Saturday, September 20, 2014

Happy Birthday To You!

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Well that's it. I'm just getting older and older and older. My nephew is in college, and my "Little Miss" turns 18 today. Eighteen!!!

I can't believe my niece is 18. It's just so incredibly bittersweet to me.

 photo time_zpsade73d1d.png

Down the rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland, I imagine. It really feels like only yesterday she was that 3-year old little girl obsessed with playing dress up and wanting us to build one of my special tents in the living room. We used to put their little kid's table inside while we ate junk food and watched Peter Pan.

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(Larger Pic)

Today would have also been my Grandma's birthday. We seem to share a lot of birthdays in this family.

Actually, my niece shares her birthday with my Grandma (who passed away before my nephew was born) as well as her Grandma on her father's side. Even my nephew shares his birthday with my Dad, which also happens to be Texas Independence Day.

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  1. Sweet pictures! And yes time simply evaporates in an instant. Somehow those first few months of a child's life when they're crying and getting used to us seem to drag along. They everything speeds up to an unbelievable pace. Many best wishes to your niece. My husband has the same birthday as about 5 other people in his extended family. :-) Thanks for stopping in today. YES, places like Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire and other castle and abbey ruins truly do seem magical!!!

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to your niece.

    I really appreciate you stopping by my blog. Only wish I was as active on it as I have been in the past.

  3. Birthdays, changes and getting older seem to be a theme today for many blogs! Enjoy every day because time flies by so quickly! The memories are so precious though!


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