthday, Mom!  photo Birthdaybluebird.jpg

And what b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l weather we’re having today, too. It’s actually cold outside.

COLD, in OCTOBER. As in sweater weather cold and no sticky humidity for a change. This isn’t normal weather for us, and I’m lovin’ it!

I’m sure it won’t last all day, but while it’s here I’m gonna enjoy it. Earlier, the furkids and I stood on the back porch. The wind was cold and you could hear crows crowing in the distance.

There’s something very special about chilly weather when you live in the country. Sure, there’s a highway nearby but on the other side of that is a view of 43 acres.

A couple days ago we saw a really big crane in the back field. It’s dove hunting season, and lately I’ve noticed some of the birds seeking refuge there. A few weeks ago it was a big Cara Cara/Mexican Eagle. (I think that’s right). I have video of them, but can’t upload them until we get normal internet at our new house.

And speaking of the house… it’s still going at a snails pace. They said it would take no more than 6 months, but we’re now at the 7 month mark. They’re still having to redo every little thing, too. Simple things that even I could do with my eyes closed. It’s almost laughable that this is these people’s profession. They have no idea what they’re doing and have no integrity.

Anyway--- for Mom’s birthday I made her a Steampunk-ish necklace, and of course a handmade card. I didn’t have many birthday stickers, so this is how the card and everything turned out.

 photo bdy500_zps4ad3ff7b.jpg
Larger Pic HERE

 photo bdynecklace_zpsfaa9218c.jpg

 photo bdybox_zps50642885.jpg

 photo bdyinside500_zps1c6229d2.jpg
Larger Pic HERE

 photo 015_zpsede8b791.jpg

And before I forget.... I’ve missed so many wonderful photo opportunities lately, of the wildlife in these parts:

- Traveling down the country road the other day, there was this really tall hawk just sitting on the fence.

- A hoard of vultures hanging out in a dead tree, with the hills in the background. (I see this all the time and it’s so very fitting with Halloween coming up).

- Yesterday, before turning on our street to see the “progress” of the house, there were vultures everywhere! Some were on the ground, others in a tree, and the rest were standing together on a rusty tin roof of an abandoned house. I really hope that’s a normal hangout for them and that I can get it on film after all. I’m still kicking myself for not taking the camera with me yesterday.

- At the grocery store the other day there were pumpkins outside. Standing on them were dozens of black birds! It really would have made an awesome photo, and again… so fitting for Halloween.


 photo hal7.jpg  photo hal9.jpg

I’m really going to miss celebrating Halloween this year. For the first time in my life there will be no decorating the house and having trick-or-treaters over.

Our house was always THE place to stop during Halloween (and Christmas). Every year families would drop by to take pictures in our yard. They always told us that they would specifically come to our house because it was the best decorated. We’d have music playing (GOOD music and not the standard haunted house sounds), a fog machine, a bubble machine, etc. There was Halloween Bling everywhere.

FUN Halloween decorations, and nothing gruesome.

This is the only Halloween decoration we have displayed this year.

 photo 1mouse_500_zps7ba624f7.jpg

And you know what else I miss? I miss changing my blog header and backgrounds to Halloween themes. It’ll take up too much memory to search for the right backgrounds to match the headers I’ve made, so I’m stuck with the same old look.

Not that it really matters. No one really knows of this blog anyway. I just think it’s fun to change the look of my blog every now and then.

Which really means all the time. I’m pretty obsessed with changing the look. It’s just a lot of fun to me.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am, think, know - October 12

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I am: feeling everyone’s stress right now.

I think: that tv sitcoms should stop showing scenes where there’s a doorbell ringing. (My dogs can’t tell fiction from reality).

I know: that they say all you need is love, but in reality winning the lottery comes first.

Hey, when I’m right I’m right. Photobucket

I want: to discover a talent.

I have: no talents.

I dislike: the bigheaded mindset of a lot of Hollywood celebrities - (Ahem…. $10,000 in clothing per American Idol episode, Jennifer Lopez? Really?! How does she sleep at night?)

I miss: those magical days of being an aunt to small children.

I fear: that I'm a little obsessed with wanting everyone to be happy.

I feel: RAGE over all this healthcare garbage being pushed on us.

What’s next? Being forced to purchase car insurance even when you don’t own a car? Debtors prison for not being able to afford the health coverage you’re being FORCED to pay for even though you can’t afford to fill your refrigerator with food?

Some families are barely surviving as it is. They can barely fill up the gas tank… put food on the table… pay their regular bills… and now they can forget about birthday presents, Christmas gifts and vacation.

Hell, just forget about living at all. This is the new America, everybody. Doesn’t ‘change’ feel just fantastic!

I hear: my little dog, Izzy, fussing at the AC again. (Half the time it switches on, she thinks it’s the garage door opening).

I smell: fall coming.

Okay, so not really. This is Texas. Mother Nature’s Wand-O-Autumn doesn’t reach this far south.

I crave: living in a clean and nicely decorated house again.

I search: and find more questions than answers.

I wonder: if I even have a calling.

I regret: that money is a necessary evil.

I love: the area I’m living in right now. The countryside over here is so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to live in the hill country.

I care: far too much for my own good.

I am always: craving peace and quiet.

I worry: a lot more than people realize.

I sing: and my dogs ignore me.

I argue: hardly ever. A lot of things get on my nerves, but I never say anything because I dislike conflict.

I write: nothing nowadays.

Okay, so that’s a half truth. I’ve been editing that bothersome first chapter to my last book. In the last hour I’ve grown some common sense and have given up.

Which I’ll completely turn around in a few days, I am sure. I tend to never truly give up on the endeavors that I should.

 photo never_give_up.jpg

I wish: I had someone to hug me right now.

Preferably a strong, well-to-do Scotsman that would whisk me atop his white steed and then carry me off to his beautiful castle nestled in the wilds of the highlands.

No, wait. Men like that are from the 16th century…. and purely fictional. Photobucket

I listen: to small talk and I just want to scream!

I don't understand: little Abby’s draw to her favorite “toys.” First, it was that silly little plastic flower pot, and now it’s… a rock.

That’s right. My dog’s new favorite toy is guarding her very own pet rock.

I’m convinced it’s a genius thing. Photobucket

I am scared: of The Weeping Angels. Thanks, Steven Moffat!

 photo calm.jpg

I need: a miracle to happen in order to find a way to afford that damned health insurance as well as buying Christmas gifts.

Hey, I know! Maybe I can find a magical lamp with a wish granting genie living inside!

Oops, wait. That’s right. Genies are fictional, too.  photo huh.jpg

I am happy: when it’s time to go to bed and be alone.


Friday, October 11, 2013

Random 5

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Random 5 Friday is a weekly meme where you share 5 random facts about you, your day, your pets, your kids, whatever!

This will be by first time joining, and I apologize in advance if I don’t get to respond to any comments. I’m currently living out in the boonies with very limited internet access, which also explains why I’m late in joining.

Warning: Being so internet deprived these past few months, I love to ramble after each fact so if you continue reading you might want to reach for the aspirin.

1). Building Update -

Life Rule # 1: Never build a house, but if you do remember to get everything in writing because there are a lot of people out there without integrity because they will lie, lie, lie.

The man that put in our driveway (if you can call it that without either laughing or crying, seeing how the drive curves towards my bedroom window and not the garage) did it wrong, and now he wants $500 more to fix HIS mistake. (The plans we do have in writing. The man simply jumped the gun, putting in the drive before he looked at the faxes that were sent).

The same goes for the guy putting in the electric. He gave one quote, and yesterday he announced he wants double that to complete the job.

And get this…. Our main gate was driven into a second time. This time the gate was not only crashed into again, but it’s been ripped out of the concrete itself. And this is a big, heavy gate mind you.

I’ll stop myself from complaining further right there. With these people it's been one headache after another. Everyone around here is trying to play The Glad Game, but at least I’m learning very quickly that I’m no Pollyanna.

2). 3 Generations Have a Fun Day -

I had a nice time with Mom yesterday. We drove up to College Station to spend the day with Grandma. It was a lot of fun going to stores we haven’t been to in months.

When we entered Hobby Lobby we felt like mice playing with cat nip. We would have spent a lot more time in there, but we told Grandma we’d be at her house by 10.

3). The Critters –

The copperheads are still around, but it looks like the mice are staying out in the fields. I haven’t seen any near the house in a couple weeks.

 photo 869_zps702d3359.jpg

4). Cuddly Bunnies –

While at Grandma’s I got to upload some photos and one video! (Having close to zero internet access, that was almost comparable to being at Disney World!) Here’s the video I got to upload, of the rabbits.

I cannot wait to start sharing all my other videos, because there are a lot. Goodness, I miss Photobucket!

5). Texas Antiques Fair –

The antiques fair is now over. It was wicked hot, but I learned a lot about which venues to attend in the future and which to ignore. We were very fortunate to be living so close to everything.

Round Top is only a couple minutes away, and a lot of the tents open one week before the grand opening. I think that Blue Hills was my favorite overall, although I never did get the chance to visit Chelsea’s Meadow.

And this is kind of neat: My mother suffered from heat stroke last October, so while at the show she had to be really careful. When I saw that they were selling bottled water in one of the buildings, I made Mom stop by. With her $2 bill she bought 2 bottles of water, and the person working there was excited because we were her first “customers.” (It’s an art gallery). The people working there were really nice.

Here’s a photo of the building. I wish I had pictures of the inside because it was really beautiful.

 photo neese2_500_zpsb50662f8.jpg

One of those days I got to visit the brand new Junk Gypsy store in Round Top. I’d never seen their tv show, but I knew they did a lot of upcycling of furniture and the like. Unfortunately, their store has nothing like that at all. All I saw was a store promoting their name on random products: aprons, jewelry, T-shirts, etc. I was pretty disappointed and have no reason to go back, but I have to say…. the location they chose is perfect. It is really, really pretty. There are even longhorns in the pasture next to them.

Here are just a few quick pics I managed to snap that day. I’m sorry they’re not better, but I was in a hurry and already exhausted from the antiques fair.

 photo gypsy2_500_zpsdbfb0245.jpg

 photo gypsy1_500_zps7295627f.jpg

 photo gypsy4_500_zps414610a3.jpg

 photo gypsy3_500_zpse0155c02.jpg