Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Of Positive Thoughts and The Mad Hatter

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1. It's been said that one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day. Do you think that's true?

I suppose so.

If it's the weekend.... if your name is Pollyanna Whittier... or if you're one of the Darling children that happen to cross paths with pixie dust and Peter Pan. (I think a positive thought that jump started the ability to fly would make for the start of a fantastic morning).  photo tink.gif

Do you find that an easy exercise most mornings?

Is climbing Mount Everest without oxygen easy? (A morning person I am not).

What's something positive you told yourself today? If you missed that boat, what's something positive you could tell yourself tomorrow?

I told myself something positive yesterday. I went against my better judgment and said we might actually get a tad of miracle snow.

My experiment failed.

2. There will be karaoke at the next party you attend... are you in? Or will you be faking a sore throat?

To something like this I would always say no, but if Gerard Butler is there.....

..... I'll be coming out of my shell.

3. January 29th is National Puzzle Day...what's something you've found puzzling recently?

One of my dogs, Abigail Annie Oakley. She has this strange habit of whining for me to sit on the rug with her and play, but in less than a minute all she does is sit on the carpet behind me and just stare at my back. It makes me feel like I'm the lead of a sled dog team.

Maybe we were both Alaskan sled dogs in our past life. Photobucket

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4. Jigsaw, crossword, acrostic, logic, sudoku, word search...what's your favorite kind of puzzle, and when did you last work one?

Logic I guess. It's been a while since I did anything like that.

5. Recently a writer by the name of Amy Glass ruffled feathers with a post she wrote saying she looks down on young women with husbands and kids and she's not sorry. Among other things, she says women will be equal with men when we stop saying house work and real work are equally important.

What say you? Do you think men and women are equal in the 21st century? Why or why not?

I would say that we're pretty much on equal footing and that the author of that article is only trying to earn more blog views and comments by stating her opinion.

Having children and picket fencing it isn't for everyone, and working outside of the home or being a SAHM both have their challenges. I really don't think one negates the importance of the other.

I will say this though: Raising a human being and being responsible for their welfare is not something that should be entered into so lightly. It's a really big deal and to do a good job of it a lot of heart is going to have to go into it... and for the rest of your life.

6. What's a product you've noticed in the grocery store that you'd like to try, but haven't yet?

The big carton of Starbucks Mocha in the refrigerated section. I'm just wondering if it's the same thing as the mochas in the glass bottles. If so, I'm gonna have to never give in to the temptation. As it is, whenever I get one of those I'm done drinking it before I even get out of the parking lot. I GUZZLE that stuff!

7. The author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was born this week in 1832 (January 27th). Which character from his celebrated novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, would you most like to meet, and why?

Judging from the outlandish nocturnal ramblings I tend to have, I guess I would have to meet Alice. My dreams can be pretty bizarre at times, so I don't think we'd have trouble coming up with topics to discuss.

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8. Insert your own random thought here.

- Have you ever accidentally put hand cream on your face, mistaking it for moisturizer? Because I did that a couple days ago.

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