Saturday, March 29, 2014

Of Birds, Gardening and Rock Fetching

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I decided to post more pics and vids.

No one really reads this blog, so I'm pretty much posting them here just to fulfill my OCD tendencies. Photobucket Even though the camera I have is pretty rotten, I can't help but keep track of the pics/vids I do take.


The girls enjoying a day of beautiful weather:

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Texas Antiques Week:
Round Top, Marburger, etc.

The show hasn't officially started, but a lot of the tents open the week before. We've been there a few times already.

Unfortunately, the weather has been turning pretty hot and humid. Only once was the weather nice, and lately it's been raining off and on.

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We kind of wanted those "Funny Farm" letters. We thought the barn would be a fun place to place them.

Would you believe that each individual letter cost $25?!


More cattle pictures and video:
...because I just can't help myself.

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Pics/Vids of the birds on Thursday evening:

I took these from inside the house, and it took forever for the camera to focus at all. I really wish I had a camera with a zoom lens attachment, because we have SO MANY birds around here. They're always flying around and building nests and singing.

They make me feel like I'm in a Disney cartoon!

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More Furkids:

Abby's new favorite game is me using the snake grabber to toss rocks across the yard for her to fetch.

 photo 3058_500v_zpsd436fae9.jpg

 photo 015_500_zps4b3707fb.jpg

 photo 048_500t_zps24d3ac21.jpg
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Maddie is smiling in this pic because she was so happy after we got home from visiting Round Top and running errands that day. Maddie is always happiest when her humans are at home with her. She doesn't even like it when we go outside.

 photo 061_500_zps198bb12e.jpg
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 photo 7060_400v_zpsc423e85e.jpg


Our latest bluebird, and another bird nest:

This bluebird is always flying from fence to fence, and he chirps at me all the time. He doesn't seem to be very afraid of me or the dogs. I need to name the little fellow!

Sorry the pics of him are blurry. As I said before, the focus on the camera has been giving me problems.

 photo bluebird500_bl_zpsb61b5bde.jpg

 photo nest500_zps460a4998.jpg
(Larger Pic)

Think this nest is tall enough? Photobucket It sure is pretty though.

 photo bluebird500_bl2_zpsc6e424d5.jpg

 photo ttfn_yellow_zps48e0d46f.png

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  1. what cool pictures of the critters! I love the bird looking down from the top of the birdhouse.

    I've never seen a live bluebird. They are so pretty. I get cardinals every now and again and that's when I need a camera that can take better pictures thru the windows. Hmmm. maybe I just need to clean my windows.


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