Friday, October 24, 2014

Of Birthdays and Neural Implosions

 photo miracle.jpg

I must have edited - and updated - this post about a dozen times. Some of my photos just would not load, but I think it's okay now.


Monday morning I awoke with a killer headache. (What The Tenth Doctor would call a "neural implosion"  photo sm3.gif). Man it was horrible. It felt like this --->  photo box_zps3cfc99a0.gif was happening inside my skull, and after the edge of it wore off I felt like I had the flu.

Don't ya hate it when your body feels so weak that even the smallest movement nearly has you passing out? Basically, I did my best to just sleep it off.  photo thgoingtobed-vi-1_zps4f4df65a.gif I felt so much better by bedtime.

I have to say that on that day I was relieved that we decided to go to Disney World in November instead of October. We came so close to being there this week, for my mother's birthday again.

 photo happybirthday.jpg
(Artwork: Jill Barklem)
 photo wish.gif Mom's birthday was on Sunday. photo 449294.gif

The good news for the day I wasn't feeling well was that our Magic Bands for the trip arrived. See? Mine is the pink one.

Thank Goodness it's adjustable to fit a child.

 photo magicbands.jpg

And our luggage tags arrived a few days before.

 photo tags.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo miscramblings.png  photo blah-1.gif

- Here's the front of the birthday card I made Mom.

I didn't really have anything birthday themed, so my brain cells were on overdrive from trying to figure out how I was going to pull it off.

 photo bdaycard600.jpg

 photo LINEBAR.png
- Abby is OBSESSING over fetching rocks every night. It's turned into quite the unhealthy addiction, and every night she is getting on my nerves tremendously. She whines and barks and begs for hours after we come back inside. She just cannot take NO for an answer.

I am honestly at my rope's end. I don't know what to do, or just WHY she's so obsessed. It isn't like we don't give her attention or play daily. I'm actually beginning to wonder if it has anything to do with her having Hydrocephalus. I don't think so, especially since I think her case is mild, but... she's really wearing me down. She is driving me BONKERS!

Also, for most of the week one of the neighbor's cattle has been screaming for days. I don't know what was going on. It isn't like the neighbor to sell one of his cows, so I don't think it was calling for it's calf. It must have been in heat or something, and was separated from the bull.

The poor thing called out day and night. I think you could even hear it in one of the videos I took the other day of Abby playing.

 photo 002_600-2.jpg
(Larger Pic)

See our 'snake grabber' that Abby's in love with? I use it to toss her rock into the yard, and then to pick it up when she can't find it because it's lost inside the grass. (When the grass gets tall around here, you don't exactly want to stick your hand in it).

She really does love the weirdest things.

 photo LINEBAR.png
 photo 255rabbit.jpg

- I finally saw Diana Cottontail!

At 2 am the other morning she was by the gazebo eating the deer corn, and a couple days ago she was eating in the backyard when Abby wanted out after dark.

I think we haven't seen her around here much lately because she's had more babies.

 photo LINEBAR.png
 photo 250hatter.jpg

- Bad News: My parents were victims of credit card theft again.

Some idiot went bat cr@p crazy at Lowes, and a dating service site for senior citizens.

Good News: It's been taken care of.

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 photo rtop.png cowboy photo cowboy.gif

- Went to Round Top today. We did some exploring by just driving around. I finally saw Festival Hill, but only from the car. We're going to head over there once the weather cools down. There are even home residences out there, and so many of them are adorable!

It feels enchanted back there. Very story-bookish and hidden away behind the trees. I can't wait to take photos.

Here are some videos I found of it on YouTube:

Surprisingly, Junk Gypsy wasn't packed for a change so we got to actually look around. It's usually so crowded that you can barely even move around in there.

Mom bought this adorable little lamp to put in the crafting shed. She had Dad build a shelf for it, beneath one of the windows, but a Clark W. Griswold' accident transpired because he ended up drilling into THE WIRING that was just done.

 photo 011_600.jpg

At Junk Gypsies I got a little koozie there, for my STARBUCKS Mocha's of course! (Abby has her addictions, and I have mine).

I recently bought a dozen of the bottles of Mocha at the Dollar Store. Oh HAPPY Day!

 photo jg.jpg

 photo v010_500.jpg
(I need to retake a pic of it plugged in. I brightened the photo as much as I could)

 photo LINEBAR.png
 photo 73fb2c6d1974916c628ab4eccc5dee86.jpg
- My brother's birthday is on Saturday. birthday photo birthday.gif

On other people's birthdays my brother will rarely say "Happy Birthday." He usually says "Happy Easter," or something really funny. Last year on his birthday I was creative with my birthday greeting to him, but this year... not so much. I decided to keep it short.

I texted: "Happy Dress-Up-Your-Pet Day! Remember, celebrate responsibly."

We have A LOT of birthdays in October in this family. I think there's 8 or 9 of them, and my aunt was born on Halloween!

After receiving my text, my brother sent back this picture.

 photo beansthepirate_255.jpg
(Larger Pic)

He said that his dog ("Beans") was dressed as a pirate.

 photo LINEBAR.png
 photo owl_600.jpg

- This owl was in my brother and sister-in-law's tree the other day. They took the pic from their phone.

 photo LINEBAR.png
 photo RuthSanderson.jpg
(Artwork: Ruth Sanderson)

- I was elated the other night because we had a visit from a cat. I didn't go outside or anything, but I watched it from the kitchen window for like half an hour.

Pathetic, I know, but I miss having a cat.

The whole time it was just sitting beneath the big yard light. Most of the time it was pouncing on either lizards or grasshoppers. It was a pretty cat, too. It was gray, with white on it's neck. It also had tinges of orange in it's fur. It was a little hard to see clearly, but I could tell it was pretty.

Or handsome. If it were in a Beatrix Potter book, I wouldn't know whether it'd be wearing trousers or a dress. Photobucket

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 photo 400disney1.jpg

-  photo donald.gif Only 21 Days Until Disney World!!! disney photo disney.gif

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  1. Not pathetic at all, I miss having a dog but a cat would do nicely. We don’t have either any more because our son and his family live in Adelaide (we are in the UK), and we like to visit them when we can. When our dear old dog was alive, we wouldn't leave her, so we didn’t see our son for almost four years – it was awful, hence we made the decision no more pets, but I still miss them.
    Your trip is going to be amazing! Glad you are feeling better.
    Happy birthday to your mom (it feels odd saying mom I'm so used to saying mum!)

    1. I've always had pets, but I understand what you mean. We've vowed a couple years ago that there would be no more after this. It does make travel really hard, and when we lose them... it's so painful. I really do miss having a cat though. It's just strange not having one around after having two of them for over two decades.

      Did I just type that? Lol! Two decades... dang, that's a long time.

  2. I have no pets now as I am able to travel when I want to. Love the Owl shot. Have a great weekend.

  3. I love that owl picture. Very nice.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom and brother.. I love your cute doggie Abby.. The owl shot is awesome.. Great post and videos..Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  5. I miss being owned by a cat, too. I'll probably break down and get another pet soon.

    1. That is true. :p They do own us. Absolutely.

  6. Sorry you have been so sick! Abby is a cutie even if she does obsess about rocks! :-) Glad you are going to get to go to Disneyworld! You will have a blast! Oh, Kristen....the videos of Festival Hill just took me back! You can't imagine how incredible it was to work there those five years. It meant a great deal to me to be part of something so incredible. I miss it a lot, and the people I knew there. Great seeing these videos!

    1. When I saw it the other day I thought I remembered you saying that you used to work there. I can't wait to really explore everything and take photos of the grounds.

      And I especially love the video of the aerial tour.

  7. Love the owl in the tree! They're so elusive, that is extraordinary!!!
    Thanks for linking up this weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'.

  8. Glad you are feeling better, being sick is awful. You have so much wonderful stuff in this post, I love all of it, the cute critters, the vintage art, the crafting the little light... but I have to say that adorable little owl is just precious. We don't see them too often, so I guess that's why it's I'm so drawn to these amazing creatures. Your Disney trip will be here before you know it!

    1. I still have never seen an owl in person before. I have mixed feelings on owls. I've always l-o-v-e-d them, but after rescuing a baby bluebird ("Fievel") one Easter weekend I was told that owls will eat them.

      Still, I think they're beautiful creatures. I want so badly (permitting our bluebirds are safe) to get photos of one someday; close-up photos.

      And yes, Disney will be here before I know it. Just 2 weeks and 5 days! I'm dreading the waiting at the airport... the long flight... and having my father take care of the dogs, but I am looking forward to being back at the parks. So much has changed there since the last time I visited.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom, what a fancy card, I'm glad you're feeling better and were spared being sick at Disney World. We went to Disneyland for the first time in over 20 years a couple of years ago, the prices were so much higher, the lines were longer, but they had the express tickets that helped. The biggest difference I noticed was not much of the really elaborate flower displays, they seemed to have gone more to drought tolerant and native plants. The dog is so cute, I hope she straightens out her behaviors. They can be so demanding. The owl looks so sweet in the tree. I wish I could see them here.


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