Sunday, February 23, 2014

Of B-Day Parties, Compassion and Birdie Visitors

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It was a busy weekend here at Crick Hollow. It was my grandmother's 83rd birthday party... goodness, I have trouble thinking of her as being in her 80's. She seems far younger that that... and a lot of people came.

Including my beautiful niece and her young prince. (Both drum majors at their high school). They make a really sweet couple, but it seems my niece's man has another admirer... or two.

Admirers of the furry, lovable, huggable kind. Abby and Izzy were quite smitten!

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Not to say Maddie Kate wasn't in love either, but Maddie loves EVERYBODY.

And believe me... that girl visited with everyone over and over and over again. All our furbabies love company, but to Maddie having company over is like meeting your favorite celebrities. She loves all that attention!


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I wasn't going to mention this, but I have to. It feels wrong NOT saying anything.

The day before the birthday party, tragedy struck for someone that we know. The person I'm speaking of is the family friend, whose house on 43 acres we lived in while our house was being built. (We only left that house a couple days before Thanksgiving, and even now it feels strange to drive past it a couple times a month. We still look in on the house, to make sure everything is in in order and okay).

The tragedy that happened to this person was pretty awful. It made the local news, so I steered clear of watching that. (I was pretty peeved when my father called her house, and she said she had to go because CBS was knocking on her door. I thought that extremely insensitive of them).

I won't go into detail, but for a long time now her husband has had a severe case of Alzheimer's. He finally had to be put into a care facility, but while home the other day he somehow managed to sneak out of the house at around 5 am. Long story short, he was hit by a car on the freeway not far from his home. My sister saw it on the news a few times, and said that the person that hit him was so traumatized they had to be hospitalized.

Words can't express how much my mother and I have been thinking about that poor person. I couldn't even sleep last night from thinking about it. What happened wasn't their fault. This man's death was a tragic accident, and I hate that this person will now live out the rest of their life feeling this dark mark on their soul.

I really wish there was something I could do to make it better. I would feel devastated having run over an animal, much less an elderly man. Imagine what they must be going through!

I just can't stop thinking about it.


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Okay, I have to end this post on a cheerful note.

Here are a few random videos I took of the feathered folk at the end of last month. (I have more recent ones, but haven't uploaded them all yet. I can only upload them from 2-8 am, which can be a problem).

The first was taken after the second freeze that we had. Fortunately, the ice wasn't as big a deal here as it was the week before. All the same, it was frigidly cold and Austin commuters had a lot of trouble with the icy roads. (Not that the weather is anywhere near cold lately. We had a few days this past week where it feels like the arrival of summer is closing in on us. I dread the thought).

I really need to take nice photos of the bluejays, as their feathers are the prettiest and brightest blue. All the pics I did take turned out blurry because the zoom on our camera is pretty lousy. I can't get very close to them either because they're not as tolerant of my presence as the little finches are.

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  1. Oh Kristin, what an awful thing to happen. I often wonder about people that are unintenionally part of a tragic event and it must change them.


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