Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Man of Mystery

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This lovely link-up is courtesy of the talented artist Jane Heinrichs.

Here are the rules, taken from her website:

I'd love for you to join me in sharing "one picture with three stories." The stories can be factual or fictional, they can be inspiring, funny, educational, or entertaining. They can be one sentence long, or much, much longer. The pictures can be photographs or sketches, or whatever tickles your fancy.

Give us a glimpse into your home, your town, your world, your past, your present. Nothing is too simple to feature in One Picture, Three Stories.

The whole idea is that each picture has many layers of meaning. So show us all your layers!


Here's my contribution:

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Story #1: The Celebrity

This gentleman was born February 24, 1845.

When this man drew his first breath, man had not yet landed on the moon. A man's means of transportation and plowing the fields was left inside the barn, having to be fed through winter. The first World War had never happened, and the Titanic was only some shipping mogul's dream.

Space travel was science fiction.

The man in the photograph is kind of a celebrity in this household, even though we're not related. We don't even personally know his descendants.

The only reason we've acquired the photograph in the first place is through my grandmother's husband. The photo belongs to the great grandson of his friend, whom had several copies left after having one blown up and framed. My mother fell so in love with the photo that she was given one of her own.

Story #2: What's in a Name?

The man in this photograph is named Trezevant D. Gill. He was born in Alabama and died New Years Day 1922 in Hidalgo County, Texas.

I've always imagined him as being a quiet sort of character, and who knows... perhaps he was because the only other information we've discovered about his life is that he served in the 7th Texas Field Battery. (Mosely's Co. Texas Light Artillery).

I think what I love the most about this photo is the authenticity of it. My initial thoughts are always that I'm seeing a character from the famed movie "Lonesome Dove."

But this man isn't some esteemed actor, or tourist at Hollywood Studios, posing for a photograph meant to look old. Trezevant D. Gill isn't a fictional character, but was a real person no different from you or I. And it seems that the things he's seen in his own lifetime are going to continue to remain a secret.

Was he married? Did he have children? Was he a kind man? A crabby man? Photobucket What were his thoughts at seeing the first airplane flight? Did it feel surreal to him, or did he think flying was better left to birds and insects? Was he a fan of the industrial revolution, or was it all a lot of noise and dirt and nonsense to him? Did he have a sweetheart, or was love nothing but sentimental mush?

I wouldn't know the answers to those questions, but all that I can gather from his picture is that he loved his guns and took enough pride in his work and livelihood that he felt it important to spend his time and money to have it forever memorialized on film.

Story #3: Conversation Piece

Whatever his character, this Man 'O Mystery resides in a place of honor above our fireplace at Crick Hollow.

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I can't imagine him being sent to the attic anytime soon.



  1. Hi Kristin! What a fabulous submission! It worked just fine and I received the link. I haven't added photos into the link-up because they make you pay to do that, so it's only text links right now. I just LOVE your photo! He truly is a man of mystery! X Jane

  2. Really? On my end it shows a rather large, blurry box of the first pic all stretched out and pixelated. When I click on it it asks if I want to delete it, so I did... which then deleted my entire entry.

    I submitted it a second time and it did the same thing. If it looks okay on your end, I guess I'll leave it be. I'm just wondering why it's showing a pic at all, as it should only be showing the hyperlink.



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