Thursday, December 25, 2014

Crick Hollow's Lackadaisical Christmas Un-Celebration

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Our Christmas Eve changed our plans for Christmas Day. The good news is Grandma was sent home from the hospital and is doing fine now.

Anyway... we're not having Christmas this year. I don't really mind though. I've tried feeling the Christmas Spirit this season, but it just never happened.

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Here are some pics I took over the past few days. They're not great pics by a long shot, but today I don't really mind that.

 photo abigail_tree1_600.jpg
(Larger Pic)

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 photo glhouse_tramp2_500v.jpg

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 photo izzyxmsday_500v.jpg
(Izzy begging for her under-the-weather Mommy's attention this morning)
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 photo candy_600.jpg

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 photo abby_xmsday500.jpg
(Abby sleeping late this morning)

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 photo maddiexmsday_600.jpg

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 photo abigail_tree2_600.jpg
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Click HERE to view the larger sunset photos.

By the way, the weather is beautiful today. It isn't cold, but it is VERY windy and there's a chill to it.

And I do mean VERY windy. The gusts at times reminds me of how the wind gets before a hurricane. What surprised me is that Maddie got tired of it a little quickly. She l-o-v-e-s to just sit and relax outside while Abby and I play fetch with that silly rock of hers, but today she wanted back inside pretty early on.

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  1. Hi Kristin.. sorry your Christmas wasn't as you had planned. Life sometimes has other things in mind for us! I had a hard time getting any Christmas spirit this year too, we had such warm weather and then no snow at all! It snowed the day after though, so that helped a bit. Want you to know that even though I don't comment on every post, I do try to read all of them. Your pictures are always so adorable and interesting. Happy Holidays to your family and sweet pets. See you in the New Year! ~ Diane


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