Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

 photo brhdg1.png
(Artwork: Jill Barklem)

 photo autumn_NX.png
 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

The weather has been much friendlier towards us lately! The mornings have been so beautiful, which means the heat and humidity has stopped trying to kill us for a sweet change. It feels a little like springtime!

Well, until Noon-ish rolls around. After that it's pretty hot again, to around 87 degrees or so.

 photo e3-1.gif

It was cool enough Wednesday morning that we finally got around to painting the front door. Unfortunately, the paint didn't match with the sample but we're going to try to live with it.

It's called "Dutch Tile Blue," but it looks more like a powdery blue. I'm pretty upset over that, and it only proves my point on why I've been so reluctant to choose a paint color for my room. (Almost always is the paint color different than expected).

It did dry darker than it first looked, so I'm trying to be positive about it. It's just that it's a lot lighter than it's supposed to be and we picked out this color over a YEAR ago. Ya can't win them all I guess.

All left to do now is finding some paint for the garage door and porch ceiling.

But circling back to the pretty mornings around here....

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(Larger Pic)

 photo 500SweetlyScrappedcr.png

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 photo 004_600-1.jpg
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(Larger Pic)

There were deer walking out by the pond that morning, but by the time I got the camera out they disappeared. I wish I had seen them!

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500.png

 photo panic.png

PLEASE tell me this is just the print of an enormous dog. I'm worried because, after looking it up, the toes look like the print of a mountain lion/cougar.

And guess what one of the neighbors said he killed a couple weeks ago. Yes, a mountain lion. It killed two of their calves. (This happened close to where we live).

 photo track2_600.jpg

 photo track1_600.jpg

I am confused though. I think the pad of the print looks similar to a dog's, but I don't know for sure because it isn't a perfect impression because of the mud. But again... the toes don't look like one from a dog. When I look at diagrams of a dog vs feline prints, the toes match a feline. They're elongated.

 photo track3_600.jpg

 photo 1track_600.jpg

I desperately hope it's just one ginormous dog, because it makes me worry about my own dogs safety. If it is a feline print, it's most likely there because of the neighbor's cattle.

And I know we have a few cougars around here because when we first moved here last November, I saw a baby cougar that was hit at the side of the road.

I think the print is too small to be a coyote. It's pretty big. Still, I feel about 90% sure it's just a h-u-g-e dog. Maybe it belongs to "Gypsy Girl" or her pal? They're always running loose, and just today I saw them both scoot beneath the neighbor's fence. (I wish their owners would stop letting them escape, but it was humorous seeing the cattle stop what they were doing to just stare at them).



  1. Hi Kristin, The Brambly Hedge picture at the start of your post is so pretty and just perfect for this time of the year. Oh my goodness 87 degrees! It’s about 18 degrees here, and we are all going around saying how warm it is for October.
    I really hope that is a h-u-g-e dog and not a feline of any kind. When our dog’s used to run their paw prints always looked bigger than the actual paw, something to do with skidding in the mud/dust perhaps? (We don’t have a dog now so I can’t conduct an experiment for you!) I was going to suggest you keep a big stick with you at all times, but I don’t suppose that would be much help against a mountain lion.
    I know just what you mean about paint colours, we’ve had our sitting room painted in 'warm stone' – I was imagining a sort of pale cream/biscuit sort of colour – but it looks pink!!! Our soft furnishings are in shades of blue, so I’m not at all happy with the paint but we can’t afford to change the curtains or have it repainted so will have to live with it for a while. A very small problem compared to a mountain lion! Happy weekend, Barbara.

  2. Hope someone knows what that footprint comes from. Hope it's not a cougar. BTW, I hate picking out paint. It takes me months and way too many samples to get the right color. HATE IT!

  3. First of all, I love your charming prints at the beginning of each post and on your header. And I love seeing Texas farmland again. We lived in the middle of a 250 acre ranch in an old farmhouse and I loved seeing the deer and the coyotes. Sorry about your door. Perhaps you do have a mountain lion. That would be unnerving!

  4. I would love to see a mountain lion, but not in my backyard. Stay safe!


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