Thursday, March 6, 2014

Icicles in March?

 photo winter_zpsbe2388ba.png

When I woke up the morning after our wintry, stay-off-the-roads weather, I discovered ice clinging to everything. I haven't seen that much ice in many, many MANY years. (And even back then it was in January, not March).

It was incredibly cold, so I didn't take any photos or video until the ice started melting.

Before then, I stayed warm and cozy with my electric blanket and puppy dog by my side while I watched more geeky Universe shows on the Science Channel.

When I decided to brave the outdoors, Abby continued hibernating under the covers.
(Told ya she was smart!)

This would sound pathetic to anyone living up north and used to the cold, but I was just enraptured by the sound of ice cracking and then watching it fall to the ground in long pieces. I don't ever remember seeing or hearing that. It was surreal!

Here are the pics and vids I took, gloved hands shaking the entire time. I only wish the pics turned out better, but until we get a higher end camera there's nothing to be done about that. I really want one with a great zoom lens attachment.


 photo redbird3_zpsfb96d5bf.png
(Larger Pic)

 photo 017_500_zps9a48b1f8.jpg

 photo 087_500_zpsaa13c571.jpg

 photo 021_500redbird_zps8594f32e.jpg

 photo 064_400_zps611b698d.jpg

 photo 094_500_zpsa32b117a.jpg

 photo 030_500_zpsf0ecb3ed.jpg

 photo 018_500_zpsc7b10d7f.jpg

 photo crow_500_zpsca10aa1f.jpg

 photo rambling_zps5a800a6c.png  photo blah-1.gif

My misfortune became the crows fortune. For breakfast I always eat the most delicious cinnamon chip muffin, but for the 3rd time the store that I get them from labeled the package wrong. Instead of yummy cinnamon muffins, they were banana nut bread muffins. I'm not a fan of them, so I gave them to the crows. They loved them so much that after they ate them, they were practically hopping around on the front porch begging for more as if they were dogs.

 photo 058t_400_zpsba29afe0.jpg

 photo 012_500_zpse6380723.jpg

 photo 085_500_zps89593d45.jpg

 photo 073_500_zpscbaa1468.jpg

 photo 070_400_zpse4b43652.jpg

 photo 061_500_zpsc5c213ef.jpg

 photo 034_500_zps7c315355.jpg

 photo 048_500_zps3c45acde.jpg

 photo 043_400_zpsa780dd1e.jpg

 photo 057_500_zps4bf3cbcf.jpg

 photo 081_500_zpsa8135410.jpg

 photo 007_500_zpsd9ecb1f7.jpg

 photo 083_400_zps721d4d3c.jpg

 photo 075_500_zps8b96ea49.jpg

 photo 093_500_zpsed48c501.jpg

 photo 024_400_zpsd19632c0.jpg

 photo 010_500_zps6c354516.jpg

 photo 044_500_zpsa8ddf360.jpg

 photo 019_500_zps0abd873d.jpg

 photo 059_400_zps922c84a2.jpg

 photo 045_500_zpsc3c94eff.jpg

 photo 074_500_zps547733dc.jpg

 photo 084_500_zps25d6b286.jpg

 photo 002_500_zps7d1f50cf.jpg

Larger Pics can be viewed HERE.

Reminder: This camera needs to be tossed in the neighbors pond, pronto!

 photo ttfn_green_zpsf431359e.png

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