Sunday, January 4, 2015

Farewell, Mr. Heat Miser!

 photo brhedge1.jpg
(Artwork: Jill Barklem)

After days and days of rain, and one heck of a thunder and lightning storm the other night, it's a cold and windy day today.

Abby and I played outside... (and as always Maddie happily watched us from her shady spot)... but we had to go back in when a hawk tried snatching her up.

I am really growing tired of these hawks! They're everywhere around here. Absolutely everywhere. They're very, very sneaky too. When we lived in Burton, one tried snatching up Izzy and today it was little Abigail.


 photo miscramblings.png  photo blah-1.gif

- A few weeks ago our old neighbor cleaned out her barn. (She sold it while we were at Disney World).

My mother and I have always been madly in love with that beautiful big barn. It sits on the 2 acres next to us. It's right next to our own dilapidated barn actually.

 photo barn2_600.jpg
(Larger Pic)

Well, it might as well be called a shed. It's just a huge, banged up old pole barn that doesn't even have a floor. It's open to the elements, so the bins we have in there are extremely dirty and dusty. I absolutely hate that. Before we moved here, animals used it.

Nevertheless, the barn next to us belongs to some guy and his wife now. They paid $90,000 for it and all they're doing with it is storing their boat.

 photo barn_600.jpg
(Larger Pic)

I just hope they'll treasure that barn, and the acreage it sits on, as much as we would have. I very highly doubt that that piece of property, and it's barn, will ever live up to it's full potential now. It makes me very sad because it really does feel like that property should be joined with ours.

Deep in my gut I feel the overwhelming urge to get out the clippers and cut the barbed wire connecting that property with ours. It really does feel like it should belong with us, but... oh well. It is what it is.


 photo ladyandtramp.jpg

- Last night we took the ornaments off the tree, and today I put away the remainder of the Christmas decorations.

Which meant a lot of slogging through the mud between the house and barn/shed. I also moved my little heat stove from my bedroom to the new workshop.

The only Christmas decorations left to put away are the little vignettes that I made inside the china cabinet. I think I'll leave them there for a while though, because seeing them makes me smile.


- We've been seeing the deer and Diana Cottontail again lately. I saw the rabbit when plugging in the Christmas lights to the gate one night, and this morning Mom found her underneath the tarp we have covering our plants from the cold.

Yesterday, before sunset, we saw some deer on the neighbor's property again. Aren't they beautiful?

 photo deer_zps36efa7b7.png

I've been trying to catch them on our new outdoor camera, but so far they've stayed away from it. (I think because of all the rain we've been receiving). They were near it last night, but wouldn't you know that was the ONE night I didn't turn it on?


 photo snowwhiteconceptart.jpg
(Snow White Concept Art)

- A few days ago I took another photo of the moon, and I have to say it turned out really nice.

 photo moon_600v.jpg

 photo 2lbkos0_zpseced95e7.gif I then did a short video as well.  photo 4279678397_zpsf489754a.giforiginal.gif

 photo 605moon.jpg
(Artwork: Susan Branch)

I'm sorry the video is shaky, but that's because my tripod isn't the best. It never locks where it's supposed to, so I still have to sort of guide it manually.

I took the photo and video before it turned dark, too. It was still pretty light out.



  1. Love to see the deer, they are so pretty! The moon shot is stunning, that is some great camera you have! Most of our Christmas decor is put away, but I do leave a garland swag with pink and gold lights on until the end of Jan. Our dark winters are so long, it adds a bit of warmth to the place! I still have some winter decor, snow men etc. it's just too sad once the tree is gone... so I put it away gradually. We won't see green grass around here until late April! Have a magical weekend!

    1. It is a great camera. It's the Canon PowerShot SX50HS.

      And our grass is still green here. :p

  2. The deer and moon shots and video are great. I always love your charming you ever check out such things on Pinterest? Sorry its so cold! We had two days in the 70s recently, but we have also already had a hard freeze and actually got a little snow New Year's eve.

    1. I'm pretty obsessed with Pinterest, and I LOVE the cold. The summers are so miserable that I welcome it. Today was especially cold. I noticed around 5pm tonight that the water in the bird baths was frozen. (It's pathetic how excited that made me).


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