Saturday, October 12, 2013

I am, think, know - October 12

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I am: feeling everyone’s stress right now.

I think: that tv sitcoms should stop showing scenes where there’s a doorbell ringing. (My dogs can’t tell fiction from reality).

I know: that they say all you need is love, but in reality winning the lottery comes first.

Hey, when I’m right I’m right. Photobucket

I want: to discover a talent.

I have: no talents.

I dislike: the bigheaded mindset of a lot of Hollywood celebrities - (Ahem…. $10,000 in clothing per American Idol episode, Jennifer Lopez? Really?! How does she sleep at night?)

I miss: those magical days of being an aunt to small children.

I fear: that I'm a little obsessed with wanting everyone to be happy.

I feel: RAGE over all this healthcare garbage being pushed on us.

What’s next? Being forced to purchase car insurance even when you don’t own a car? Debtors prison for not being able to afford the health coverage you’re being FORCED to pay for even though you can’t afford to fill your refrigerator with food?

Some families are barely surviving as it is. They can barely fill up the gas tank… put food on the table… pay their regular bills… and now they can forget about birthday presents, Christmas gifts and vacation.

Hell, just forget about living at all. This is the new America, everybody. Doesn’t ‘change’ feel just fantastic!

I hear: my little dog, Izzy, fussing at the AC again. (Half the time it switches on, she thinks it’s the garage door opening).

I smell: fall coming.

Okay, so not really. This is Texas. Mother Nature’s Wand-O-Autumn doesn’t reach this far south.

I crave: living in a clean and nicely decorated house again.

I search: and find more questions than answers.

I wonder: if I even have a calling.

I regret: that money is a necessary evil.

I love: the area I’m living in right now. The countryside over here is so beautiful. I’ve always wanted to live in the hill country.

I care: far too much for my own good.

I am always: craving peace and quiet.

I worry: a lot more than people realize.

I sing: and my dogs ignore me.

I argue: hardly ever. A lot of things get on my nerves, but I never say anything because I dislike conflict.

I write: nothing nowadays.

Okay, so that’s a half truth. I’ve been editing that bothersome first chapter to my last book. In the last hour I’ve grown some common sense and have given up.

Which I’ll completely turn around in a few days, I am sure. I tend to never truly give up on the endeavors that I should.

 photo never_give_up.jpg

I wish: I had someone to hug me right now.

Preferably a strong, well-to-do Scotsman that would whisk me atop his white steed and then carry me off to his beautiful castle nestled in the wilds of the highlands.

No, wait. Men like that are from the 16th century…. and purely fictional. Photobucket

I listen: to small talk and I just want to scream!

I don't understand: little Abby’s draw to her favorite “toys.” First, it was that silly little plastic flower pot, and now it’s… a rock.

That’s right. My dog’s new favorite toy is guarding her very own pet rock.

I’m convinced it’s a genius thing. Photobucket

I am scared: of The Weeping Angels. Thanks, Steven Moffat!

 photo calm.jpg

I need: a miracle to happen in order to find a way to afford that damned health insurance as well as buying Christmas gifts.

Hey, I know! Maybe I can find a magical lamp with a wish granting genie living inside!

Oops, wait. That’s right. Genies are fictional, too.  photo huh.jpg

I am happy: when it’s time to go to bed and be alone.


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