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Furkids Christmas Past

 photo 620woodland.jpg

The other day I came across a few Christmas photos and video, so I decided to share some of them.

Mostly, they're all older photos and video of our pets over the years. I found A LOT of pics/video, and I can see the potential of going overboard in posting them here, so I decided to post only a handful of them.

I wish I had more Christmas photos of Izzy and Abby, but the bulk of them were blurry because we had a pretty lousy digital camera at the time.

Also, some of the older pics were scanned years ago so that's why they don't look so nice. The same goes for the quality of the videos, too.

And FYI: These aren't all the pets I've ever had. I haven't found photos of them all yet. (The dogs I'm missing are "Bambi".... "Baby"... "Tinkerbell," and then there's the cats I had as a child. Also a rabbit named "Thumper"... our bird "Pellinore"... and my canary "Westley").

And oh did my sweet little Westley Prince sing pretty!!! He was the Pavarotti of the bird world.

 photo candycaneline2.gif

 photo abigail.png

 photo babyabby_600.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo abigailchair_500pm.jpg


Dogs and Cats love Christmas shows, too!

 photo mccarol2.png

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo izzy.png

 photo iz5_500pm2.jpg


Gifts from Santa:

 photo xms5.png

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo maddie.png

 photo maddietree_600.jpg

 photo window2_500v.jpg
Maddie and Wendy keeping an eye out for miraculous snow!

 photo flakes.png

 photo maddiefp_600.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo maddiesleep_500pm.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo maddiesnow1_600.jpg
"Hmm, curiouser and curiouser..."

 photo maddie_window600.jpg


Not this again!

 photo 4l.png

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo beans.png
(My brother and SIL's dog.... Total Rock Star)

 photo beans_500pm2.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo crunchy.png
(My brother and SIL's dog.... Total Diva)

 photo 3crunchy_500pm2.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo wendy.png

 photo wendywoo_600.jpg

 photo Maddies1stBday_500.jpg
Wendy believed invisibility was her superpower.

 photo maddie_wendy_window600.jpg
Maddie and Wendy Kitty waiting for a very RARE CHRISTMAS EVE snowfall!

 photo presents2400v.jpg
Wendy was very, very, VERY bad about opening other people's presents before Christmas.

 photo presents.png

 photo ChristmasDay_0201_600.jpg

 photo wendyandtree_376.jpg

 photo 11-29-04wendycartoon_530.jpg
Wendy loved watching Christmas Cartoons!

 photo together_366.jpg

 photo snow600.jpg

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

 photo tigerlily.png

 photo wherestigerlily_500.jpg

 photo tigerlilysnow_400.jpg
"What the heck is this cold white stuff?"

 photo 3l.png

 photo tigerlily_garland_500.jpg

 photo Christmaslights_445.jpg

I must confess that I do miss having cats.
And Wendy and Tiger Lily were a part of our lives for almost 20 years!

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo ofcats.png

 photo santaandcat.jpg

The other day I decided to look at holiday posts from my old blogs.

Feeling nostalgic, especially after seeing some old Christmas videos of Wendy Kitty, I decided to just copy/paste a couple entries. I've seen other people do this before, so I figure why not do the same?
As always, they're no biggie and certainly wouldn't win any awards.  photo umno.gif

They're pretty stupid actually, but felt "special" to me because they were written back when I had still had my cats.


November 6, 2008

 photo bells_500pngoriginal.png  photo 6l_2.gif

 photo 450mickey.jpg

Okay --- so I can't hear those bells here in the humid, snow-less and sleigh-less state of Texas, but I can envision it elsewhere, thanks to early Christmas commercials for Folgers coffee and Duracell batteries.

Alrighty now, it's happy confession time:

When the department stores start bringing out the shiny tinsel and plastic reindeer in September, I think that's premature and very unfair to Halloween. But... a few days ago - yes, here comes my confession - I set up our Christmas village.

That is to say, our Christmas village which so happens to have the good fortune of not suffering for sleigh rides and children building snowmen on the lawn with the neighborhood kids. (The grass really is greener... err, snowier I mean... even in fictitious towns, isn't it?)

Does putting up the village the first week of November make me a Clark W. Griswold?

 photo 11-6-12_2.jpg

This year the holiday season will not be filled with nothing save angst in an endless quest to find the perfect Christmas gifts.  photo gifts.gif It's going to be brimming over with classic holiday cartoons like "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" and "A Garfield Christmas."

I watch those Christmas specials every year of course, but this time I'm going to sit down with a hot cup of cocoa....... and my cat, Wendy Moira Angela Darling, whom is really fond of "Mickey's Christmas Carol"........ and really immerse myself in their magic.

 photo mitten.gif

(Wendy at our old house, years ago, watching MCC)

 photo bestest.png

(Since I'll be reliving my childhood, I might as well adopt the language, right?)

 photo 350fathermouse.jpg

Note: My cat, Wendy Moira Angela Darling, - yes, she insists on me typing out her full name. She's spoiled and a diva, what can I say? - wants it known that she also loves 'Twas The Night Before Christmas.

Hmm......... I'm sensing a theme here, my Kitty Princess.

 photo carol_twas.png

 photo mice2-1.png


November 15, 2008

 photo presses.png

 photo paper_frosty.jpg

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Don't be fooled by that innocent face!

My very own Wendy Moira Angela Darling has started eating the miniature Christmas tree from our dining table display. The snow people and birds shared with me that they've been ignored thus far, but fear being a midnight snack just the same.

 photo badkitty.png

 photo wendy_xmsday2005.jpg
(Picture taken Christmas Day 2005)

According to Snow Woman Mae, Wendy "has sharp teeth and possesses an insatiable appetite for greenery and fake snow!" Her Christmas wish this year is that the gray-striped feline never catches on that she and her friends are comprised of fake snow, too.

 photo 032_400.jpg

The purchaser of the Christmas display, whom goes by the name "Mom," had comments too crude to share here in her daughter's blog. Close sources reveal that her latest threat was, "I'm gonna kill that $%&# cat!"

The snow people and snowbirds report that they can only hope that's true.

Wendy Darling refuses to comment.

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  1. This is a real sweet post. Love all your fur-babies. Happy weekend!

  2. You must have had a wonderful time looking back over all your photographs to make this post bring back so many happy memories. a true Christmas feast of critters. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Oh my, your fur-babies are all adorable... I love them all. Cute videos and photos. Thank you for linking up your critter post, have a happy weekend!

  4. You've certainly had a few pets over the years!! :))

  5. Oh my gosh, all of your dogs are so adorable!! You sure know how to pick/raise them! *wags*

  6. I can tell you all are very spirited , here too. Isn't it special how the furries compliment all Cristmas settings perfectly ??

  7. Wow ! Gorgeous pets ~ each one so special and precious and wonderful holiday post ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. Wendy kitty must have been a wonderful friend. I miss being owned by a cat, too.

  9. I had to think really hard about your comment on the blog...about your sense of loss when compared to those who seemed to have always know what they wanted to do. I felt that same feeling so many times...I think mostly because we are so focused on this very tight and obtuse idea of life, of success... I read this book called "Refuse to Choose" and it basically saved my life in what concerns finding my place in the world. I think you have so much to offer and to be a wanderer can be quite magical.

  10. My favorite pic of all is your Miss Wendy behind the snowman! Some day when the time is right, another lovely furry feline will find you! Right now enjoy your other little fur balls! Your photos are really wonderful and it's fun to look back at all of your pets during those wonderful times!
    Merry Christmas to all of you! :)

    1. I really do miss having a cat, but I've vowed to have no more pets. Besides, I have a sneaky suspicion that a litter box in this small a house wouldn't be such a grand idea. :p

      I wouldn't oppose to having a visiting mouse catcher though! About a month ago we had one kitty visitor in the middle of the night. It was hunting down either lizards or grasshoppers. I had more fun watching it.


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