Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Traumatized for life

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That's it. I'm moving far, far away from the scary country and to the land of leprechauns.  photo 2_zps98f987e9.gif

Okay, so I'm not actually moving to Ireland but on every shining star I see I'm going to wish for that impossibility.

Well... okay, no. I can't even engage in star-wishing because now I'm too petrified to go outside at night.  photo emo50_zps7994e881.gif And why?
Because I had a very close encounter with a snake this past Saturday.  photo eek2.gif A pretty big snake, too. I've seen them before of course, but never ever up so close.

FYI: Back when we were living on our friend's large acreage, I went outside one morning to find one "standing" up and staring straight at me like some demon from hell. It was a harmless grass snake... (try telling that to my brain and senses)... and we (aka Mom) just tossed it back into the fields, but this time it was less than an inch away from my boot! (Thank God I had my boots on). AND half of it's body was slithering underneath MY POOR DOG!

Thankfully, Maddie was oblivious to it all. She just squatted over the darn thing and started doing her business all the while I'm screaming my head off and doing a MacGyver move back to the porch and back door. (Which, by the way was not far from the snake either. We're talking something like two feet).

I got myself and the dog inside, and after I slam the door it's now on the porch. We have a lot of copperheads out here, which are very poisonous, but this one sort of looked like a water moccasin. (Those damn things will chase you). Unless it's a copperhead, we always just let them go but since we weren't sure about this one we killed it. I refuse to take any chances when it comes to us and the dogs.

We had A LOT of rain all of last week, so I guess that's why it was there. Either that, or it was hunting for lizards and spiders. We do have a lot of those around here.

I'm still freaked out over it. I barely slept a wink that night, and when I did I was dreaming about snakes.

And for the record, I'm tiring of all these scorpions too. They're becoming a real problem inside the house. (We even found a large one swimming inside one of the toilet bowls!) We have no idea how they're coming in, and we're always spraying the yard and porch and doorways with CedarCide.

And then there are the crickets. Those crickets are taking over!!!


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Today's words:
Busy, Thought Provoking, Rescue, Battle

On a few blogs I'm starting to see something new. It's simple and quick to do, so of course I'm a fan. Some people join blog hops/memes with their contribution, while others just make up their own.

Which is what I'll be doing.
(Forgive the Topsy-turvyness of it. I'm trying to type this up as quickly as I can).

So here I go...


All of last week there were 5 dogs in this itty-bitty house. My brother and his wife were on vacation in Cancun, and we had to watch their dogs - "Beans" and "Crunchy" - for them again. (This was our 4th time watching them, and one of those times we kept them for 2 weeks, so they're definitely a part of our furkid family now).

The doggie pictured below is named "Beans." He has a Mohawk on his head and down his back. He even looks like he has a little white beard! He's the coolest, most interesting dog I've ever seen. (I call him the "rock star"). His eyes look eerily human. (I'm always saying a wicked witch must have turned him into a dog, and his true form is a prince). He should be in the movies. He has this magical air about him.

 photo beans_zpsb0fb2d15.jpg

Rambling Note: "Beans" is another rescue pup. Would you know that the little guy was rescued just HOURS before being euthanized? My now-SIL was leaving the country for work that day, so a friend of hers had to care for him until she got back.

During this particular dog-sitting time, he was obsessed with my mother. To quote the clergyman in The Princess Bride, I think he's discovered "Wuv, True Wuv!"

Here's his reaction to seeing cows for the first time:

Their little Chihuahua is pretty darn adorable too, although she had to have many time-out's. She's a tiny, vintage gal so she doesn't like any of the dogs coming too near her space. She chased Abby out of the hallway once while she was in her room, and she picked a lot of fights with Izzy. It was those times that we had to put her in her room for a while. (She voluntarily spent over 90% of her time in there anyway, with the door open). Crunchy and Izzy both have a lot of sass, and whenever Crunchy would start barking at any of the dogs.... neither she or Izzy would back down.

To be honest, it was pretty humorous to watch. They never ever bite, but boy do they go into hysterics. (And the other dogs would join in to try to protect them. Well, Beans and Maddie would go into protective mode while Abby would join in simply because she thought a fun game was in progress  photo barkley.gif ). It was mayhem at those times, but during it all you couldn't help but laugh.

I really wanted the dogs to be able to play outside but the rain made that impossible. We received so much that our neighbor lost one - almost two - of his trees.

 photo 027_500_zps91654d5b.jpg

 photo 039_500_zps450f2163.jpg

Of course, I couldn't really allow "Crunchy" to stay out there with us for long anyway. (She's a 2 pound Chihuahua and we have hawks like crazy out here). "Beans" on the other hand would have loved it. We managed to get some outside playtime done, but not much.

Which was a little upsetting because we planned on getting him a little kiddy pool (he loooves his kiddy pool back home).


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I finally saw "Frozen" a while back. I really liked it!

I'm not a fan of the new computer animation... (I prefer old style Disney)... but I was curious because on a Meyer Briggs site there was a long thread about Elsa being an INFJ. That piqued my interest, and I can definitely say they were right.

My favorite song on there was the Ice Workers song at the very beginning, but the lyrics to "Let it Go" spoke to me so very much.

And I find it a little odd that last year I wrote a blog post where I said that if I was to make a New Years Resolution my first one would be to - and I quote - "Let Go." Photobucket


There have been a lot of critters around here lately. A fawn separated from it's mother (which we think was reunited)... more deer (a couple times we even saw them in broad daylight, just a few feet away from the cattle which really surprised me)...

... a few bunnies...

 photo 018_500_zpsc8f2a937.jpg

 photo 019_500_zps0fab97a5.jpg

 photo 027_500_zps017b9459.jpg

... squirrels... crickets, scorpions and snakes (but of course)... hawks (those are always around, but the other day I saw one on the ground underneath our tree by the gate)... and my parents saw an eagle. Not a Mexican Eagle either, but an actual eagle. We didn't even know until now that they can sometimes be found here.

But as for a rescue, we came home one day to find a poor little horned toad caught in some netting in the garage. Thankfully, it was rescued and all was well. It was really scary there for a minute though, as it was tangled up in there pretty good.

Here's a vid of just one of the deer one night:
(Unfortunately, it's really, really poor quality because it was dark at the time)

And more random vids:

(I love to listen to their song. It's adorable)


Been battling the barn swallows, but in the end revenge was mine! (Insert evil, maniacal laughter).
 photo kneel.gif

The little devils have been trying to build mud nests on our front porch, and let me tell ya... those are not timid little birds. They're feisty, chatty, and STUBBORN.

This is what revenge looks like:

Sure, the plastic bags make us look like white trash but at least the porch isn't covered with mud and mites.

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