Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fence Builder and Rock Snitcher Extraordinaire

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(Pic 1 / Pic 2)


Oh, what a happy gal Abby has been these past few weeks!

First, she helped her Papa building the fence and the other day she helped me picking up loads of rocks in the yard.

Of course, she got the task a little backwards. Every time I would toss rocks into a bag, she would stick her face in there to take one out. It was like a choreographed dance without end. She's a terrific rock snitcher.

Abby had FUN though, and that's all that matters. It takes very little to make her happy. If she's outdoors, she's on Cloud Nine.

 photo 3_happyrun_zps8db9e2b6.png
(Larger Pic)

(I believe the newest calf was born around Valentine's Day)

FYI: The bandage on Abby is to keep her from licking a recurring cyst. The vet says they're harmless and will always come and go.


 photo 2_sb400_zpsef54646f.jpg

Here are more vids of the birds.

Most of these were taken at the beginning of the month, during a cold spell I think.

I wish one of those cold spells would return. I'm already tiring of this humidity!

 photo bird_zpsa2479332.jpg


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