Monday, July 28, 2014

First Baby Cottontails!

 photo babybunnies2_zpsb6a56c20.png
As predicted, it turns out that Diana Cottontail is a Mommy! When I went outside yesterday morning to water the hydrangea, I saw the first of the babies in the garden bed.

Words can't describe how cute they are!

 photo 902_600_zps5de33986.jpg

 photo 010_600_zpsb8350f71.jpg

 photo 008_600baby_zps9055f62c.jpg

They're a lot smaller in person than they look in these photos. They look to be only a few weeks old, which means were they in a Beatrix Potter book I've no idea which one would be wearing trousers versus a dress. Photobucket

Since we don't yet know, we've temporarily named them "Toodles" and "Snuggles."

We suspect they were born in that same flower bed, under the dahlia's. (Hence their constant presence there, as well as that snake the other day). If one turns out to be a girl, "Dahlia" will be her new name.

 photo 008_600_zps09678c5e.jpg

 photo 006_600_zpsfb41d686.jpg

 photo 004_600_zps8cf6e1c9.jpg

 photo 904_600t_zps5d25a5c2.jpg


Here's the prince of our Hummingbird Trio.

 photo 010_590_zps82469563.jpg

And some deer on the neighbor's property yesterday.

Sorry it's so shaky, but there wasn't time to get out the tripod and the zoom feature on this camera is a joke.

And it looks like the deer returned again to eat our rose trees. There were three of them around here before dawn today.

We've been trying all these different methods of deterring them, but so far none of them are working. I guess it's back to tossing sheets over the trees again.


Texas Spiny Lizard

Believe it or not, it's also just a baby. I've never seen a baby one before. It, too, looks a lot larger in the photo. It's really the size of my thumb.

 photo 008_508_zps234da334.jpg


Is it just me, or does it look like this grasshopper is playing on an amusement park ride?

 photo 006_600_zps929cd6a0.jpg


The bunnies are always hanging around the house these days.

If they're not there, they're cooling off all day at the side of the house in a little spot of shade. (Which is where Diana and her little brood hang out during the day. The last time I looked, the heat index reached 100 degrees... plus humidity of course).

At night there's always a rabbit sleeping in our backyard. I guess the fencing makes it feel more secure.

 photo 021_600_zpse6497b3a.jpg


Froggy goes a huntin'

When I first saw this little guy I was afraid it was another snake peeping out at me.  photo emo50_zps7994e881.gif

 photo 019_600_zpsc38ca63d.jpg

The snakes around here are making me  photo para.gif, and now I'm worried for our little baby rabbits safety from the snakes.

Not to mention that my dog, Abby, isn't afraid of them. The other morning she walked up to one and sniffed it! (She's afraid of walking on hardwood floors and tile, but is fearless over snakes. Go figure). Thank goodness it was a grass snake.


 photo ttfn_yellow_zps48e0d46f.png


  1. Awwww your baby bunnies are adorable.

  2. Kristin, the bunny and the baby are just adorable.. And I love the hummingbirds, neat sighting of the lizard and the grasshopper going for a ride.. Wonderful collection of critters and photos. Thank you for linking up your post with my critter party. Happy weekend, Eileen!

  3. a great bunch of critters! love the baby bunnies. they have to run fast here from our dogs. too many grasshoppers again this year!

  4. I hope your are not as hungry as ours have been...they've eaten lots of my perennials...little rascals!...:)JP

  5. Your bunnies are cute! I don't know how to deter deer, but I do know they will eat all your plants& shrubs if you don't!

  6. so cute and I love the Hummingbird.

  7. Lovely varied post. Love all the bunnies and videos. Have a great weekend.

  8. Wonderful critters! I love the baby bunnies, they're adorable.


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