Saturday, December 6, 2014

Glitter House Love

 photo 650.png

And now it's time to get out the glitter and glue!

A few years ago my mother and I decided to make our own glitter house, and from there it just kind of exploded. My mother was especially into it. She made glitter houses as well as glitter boxes.

We would have made a lot more, and even tried different techniques, had we had the room to work in. (This is one messy craft). Hopefully we can start making them again because we finally have a crafting building.

When I start making them again I want them to be FANCY PANTS Glitter Houses!

We ran out of room for displaying them, so my mother started making a few as gifts for friends and family.

Alas, I don't have pictures of all of them.... but here's what I could find.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo v006_500v.jpg

 photo yw1_488.jpg

 photo yellow_wreath600.jpg

 photo y3_500.jpg

 photo v002_500v.jpg

 photo y2_500.jpg

 photo v007_500v.jpg

The yellow glitter house above was the last one that I made. I eventually swapped the snowflake with a wreath that matched the ornaments on the tree.

Since I think it looks cheap, I plan on changing the ribbon and bell on the wreath. I just never got around to finding anything. I might just end up using the snowflake again.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo 528blue1.jpg

 photo 417blue2.jpg

I believe that this pretty-colored blue glitter house was the first one my mother and I ever made. We need to replace the trees, as the pink glitter never stuck very well.

You'll have to use your imagination to envision the trees as a pretty pink.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo 600_1.jpg

 photo h4_597.jpg

 photo 600_12.jpg

 photo h6.jpg

 photo h5_600.jpg

 photo 600_6.jpg

 photo h2_586.jpg

 photo h6_600.jpg

 photo 600_10.jpg

 photo 600_4.jpg

 photo 600_7.jpg

 photo h3_600.jpg

This is by far my FAVORITE!

I love so much about it: The snowflake... the penguin and snowman (used many times in our glitter houses b/c they're such great quality)... the subtle pink glitter against the white... the silver glitter on the roof.

 photo ch-hollybar.gif

Here's the house from the back:

 photo h8_600.jpg

 photo back600_1.jpg

 photo h9_600.jpg

 photo back600_2.jpg

 photo back600_3.jpg

 photo h10_600.jpg

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo snwbrdr.jpg

 photo snwbrdr2.jpg

Mom made a lot of very cute glitter boxes. I really need to take photos of the one's we still have.

I did find a few photos of others, but the quality of the pics is pretty lacking. (My old camera was a nightmare when it came to focusing on a subject). I do know that there are a couple inside bins in the barn, so after I take new pics of those I'll just add them to this post.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo 600_4.jpg

 photo 600bl6.jpg

 photo 600_9.jpg

 photo 600bl10.jpg

 photo 600_6.jpg

 photo 600_12.jpg

 photo 600_11.jpg

 photo 600_13.jpg

 photo 600_4.jpg

 photo 600_7.jpg

I've always liked the pale blue color of this house. I also like the little pond and the penguin.

We wanted to place the wreath elsewhere, but the size was all wrong and I do wish we painted the bench white but I still love this one.

Again, the penguins and snowmen that we found that year were great. They were sort of like felt. I wonder if these are still sold in stores?

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo church2_401.jpg

 photo church2_550.jpg

This glitter house was ready-made, so Mom just "tweaked" it a bit with a base, a tree, some snow, and then adding the carolers miniature.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo 600church2.jpg

 photo 600deer2.jpg

 photo 600_church5.jpg

 photo 473church1.jpg

 photo 600_church4.jpg

 photo 600_church3.jpg

 photo 600deer.jpg

This was another pre-made church with some additional "tweaking."

And in case you're curious, we found these churches at "Michael's." I wouldn't be at all surprised if they still sell them. We don't have any hobby stores around here, so I can't say for sure.



  1. Love your glitter houses and church. Nice job.

  2. You did a great job on all the houses! I am a glitter fan!! Thank you so much for visiting my blog & leaving such a sweet note last month!


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