Monday, January 13, 2014

Morning at Crick Hollow

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(Artist: Millicent Sowerby)

Mornings around here begin around 4am, because that's when Izzy always wants outside.

So yesterday morning there I was, standing on the porch waiting for Izzy, when I realized I could hear talking... just as I heard the night before. I thought that strange, considering it was 4 in the morning and still pitch dark out. After a few moments I realized it was a radio because suddenly I heard old-timey country music.

My guess is it was coming from the neighbor's barn, which I thought kind of funny. I then go back to bed, only to get up again - to let Maddie out - just as the sun was rising.

To protect the animals from any unforeseen surprises, I looked out the window for any critters that might have made camp near the back door. (We noticed imprints of a somewhat large animal in the grass up against the house the other day). I didn't see anything, but right next to the fence I did see the neighbors cattle and "Hugs" the donkey.

And lots of crows. They were being very chatty up in our Oak, but the cattle seemed used to them. (These are some QUIET cattle by the way. They only ever make a sound if they see the feed truck, and even then they're still pretty quiet).

I wasn't about to let the dogs out again, with the cattle eating their breakfast so close to the fence and everyone inside the house still asleep, so I did the next logical thing.
I grabbed my camera.  photo thsmiley-camera.gif

When I first stepped outside, it was pretty quiet. All I could hear were the cattle grazing and softly walking along the fence line, but then I heard something odd and out of place. For what seemed like forever I listened, trying to make sense of it.  photo blink_zps6f8a60d8.gif I couldn't make out what it was until my eyes latched on to the source.

A peeing cow. Photobucket
(Talk about something new to these eyes after living her entire life in suburbia!)

So here's video of my quiet Sunday morning amongst the cows.

Well, sort of amongst them at least. Really, I just stood on the porch while they only stared at me like I was a monkey in the zoo. I think they've learned to tolerate me and my camera.

And here's one last video I took several weeks ago, of Maddie watching the cows.

Yes, my sweet Maddie Kate Scarlett O'Hara has a fondness for watching the cattle. (She's a kindred spirit that way). She loves nothing more than to just sit in the grass and soak in the surroundings.

So okay, I decided to come back and add one more video from later in the day. Basically, it's the cattle doing their normal line formations after supper. (Reminds me of elementary students walking back to their classroom after their scheduled restroom break). After that they're eating again - because they're cows and there isn't much else to do I guess - while watching the grass being mowed.

Which I found entertaining to watch actually. Is that sad?

Why yes. Yes it is.

What's also sad is that I've discovered cattle have a mean streak. How do I know this? I know this because THE SECOND I pulled my camera out of my pocket to take a photograph - b/c they were so close to me at the time - they all immediately turned around and walked away.



  1. I live in the middle of dairy paddocks and I know what you mean about them not cooperating with photos! They came into the closest field and just slowed and stared at me as they trotted past--sort of like humans looking at a car wreck!

  2. Looks like you and Maddie had a wonderful time ~ great video sharing ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)


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