Saturday, August 16, 2014

Crick Hollow / Dragonfly in Amber

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It was over 100 degrees today with something like 1 million % humidity. Ah, well. That's typical for August and it's gonna continue for just a little while longer. But, you get through it... not unlike Geometry class back in high school.

We got a new camera today... Canon Powershot SX50 HS... so hopefully I can get some good pics and vids for a change. I would upload some now, but can't. The camera is still charging for the first time and we had to buy the cord to upload everything to the computer online. (The guy at Best Buy said it was included in the box, which it wasn't, and the drive back to the store is too far to go back. This isn't the first time Best Buy has been a pain. We're gonna get a divorce now). I hope this is a great camera. It did receive positive reviews. Fingers Crossed!

But until then....


Blessed Rain!

We've received two rainstorms recently, but need much more. It's pretty dry and HOT out there.

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A Dragonfly, and our resident Cow Guard Dog

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Deer, and the Incredible Spiderbird!

We've seen a lot of deer lately.

Isn't it hilarious how that one bird CLIMBS down the fence? We see it do this every day. I wonder if it thinks climbing down to the ground, opposed to flying, is being extra sneaky in catching the grasshoppers?



This is the only pic my camera managed to take of it.

 photo 002_600supermoon_zpsa65fa15d.jpg



The girls had company on Wednesday. They love attention like you wouldn't believe, so they were exhausted afterwards.

 photo 002_600_zps5dc2ce8a.jpg

 photo 005_600t_zpsb8e0c0b4.jpg

Having company also meant my bed was made for a change.

I really need to paint my room, replace the rug and find something else to replace that tiny desk.

 photo 003_600_zps9ac926cd.jpg



The hummers are constantly around the house. 24/7, from dusk until dawn they fight over the feeders.

FYI: For some reason the quality of the video - well, all of the videos - goes downhill once I upload them to Movie Maker and YouTube. No idea why. I hope this doesn't happen with the new camera as well.


I love to watch the birds taking their dust baths.

I think it's so cute how they disappear inside the holes they've burrowed.

They're really cute when they use the bird bath, too.


 photo season2_zps962d8b9b.jpg

The 2nd episode of Outlander airs tonight. Unfortunately, we don't have Starz.  photo cray_zpsd3230146.gif I'll have to wait to see Season 1 when the dvd's are released.

Which will most likely be in the late Spring or Summer 2015.  photo girl_cray2_zps29ca0968.gif That's a little depressing, but at the same time I think it'll be a blast to watch the 16 episodes back-to-back.

Note to Self:
Must be patient... must be patient... must be patient.

The good news is that Season 2 already has the green light!  photo dance4_zpsb2a7da54.gif (Honestly, I'm not surprised).

It's pretty amazing to think about though. Starz has accrued over 100,000 additional subscribers over Outlander alone. 3.7 million people watched the premiere.

And so far only ONE episode has aired. That's gotta be some kind of record breaker.
Even though I can't watch the series with most of the world, color me impressed!  photo kilt.gif

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