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June and July at Crick Hollow

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Note to Self:

Remember back in the day when you loved Jiminy Cricket? Well, you know what they say. Everything must come to an end.

JUST LIKE ALL OUR NEWLY PLANTED FLOWERS, TREES, BUSHES and GRASS which have turned into a buffet for the little gigantic monsters!

The grasshoppers are absolutely e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e. When walking outside you have to keep your mouth closed and eyes partly shut, because they fly into your face. (My poor dogs are really not liking them either, although sometimes Abby does like to chase and pounce on them). They even fly into your hair and boots, and latch onto your clothes.

And never in my life have seen so many different species of grasshoppers. Living here has provided me with quite the education of Entomology.

Crick Hollow is definitely living up to it's name. (Of course, I think most of these are grasshoppers. Perhaps a more fitting name would have been "Hopper Hollow").

 photo 019_600_zpsb1c67ad2.jpg
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 photo 018_600_zps6a6431c7.jpg

 photo 001_600_zps27472abc.jpg

In the pic above, on the glass and surrounding brick to the window I counted 15 grasshoppers total. (And that's just what I saw around the window from inside the house).

 photo 011_500_zps6939910e.jpg
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 photo 012_500_zps1b29a9da.jpg
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The grasshoppers here in Texas have been horrible this summer. You have to experience it to believe it.

My camera didn't do it justice, so here's a vid of the devils that I found on YouTube.

They look just as bad there as here. We've even ordered something to get rid of the beasts, but we had to cancel the order because the delivery was so backed up. It seems everyone is having trouble controlling them.

We finally discovered Neem Oil, and then spraying the plants with Murphy's Oil Soap. Miraculously, one of the two mixtures has kept them away from all out Chaste trees. (We've planted something like 14 of those trees and the grasshoppers were very, very VERY fond of them. Honest truth, there had to have been around 60 grasshoppers in each bush every time we'd go out there to water them). But having said that... there's still taking over everything else.

Okay, enough whining.


Henkel Square

Went to Henkel Square in Round Top a few weeks ago. I've taken lots of pics from there before, so I'll share those some other day. Until then, here's just a couple.

 photo 037_600_zpsa00dcab6.jpg

 photo 041_600_zps2febdbbf.jpg


Longhorns and Wild Turkeys

Saw them when driving down the road a couple weeks ago. It was a nice surprise!

 photo 033_600_zpsd6955c68.jpg

 photo 025_600_zps16b83b60.jpg
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 photo 034_600_zps872c629d.jpg
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Our new Gazebo / Tea House

 photo 009_600_zps51046647.jpg
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 photo v016_600_zpsf02a8898.jpg

 photo 015_600_zpsb553ef9b.jpg

 photo v019_600_zpse55202fc.jpg

The dogs looove sitting in our gazebo, especially Maddie and Izzy.

A couple nights ago it was really windy, and unusually so NOT humid, so we all - including the dogs - stayed out there for about an hour. I tried getting a nice pic of the moon, but they all ended up blurry.

 photo 041_600_zpse40cc41e.jpg

Besides sitting in the gazebo, the dogs also love the little bells we got for it back in Henkel Square. (I'm not a big fan of wind chimes, so I especially love how soft these bells are. They sound like Tinkerbell).

 photo 16_600_zps50fd0e95.jpg

As for Abby, she just plain loves being outdoors. She's very hyper and very happy out there. It's her Zen place.


The Bunny Trail

We have 3 regular bunny visitors. Two babies, and then the older bunny we've named "Diana."

Every night the rabbits are eating around the house somewhere. Usually in the backyard, any side of the house, the vegetable garden and the front porch. (We've put old sunflowers there for it, which it loves).

Diana loves to sleep in the backyard most nights. Photobucket It could be 3 AM, and still she's out there in the fenced in area.

 photo 017_600c_zps67e43b2c.jpg
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 photo 023_600_zps679f118b.jpg

 photo 005_600_zps131a4bbd.jpg

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What post would be complete without a few cattle pics and video?

Unfortunately, I haven't seen them all week. It's been really hot so they're in the shadier pastures at present.

 photo 001_600_zpse834f556.jpg
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 photo 014_600_zpse888ca79.jpg
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 photo 015_600_zps470b6cac.jpg
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I don't know for sure, but I think a new calf might have been born because one evening there was a lot of screaming from of the cows going on. It wasn't a familiar mother-to-baby cry either.



 photo 029_600_zpsbc2ffb27.jpg
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 photo birdie_426_zpsc92343a7.jpg

Aren't they cute catching those bothersome grasshoppers?

 photo 002_600_zps69d031b7.jpg
(Larger Pic)

Ahh, nothing like a dirt bath.

 photo 030_600_zpsd8fac1a5.jpg
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 photo swallows_554_zps30fd675e.jpg

The swallows tried building their nests on the house again. Thankfully, their back porch nesting project was an epic fail for them.


More Longhorns

There longhorns are right near our house. I was so happy to see them so close to home!

 photo 035_600_zps52edd84a.jpg
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 photo 045_600_zps1ea88b7f.jpg
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We have two regular hummingbird visitors, and the other day I saw the cutest thing.

We have one of those plastic owl decoys, hoping to frighten the barn swallows away from our porch, and I saw one of the hummers hovering in front of the owl, inspecting it closely. Photobucket

I wish I'd gotten it on film, but I just happened upon the scene by accident.

 photo hb600_zps39ea8a0a.jpg

See all the holes in the sunflower leaves? That would be the grasshopper's calling card around here.

I h-a-t-e them!

 photo 007_500_zps98a18a00.jpg
(Larger Pic)



The dragonflies have been regulars around here, too. I hope they'll make a comeback as they did last summer while I was living in Burton. (Last year, on July 30th, there were easily thousands of them coming through. I'll share the videos of them sometime soon).


Stick Bug and Froggy

 photo 032_500_zps946365c6.jpg

 photo frog_500_zpsf3da6d33.jpg

 photo 031_500_zps471b023c.jpg


Mister Ed

You never know what you'll see in town.

 photo 016_500_zps3bc4d39a.jpg


Sir Hiss

 photo sirhiss300_zps791f4cee.jpg

As for scary news to report, on Tuesday night I heard a loud ruckus in the garage. Guess what it was...

Another damned snake! (We are seriously pondering that country life just isn't for us. I can deal with pretty much everything around here EXCEPT for the snakes!)

We met our new neighbors last weekend and they've already killed at least 4 copperheads! (True story: When our neighbor saw the first copperhead, she pinned it to the ground with a BOW AND ARROW! It scared her so bad that she ended up calling her father to come over to the house to kill it for her. It was a copperhead after all and she has a 5 year old and two dogs to protect). Already, one of her poor dogs - the oldest senior - was bitten by a copperhead. She didn't think it was going to make it, but miraculously it did. The poor thing was deathly ill.

I'm just glad it's okay now.


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  1. Wow Kristen, the grasshoppers are awful. I'm sorry they are eating everything in sight. We had a really bad outbreak about four years ago and they have eased up a bit the past couple. I have no idea what this year will bring because they are later here than in the south. It's fun to see those cattle grazing. I LOVE your new gazebo, it's awesome.
    sending hugs...


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