Sunday, November 30, 2014

"Hang up who-boo-hoo bricks!"

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(Artwork: Susan Wheeler)

Putting up the Christmas decorations these days is a lot more difficult than it used to be.

This will be our second Christmas at Crick Hollow... (we moved here just a couple days before Thanksgiving)... and because it's so much smaller than our last house... putting up the Christmas decorations can be tricky.

The house we lived in in Spring... (not the season, but the town; near the Woodlands area)... was a two-story with cathedral ceilings and a lot of space. There were high windows, one which was so large we were able to put together a Christmas scene up there. We even had a gallery overlooking the downstairs. I MISS that overlook like you would not believe. It was so beautiful.

In this itty-bitty house I don't even have room to put together my beloved Christmas Village! (Photos of the Christmas Village I'll have to share in a later post because I'm still searching for them).

Because I miss that beautiful house so much, I've decided to share some photos of what Christmas looked like there.

FYI: The stone owl beneath the tree in some of the photos was a Christmas gift for my mother. It weighs A TON - so much so that you have to use a dolly to move it - so it stayed there for quite a while.

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(Meet "Wilson")

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(Meet "Nicholas")

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 photo sn4_600.jpg

Snowpeople: Winston... Chester Pennebrygg Bartleby... Chloe... Silly Sally... Mae

Snowbirds: Tildy, Topper

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 photo v2_400.jpg

 photo wt1_600.jpg

 photo clockmice2_600.jpg

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 photo tree2_600.jpg

 photo snowpeople600.jpg

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 photo 6_600.jpg
(Meet "Sweet William"... "Danny" and "Uncle Harold"... "Sassy" the Squirrel... "Nicholas"... "Wadsworth")

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(I love the "Miniaturize" feature)

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 photo v8_400.jpg

 photo snwmn600.jpg

Snowman with scarf: "Sweet William"

Snowpeople on bike: "Danny" and "Uncle Harold"

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 photo reindeer_600.jpg
(I spy "HIDDEN MICKEY" ears!)

 photo tea3_600.jpg

 photo wt2_600.jpg

 photo light_400.jpg

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 photo doyle_400.jpg
(Meet "Doyle," Dudley's Twin Brother)

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 photo fp4_600.jpg

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 photo foyer2_600.jpg

Snowpeople: Davey, Gilbert, Conner, Caleb, Milton

Dog: Toby

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(Meet "Dudley," Doyle's Twin Brother)

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