Friday, June 20, 2014

Those Remarkable Pets!

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The other day I remembered a really amazing pet story, so here it is:

When my dad was in the 4th grade, they moved from their farm in McKinney to Houston. They had a dog (White Spitz) named "Pal," which they left with the grandparents.

Fast forward some time later - don't know exactly how much time passed - but that dog showed up at their new house in Houston. The poor dear's paws were all bloodied, but he made it. He had to travel all the way through the ever-busy Dallas to get there.

That's like 280 miles in itself!

What I want to know is how that dog even knew where his family was now living? I mean... how did he know that?

Are pets that connected to their owners? Is it a sixth sense?
Are they led to their owners by some Higher Source?

Whatever the answer, dogs are remarkable creatures aren't they?

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  1. they really are. I can't imagine my life without them!

  2. I love pets and animals in general. Life would be so boring without them! I was just thinking the other day about a lovely dog we had when I was little, it was a black and white border collie named Pal. He was so beautiful and such a sweet friend. Your story is amazing, but I guess it happens more than we think.

  3. Have you ever read The incredible journey by Sheila Burnford? It’s the story of three pets (two dogs and a cat from memory) who travel hundreds of miles in search of their master. I read it when I was a teenager and cried buckets! Your story reminded me of it. Loving your blog.


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