Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow.... so close, yet so far away

 photo 1OliverHerford_zpsb4db6799.png
(Artwork: Oliver Herford)

It's been proven to me once again that the real Joker is not from Batman. No, the REAL Joker is none other than that impish fellow named Jack Frost!

The temps finally decrease enough to allow for snow... something we haven't seen in over a decade, and even then it was just a dusting of the white stuff... and on Thursday night we're actually under a Winter Weather Advisory.

That's right. School closings, staying off the roads. We're talking the works, because let's face it... this is Texas, and the entire state nearly shuts down when there's ice on the road.
On our weather reports I actually saw miraculous pictures such as  photo lt_zpsc61abea9.png and  photo mix_zpsa0f2c2db.png.

In the wee hours of the night you'd have thought I was a child waiting for Saint Nicholas, because I kept peering out the window for any signs of snow. (Early in the evening I did see some drizzle, but it was short lived). I knew it was a long shot that we'd receive snow - as the old adage goes, "Experience teaches sense" - but since we have moved closer to Austin the percentage of my wish coming true had increased at least a little.

Or so I had hoped.

Turns out Austin received 2 1/2 inches of snow. (My poor sister missed it since she's at a conference in San Antonio. How evil is that?! I fear I'd never recover from such a blow). All we accumulated here was ice, icicles so skinny they look like they've been on the Nutri-System diet plan, and a lot of slush.

A LOT of slush, and no snow at all. Not a speck.

And I missed it, but I hear the crows had ice on their backs in the morning. Imagine that. Ice! The poor things. (By the way, it was actually pretty fun to walk on that ice. The grass was wrapped in it, and you could hear it crunch beneath your boots).

I would have preferred to have seen snow here at our new place. I can't help thinking of what awesome photo opportunities that would have made, especially with cattle as my next door neighbors.

Well, one gal in this household was happy. One of our dogs, Maddie, LOVES the cold and that silly girl wanted to lie down in the slushy yard all day. The only way I could get her to come back inside was by uttering the magical word "Yummy!"


Here are pics of my No Snow Day:

 photo 4043_500_zpsd7a2ff4d.jpg

 photo 5crow_zps6f308eed.jpg

 photo 6chair_zps7efad575.jpg

 photo 7gate_zpsb8317fbf.jpg

 photo 8icicles_zpsad46286c.jpg

 photo 9truck_zpsbfcf2cd2.jpg

 photo 10grass_zps358266dd.jpg

 photo 11cattle_zps13ccaa57.jpg

 photo 12crows_zpse0b4aff5.jpg

 photo 13vcrow_zpsdbe16ed0.jpg

 photo 14neighbor_zps6afa2562.jpg

 photo 15tarp_zps4eff2751.jpg

 photo 16truck_zpsdfcdcb3c.jpg

 photo 17ice_zps4aa0609a.jpg

 photo 18view_zpse20ad0ec.jpg

 photo 19icicles_zps854a2a0a.jpg

 photo 20grass_zps1fa40dc2.jpg

 photo 22truck_zps74730be9.jpg

 photo 23vcrow_zpsf6abd073.jpg


And here are some pictures I took of the sunrise this morning. Unfortunately, some of them are a little blurry and I'll have to wait until very late tonight to upload the video.

 photo sunrise_500_zps160b07c8.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo sunrise3_500_zpsd8e4f7d2.jpg

 photo v007_500_zps07aef4c0.jpg

 photo sunrise2_500_zps318ad79f.jpg
(Larger Pic)



  1. Oh my gosh Kristin... your photos are just fabulous!... each and every one is a work of art... I LOVE the huge old tree with the crow at the very top!... I love crows... we have them too and I love to hear them caw as they fly over... your surrounding countryside is so beautiful!... I would gladly send you some of our snow!... I think we both have been blessed with Natures beauty... wishing you a blissful weekend, xoxo Julie Marie

    1. Thanks, although the pics would be a lot better with a higher end camera. The zooming feature alone begs for me to chuck the darn thing in the neighbor's pond.

      I love the crows, too. My grandmother has a place in the woods and the crows there exist in the dozens, and it's so quiet up there. (While I LOVE not living in suburbia, and instead living on 2 acres, there is a lot of traffic noise here. I don't think I'll ever escape that). The further back you walk though, it does get quieter and quite hilly. (Something else that's new to me and like a dream come true). I know we have deer out there.

  2. Kristin, thank you so much for you sweet comments on my blog. Losing a pet is so hard as you know, it helps to hear from others who feel the same about their beloved fur babies. Your photos above are really pretty, but some a bit frightening! That kind of weather is expected up here, but not in Texas! We are in for another visit from the Polar Vortex on Monday. Stay warm! ~ Diane

    1. We're supposed to be getting more cold temps this week. (Hooray!) Honestly, I don't handle the cold very well but when it leaves I feel quite sad. I think it's because our summers last so long and are so unbearable. The humidity alone is a nightmare.

      And again, I'm really sorry to hear about your furbaby. It really is a tough event to go through. That's why I've sworn to myself that from now on.... no more pets.

      Although I wouldn't mind a visiting barn cat!

  3. Hi Kristin-

    Woo hoo, a Texas blogger.
    I live in South Texas and I am anxious for planting season too. I guess it has to wait because more cold weather is coming.

    Your photographs are wonderful-
    I am still working on that learning curve.

    Enjoyed visiting, and I am a new follower.

    White Spray Paint blog


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