Monday, December 22, 2014

North Pole Post Office...

 photo dadandsanta_600.png

Don't you just love this photo of Santa? I've always liked the look of him. There's just something about his eyes.

The baby in this photo is my father by the way.

 photo lines-044.gif

 photo 11-6-12.jpg

Over the weekend I was trying to find our old letters from Santa, but am at a loss as to where they are.

They were so cute, too! This was back in the 70's, and they were on pretty illustrated stationary paper. The artwork was of Santa's sleigh and reindeer, with Rudolph at the lead of course.  photo rudolph.gif

What I did find, however, were my niece and nephew's letters - well, emails; how times change - to Santa.

 photo north-pole-smiley-emoticon.gif  photo dear.png

 photo rudolph400b.jpg

 photo autumn_tosanta_500.jpg

 photo luke_tosanta_500t.jpg

 photo candycaneline2.gif

 photo santasreplies_2.png

Having email these days, you can be sure that Santa replied promptly!  photo claus.gif

 photo autumn_fromsanta_540.jpg

 photo luke_fromsanta_540.jpg

I think it's hilarious how they have Nice Girl and Nice Boy Numbers. Photobucket

And poor Santa with the unfortunate fireplace incident of 1997.

 photo santa-on-fire-smiley-emoticon.gif

 photo ttfn_green_zpsf431359e.png


  1. Wonderful Santa letters and replies! I believed with all my heart as a child and think every child should have that magical experience. What a sweet photo of the kids with the Santa...the baby your Dad. Just such a sweet picture to have!

    1. It's one of my favorite Santa photos that we have. His eyes seem to almost twinkle. I wouldn't be surprised if, just as in the poem, he had rosy cheeks too!

  2. Dear Kristin, I just love the email from Santa but how funny to be assigned a number – how times change! I also love the pictures of Santa with your dad when he was a baby, he looks like the perfect Santa to me. Happy Holidays, Barbara x

    1. I loved the assigned numbers so much. And I forgot to mention that it was their Dad that wrote the replies. (It wasn't from a special Santa website or anything).

  3. What a cute post! I can't imagine emailing Santa though! Your photos are adorable too! I have to admit, I troll Pinterest looking for the ones where the kids are screaming their heads off because they don't like Santa! I was never like that... always loved Santa. The image of Santa and the reindeer that is licking the candy cane is a favorite of mine, I've had it in my image archives for years. Haven't seen it too many places... I think it is so cute! I hope you have a magical twinkly and very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! ~ Diane x

    1. Yeah, like those screaming Santa photos that "Ellen" shares on her talk show this time of year. Lol!

      When my niece was little she was PETRIFIED of Santa, yet at the same time wanted her gifts from him. Every year we had to tell her that Santa was going to leave her presents on the front porch, and that her parents would then bring them inside and place them under the tree while she was sleeping.

      And the Reindeer and Santa pic... I probably found it on your Pinterest Page. I love all the vintage illustrations that you have.

  4. Santa's replies are cute, assigning them Nice numbers. I came over from Introverted Art to say hi.


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