Monday, February 10, 2014

Crick Hollow Love

 photo 1_cow_donkey_zps630d6557.png

So it's nearing Valentine's Day, which means love is in the air.

And what do I love at the moment? I love the video I took the other day of the neighbor's baby calf and "Hugs" the donkey playing together. It was really cold that day, and I guess the crispness in the air made them a little more playful than usual. (This was the first time I've even seen Hugs play).

The vids were taken last Wednesday, February 5th.

The next day it snowed - well, sort of - so maybe there's a clue there. The next time the calf and donkey next door get all frisky, I'll be sure to look up the weather report.

And when I say it "sort of" snowed, what I mean is that it was hardly anything and what did fall looked like Styrofoam pellets. Everyone around here is calling it "fake snow."

 photo 2heart_border400_zps1e320a40.png

 photo sn13_500_zps75a23699.jpg
(Larger Pic)

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(Larger Pic)

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(Larger Pic)

 photo sn12_500_zpsf6c3eb7d.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo sn7_500_zpsb02171b9.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo sn1_355_zps56ecaac0.jpg

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(Larger Pic)

 photo sn10_500_zpsbc3c76a6.jpg
(Larger Pic)

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(Larger Pic)

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(Larger Pic)


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