Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Beautiful Weather, and Disney Here I Come!

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(Artwork: Susan Wheeler)

Farewell Halloween, and Hello.... Cold Weather?!

Cold weather, HERE? In November?  photo ohmy_zps36bbf375.gif

I couldn't believe it. Tuesday morning I let Abby out, and it was just damp and humid. My head was killing me, so I went back to bed only to awaken an hour later with the windows open.

The windows were OPEN? The AC wasn't on?  photo scratch_zps3adfc319.gif

It felt really, really wonderful. It was incredibly windy again, too. I could hardly keep Maddie Kate in the house for long. She's always loved the cold weather.

Abby of course always likes it outside....

 photo 004_600.jpg

.... but Izzy pretty much just slept on her favorite blanket or played inside her toy box filled with stuffed animals.

 photo 064_600.jpg

An outside gal Izzy is not. She doesn't like the cold weather, which is strange seeing how she's a pommie with 2 coats of fluff.

The "Lady Isabelle Rosie Cotton" really just doesn't like the outdoors, period.

 photo 500SweetlyScrappedcr.png

Here are some pics and video I took this week. It rained a lot the other day, followed by more warm weather and now this beautiful cold weather.

One morning I saw my very first YOUNG BUCK! I was so excited and happy I got video of him.

I wish the photos were of better quality, but while editing them my eyes were really straining to see them well. I don't know why, but it felt like staring into the sun. Hopefully I'll have better photos from our Disney trip!

 photo 031_600.jpg

 photo 008_600.jpg

 photo 066_600.jpg

 photo 035_600.jpg

 photo 051_600.jpg

 photo 074_600.jpg

One of our little rose trees is really coming back after the deer ate her all up. The other one is still trying to catch up.

See how the wind knocked down our bench by the gate?

 photo 021_600.jpg

 photo 050_600.jpg

 photo 040_600.jpg

Abby is madly in love with her pet rock.

 photo 056_600.jpg

 photo 067_600.jpg

 photo 011_600.jpg

 photo 038_600.jpg

 photo 001_600.jpg

The above video is undeniable proof that Abby is a fan of the weird and strange. She isn't content.. or even interested... in regular doggie toys. She prefers discarded plastic flower pots... pet rocks... fetching rocks with the 'snake grabber' as we call it.... and now we can add chairs with wheels to the list.

We've been putting together the furniture for the craft building when I had to sit in one of the chairs to see that it was fine. It's on rollers, and when Abby saw what that meant she was pretty excited.

And as you can see she's still displaying bravery regarding walking on the kitchen tile. This is a HUGE accomplishment for our little girl.

 photo 027_600.jpg

 photo 015_600.jpg

 photo 025_600.jpg

 photo 060_600.jpg

 photo 076_600.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo 345wdw.jpg

We leave for Disney on Friday! When we leave the house that morning it's going to be in the 30's! Unfortunately, in Florida it's supposed to be in the 80's and there's at least a 50% chance of rain on our last day.

I'm just ready for the waiting at the airport and long flight to be over with. Words cannot describe how I dread it.

But here's something awesome. Recent video of Christmas at Disney!

I've never been to Disney with the Christmas decorations up, but even I think I prefer the garland. I'm a little bummed they decided to change the garland THIS year.

I'm really going to have to prepare myself this trip. A lot has changed since I was there last... I'm REALLY going to MISS hearing the regular Main Street USA music.... but I have to say that I am over-the-top excited over seeing New Fantasyland!!!!!!!

This next video was filmed opening night, last Friday. It's a 25 minute video! I cannot wait to see the castle with all the lights on!

I think I already found my new cappuccino mug! Santa Mickey is adorable.

I really want to see the Osborne Family Lights over at Hollywood Studios but think it wouldn't be wise. It'll be asking for a migraine.

This is where we'll be staying again; The Wilderness Lodge.

Mom started packing when the reservations were made... something like 130 days ago! Photobucket I only just started gathering together what to put in my carry-on bag, so I think it'd be wise to start packing the big suitcase today.

Frustrating Update:

- It's supposed to rain pretty much the whole time we're there. I know that the last day we're there there's a 70% chance.

NOT HAPPY! I have my brother's awesome HD camera, and an awesome new picture camera.... and it's gonna rain.

I also just learned that when we leave for the airport it's supposed to be something like 28 degrees. That is just so surreal and weird.

- My poor Abby's tummy is out of sorts. My father is taking care of the dogs while we're away, and he isn't really an animal person. He'll take good care of them, but if any of them get sick like that with only him here.... it's gonna be stressful for them and him.

And for me and Mom from thinking about it and not being at home to take care of them ourselves.

A couple weeks ago we started introducing the dogs to a new dog food. They've all been taking to it really well... until tonight. OF ALL THE DAYS for this to happen, it happens a few hours before we leave.

- AND guess who is also sick to her stomach tonight. Really sick.

Yes, yours truly. Going on vacation and being stuck on a plane is the last place I want to be right now.


This trip had better fly by really fast.



  1. Hi Kristin, we loved all your pictures and videos thank you so much for sharing them. We lost our little dog Rosie four years ago and miss her dreadfully but watching yours having so much fun made us smile.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

    1. It sounds like Rosie was much loved. It's always hard losing a pet. My cat passed away over a year ago and I'm still getting used to not having her around. We definitely had a bond, and she wasn't exactly a cuddly kind of cat. :p

      We had her for 18 years, and our other cat... 20 years. They really do become another family member.

  2. WOW look at that smile on Abby's face!! Grinning ear to ear :) I love it. I wish you a great weekend, Kristin!

  3. I hope the weather turned out better than you thought and that you had a marvelous time. Looking forward to some great photos!


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