Saturday, August 30, 2014

Of Bubblegum Kisses and Smiling Donkeys

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(Artwork: Lisa McCue)

It seems our little girl, Abby, is under the weather. I noticed the other day that her eye was watering a little. It didn't look like a big deal though, so I made sure to keep a closer eye on her just in case.

The next evening I noticed her cheek beneath that eye was swollen. She still acts okay. She's still eating. Her behavior and appetite hasn't changed at all, so I guess she encountered something like a wasp or scorpion... (We have those everywhere and Abby loves to befriend everything)... or perhaps an ant while rock hunting. (Abby is an avid pet rock hunter. I'm always the bad guy with her favorite game though, because I won't allow her to gnaw on them or bring them inside the house. I don't want her damaging her teeth and if she brings them inside she obsessively hoards and guards them from underneath the bed).

My grandmother's husband used to be the head of the large animal clinic at Texas A&M University, and he told us once that it's okay to give dogs the tiniest bit of Benadryl, so we did. To my surprise, Abby loves it. She thinks it's a treat. I guess she likes bubblegum flavor.  photo gum.gif


 photo 300rain_zpsb388a110.jpg

In other news, we received some MUCH NEEDED rain Thursday afternoon. (Although all week a few rain showers have passed us right by, which is really becoming irritating. I don't like being teased with rain when we need it so much). We really need more, but it was glorious while it lasted. It was extremely humid out, but seeing rain again was a welcoming sight nonetheless.

 photo ee7a7d157dcc8818587e6af7200214b0_zps829b2151.jpg

I think the cattle would agree with me, but I can't say the same for "Hugs" the donkey. I think she's a bit of a diva, not liking to get all wet. What do you think?

The "grin" that Hugs does in that last video reminds me of the donkey in Shrek. It's hilarious! I've never seen her do that before.


More Hummingbirds!

I really need to give them names. There are 3 or 4 of them. These first three photos were taken from the kitchen window. (With me trying to look invisible while standing on a chair).

I also managed to snap a couple pics of Diana Cottontail.

 photo 1009_600_zpsfcca6e27.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 013_600_zps41ecd98a.jpg

 photo 2007_600_zpsbcdc7a88.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 012_600_zps38239c9c.jpg


And more...

I took these from the front porch.

 photo 018_600_zps84e4c25d.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 033_600_zpsf220c817.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 017_600_zps6e988bba.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 031_600_zpsd6d76daa.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 022_600_zps3507453b.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 020_600_zps2afc59d9.jpg
(Larger Pic)



We've seen two near the house so far. I think they have babies, too.


 photo yikes.jpg

In unsettling news, the snakes are still coming around. I'm really growing tired of them. I really hope this isn't the norm, but since we've moved here they're everywhere. They shouldn't even be here because we do keep the yard mowed and clear of debris.

I'm terrified of stepping outside or even in the garage. Between the poisonous snakes and black widow spiders, it's life or death out there! Maybe this is just country living, I don't know. But honestly... we're not that far into the boonies. We do have neighbors on all sides of us.

And quite frankly nothing has turned out as planned.

We wanted to make these 2 acres a showstopper, but thanks to the heat and the grasshoppers eating everything in sight, the gardens are nonexistent and the grass is dead or just simply won't grow no matter how much seed we put out or how much we water it. All this slaving in the heat has been for nothing.

We also don't have our crafting shed/barn yet. My mother and I both NEED that barn since in this house there's no room to be creative. Compared to our last home, this one is like living in a doll's house. It's a little claustrophobic and there's no room for storage. We gave up a bigger home for the 2 acres, but so far we haven't been able to enjoy it.

 photo gah_zpse0ab7888.gif  photo sarcasm_zps3a856fd6.gif

Thank you, poisonous snakes. Thank you, black widow spiders. Thank you, scorpions. Thank you, grasshoppers-practically-carrying-the-house-off-to-Neverland.

Thank you, one and all!


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Monday, August 18, 2014

For Today - August 18th

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Outside my window...

It is terrifying!  photo emo50_zps7994e881.gif
Snakes, scorpions, and black widow spiders.  photo para.gif


I am thinking...

 photo junkgypsies_300_zps37e0d108.jpg

That the antiques fair in Round Top isn't long in coming now. (It's a BIG deal, nationwide. Some people even come from other countries to see it. A few celebrities, too). And we now only live a few minutes from the heart of it all! During most of the year it's like a ghost town. (The population a few years ago was something like 70 and today it's 91). But twice a year it's miles upon miles of antiques stretched across the pastures.

And FYI: Round Top is also home to the Junk Gypsies. Their store is really nice! We visited a few weeks ago for the second time. Their prices can be pretty high (but can ya blame them when they're that popular?), and the crowds and low lighting make shopping there a little difficult but it's well worth a visit.

There's A LOT to see in their store and the property is gorgeous. There are even longhorns next door.

And of course "Large Marge" is outside. Every time we drive past their property there are people taking photos there. It's actually fun to see something like that.

I only wish we could watch their tv show. We had the GAC channel, but Dish up and dropped it without telling us. I'm pretty bummed over that because it was FUN seeing my own neck of the woods on television.


I am thankful...
For air conditioning and Gevalia Cappuccino. coffee photo coffee.gif


I am pondering...

 photo time_zpsa478ebe9.jpg

That the above Jamie quote is one of my favorites.  photo faint-1_zpsb123b422.gif


I am creating...

 photo rapunzel_zpsee72bdab.jpg

Absolutely nothing.
(Because there's absolutely no room to do anything crafty in this house).


I am going...

 photo disney260_zpsf8628069.jpg
To Walt Disney World in less than 90 days!  photo boundumbo.gif  photo mk.gif disney photo disney.gif


I am wondering...

 photo rabbit240_zps7af475f0.jpg

I'm wondering how on earth I didn't see Diana Cottontail the other day while moving the security cam. I was so obsessed with looking out for snakes that I didn't see her.

This is not good.


I am reading...

 photo travel_zps6f2bf3ff.jpg

Snippets from Outlander whenever I see a trailer for a new episode. (As a sort of refresher course before I get to see the episodes myself when it's released on dvd).


By the way, the trailer for Episode 3 has me quite worried. I'm really hoping it's a dream/thinking sequence from Claire. I'm not too picky about the series being exactly like the book, but what I saw in that trailer... BAD!!! Talk about changing a character.

Mrs. Fitzgibbon's personality wasn't like that, and it was JAMIE whom she trusted to tell the truth about time traveling from the future via the stones. (The latter worries me the most. I really don't want Claire to entrust her secret to Mrs. Fitz before Jamie).

Still, in the long run I'm sure I'll be okay with it. I'll always have the books.


One of my favorite things...

Used to be taking fun little quizzes. I took one the other day.

 photo historic_zpsf6fbd13f.png

I might hunt a few more down.


I am hoping...

 photo dr300_zps69489bc5.jpg

That I won't dislike the new Doctor in the Doctor Who tv series. I'm feeling a little apprehensive over him.

But of course that seems to be the norm after the previous Doctor regenerates. I wasn't wild about Matt Smith in his first season but came to really love him a lot.

To be perfectly honest I'm just ready for a new companion. I never did warm up to Clara, and off set I just never saw any kind of "bond" between the two actors. (As we DID see with Tennant's run and Matt Smith's run with Karen and Arthur).

I think I'm just picking up on that when I watch the show.

I wish they would use a male companion for a change (no more companions in love with The Doctor), and maybe bring back K-9!


I am looking forward to...

 photo 150_zpsb61e7788.jpg

Reading the latest book in the Outlander series. I believe this is Book 8?


I am learning...
 photo thsmiley-camera.gif
How to work our new camera.

 photo 006_600_zps69b80ba6.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 011_600_zpsc8fe3945.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 016_600crop2_zpsfb7e79a9.jpg

 photo 014_600_zps94fbab51.jpg

 photo 014_600_zps731b0c0c.jpg

Well, I've printed out pages and pages of tips. I haven't really tinkered much with the camera itself yet. I've only tried it in manual mode so far. The weather is over 100 degrees everyday, so I'm not exactly enthused to step too far from the house.

Hence all the boring reptile and insect photos. These pics are horrid, but as I said... I need to learn how to operate this camera. The good news is that I know it's a good camera because I've seen what it can do.

I also need to learn more about photo editing. I only have the older version of GIMP, and it seems most everybody is using something else these days.

 photo 002_600_zps22c08e34.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 012_600_zps783aeb24.jpg


Around the house...

 photo gps_zps7b43ad22.jpg

My dog creates a sort of Human GPS System. Throughout the day she places random babies in doorways and hallways. The toys have little squeakers inside, so I think those are supposed to be the equivalent of bells or alarms announcing our presence.

Pretty smart when ya think about it.


A favorite quote for today...

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