Monday, December 1, 2014

"Bingle Balls and Whofoo Fluff!"

 photo mousexmas2.jpg
We have hundreds of Christmas tree ornaments, and I mean that literally.  photo true.gif

As of this year I've counted 346 ornaments. (That doesn't include the candy canes, pinecones and tree fillers of course). This number will only increase over the years since every year we add new ornaments to the tree.

Anyway, in this post I'll share photos that I took of some of them a few years ago.

While we still add new treasures to our tree each year, I guess it’s a good thing we don’t buy the ornaments like we used to. There’s still Hallmark, but usually our favorites were the cheaper one’s from places like Walmart and K-Mart.

The “Enesco,” "Santa's Best," and “Trim a Tree” brands come to mind. I'm not sure they even still make those.

All I do know is that around here they don't carry them at all.

 photo candycaneline2.gif

 photo jiminy600.jpg

 photo redbirds_600.jpg

 photo slipper_600.jpg

 photo rocker_600.jpg

 photo chipanddale_600.jpg

 photo tea_600.jpg

 photo spoon_400.jpg

 photo nutcracker2_600.jpg

 photo gusjaqcup_600.jpg

 photo favesnowman_600.jpg

 photo 755_400.jpg

 photo accordion_600.jpg

 photo matchbox_600.jpg

 photo rudolphsanta_600.jpg

 photo racoons_500.jpg

 photo sled_600.jpg

 photo dopey_600.jpg

 photo jiminy_600.jpg

 photo 099_600.jpg

 photo nest_600.jpg

 photo baker_400.jpg

 photo beaver_600.jpg

 photo tea2_600.jpg

 photo tea3_600.jpg

 photo cookies_600.jpg

 photo eggnog_600.jpg

 photo wtbird_600.jpg

 photo angel_500.jpg

 photo salmoncan_600.jpg

 photo snowpeople_600.jpg

 photo mcc_600.jpg

 photo sleigh_600.jpg

 photo cracker_600.jpg

 photo pluto_600.jpg

 photo mickey_600.jpg

 photo jiminyminiature_500.jpg

 photo elflight_400.jpg

 photo balloon_600.jpg

 photo icicle_600.jpg

 photo answeringmachine_600.jpg

 photo cokecanhouse_600.jpg

 photo cokecanhouse2_600.jpg

 photo lt_600.jpg

 photo donald_600.jpg

 photo peace2_600.jpg

 photo goofy_600.jpg

 photo donut_600.jpg

 photo bird1_600.jpg

 photo cup_600.jpg

 photo elfwoodcarver_600.jpg

 photo peace_600.jpg

 photo jam_600.jpg

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  1. You have the best collection of ornaments I have ever seen Kristen. I love that you have so many of my favorite Disney friends among them. The photos you have taken of them are beautiful!
    You cracked me up when you told me what you said to your mom about your Christmas decorating. Hilarious!
    sending hugs...


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