Saturday, July 19, 2014

Hummingbirds and Cottontails

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I miss having a real garden! I guess the netting we have around the vegetable garden is a joke because the rabbit eat the okra and the deer pull the tomatoes off the vine, spit them out, drop them on the ground, and then walk away.

Bambi and Company also attacked our rose tree again. This time they only got to one of them. Ever since then we've been tossing sheets over the rose trees at night to protect them.

And the grasshoppers... oh, those grasshoppers... they're still destroying everything. Fortunately - and I sincerely hope this is true - they say that the level of chaos we've been seeing with the grasshoppers happens every few years.

Hopefully that means not every summer will be like this. (Although I have my doubts since even before we built this house the grasshoppers have been over the top). At least they haven't carried the house away to Wonderland yet.

And now to good news....

After a week of customer service hell - (don't ask) - we finally have a new dryer. (I use the word "dryer" loosely, as it isn't fulfilling it's destiny very well). This means no more spiders and grasshoppers clinging to the laundry that had to be dried outdoors.

Also, the other night we finally received some desperately needed rain. It was so nice not to have to water the garden (what's left of it) for a change.

I only wish more of the wet stuff was on the way because we still need it.


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The bunnies in our garden after another really hot/humid day. See how that one poor rabbit is cooling off? (I read online that erratic breathing is how they cool their bodies down, sort of like an internal AC if-you-will).

FYI: I hope these videos will load, because they're not loading for me on YouTube.

 photo 030_600_zps27ad34cf.jpg

We have 3 regular hummingbird visitors now. They drink - and fight - from literally sunup to sundown.

 photo 027_600_zps41daf9b7.jpg

 photo 037_600_zps6f13cd8d.jpg

This was the best video I could get of the Super Moon the other night. The bugs and grasshoppers were trying to eat me alive at the time and the camera refused to focus clearly.

 photo 028_600_zps5a335bfc.jpg

 photo 010_600_zps48b4efde.jpg


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  1. I love the cute bunny and the awesome shots of the hummer! Great photos and videos. Happy weekend!


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