Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Village Love

 photo 685.png

Since I've been gathering all my old Christmas decorating pictures, I've decided to do the same with pics of our Christmas Village.

I LOVE our Christmas Village. For years and years I dreamed of having a Christmas Village to put up every year, so when we finally got one I was happy beyond belief. (My first house was the Anne of Green Gables Church, and for several years after I just kept adding to it. My only rule was that it had to be a Victorian village; no cars or anything modern).

It was A LOT of hard work putting the village together every year, but it was always worth it in the end. Always. I'm so fond of it I've been known to keep it up until Valentine's Day!

Now that's love.  photo wub-1_zpsc4d2eea2.png

Sadly, since we moved to this smaller house I can't find a large enough space to display it.  photo shake_head.gif These days my beautiful village is just wasting away inside plastic bins in the barn.

I miss it terribly, so here are some photos to memorialize it.

FYI: These pics were taken with my old camera when it was about to give up the ghost, so it was extremely difficult taking a picture that wasn't blurry. I also had a lot of trouble that year getting the snow to stick. (I couldn't find my #1 snow in any of the stores that year. Even today I never see it, so I guess they stopped making it? It's a shame because it was really fine, soft snow).

 photo candycaneline2.gif

 photo village1_600.jpg

 photo 0231_600.jpg

 photo 302.jpg

 photo 298.jpg

 photo 0229_600.jpg

 photo 067_600.jpg

 photo village_1.jpg

 photo 069_600.jpg

 photo 295.jpg

 photo 0228_600.jpg

 photo 2244.jpg

 photo 296.jpg

 photo 0225_600.jpg

 photo 297.jpg

 photo v314.jpg

 photo honor.png

 photo 1162_600.jpg

 photo 0224_400v.jpg

 photo wilder.png

 photo 2283.jpg

 photo 2243.jpg

 photo v318.jpg

 photo COGSWORTH.png

 photo 0223_600.jpg

 photo 2257_2.jpg

 photo 052_600.jpg

 photo 0220_600.jpg

 photo 2270.jpg

 photo 0219_600.jpg

 photo 2255.jpg

 photo 0217_600.jpg

 photo 2257.jpg

 photo 053_600.jpg

 photo 0216_600.jpg

 photo 2250.jpg

 photo 1172_600.jpg

I couldn't find all the larger, original-sized pics but the one's I did find can be viewed HERE.



  1. I love that you kept everything to a Victorian theme. I hope you think of a way to display it.

  2. I LOVE your Christmas Village! So many much intricate detail to enjoy! I'm sorry you don't have room to display it anymore. Maybe you could just bring out one larger piece and several small ones each year and make a small vignette. Hope people came by your Rudolf plate post because of my link. It's such a busy time of year, I am way behind with people's blogs and it will be the end of January before I catch up! :-) If you join a meme, that always increases your visitors. You might want to think of one like Roan's Rubbish (it actually is for anything old), Barn Collective, ABC Wednesday, Good Fences, Willy Nilly Friday Five or Saturday's Critters and Camera Critters. You don't have to do them all every week, just join in when you can. If you don't know how to do it, I'll be happy to help.

    1. I actually did receive a few new readers of that post. It was quite refreshing to see, so thank you.

      And I'm pretty topsy-turvy when it comes to memes. There are times when I love joining them, and other times that I don't care for them so much. (And sometimes I don't join because we have limited internet out here and I don't want to use up a lot of our GB's in replying to everyone kind enough to visit). Overall, my absolute favorite memes are Saturdays Critters and Camera Critters. I receive a very positive vibe with those two blog hops. I also enjoy I'd Rather Be Birdin'.

  3. That is an amazing collection! I agree with Marie, pick a smaller area and display it. This is just too wonderful to keep packed away! Love visiting your colorful and festive blog!


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