Sunday, January 18, 2015

Of Deer, Mice and Pet Rocks

 photo marjoleinbastin_vera2.jpg
(Artwork: Marjolein Bastin)

At last the sun graced us with its presence, inviting the dogs to come outside again to play.  photo sunshine_zps8b30dbfb.gif

Hence all the photos in this post. (I now realize I should have used a different camera setting because it was so sunny out. Editing these photos was a nightmare).

We also organized the garage a little better and did a little more sprucing up in our workshop. On Sunday we're putting together some shelves from Ikea, and then hanging up curtains. We still need to finish out the trim around the windows, and then find a rug to put in there.
 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo 029_600.jpg

 photo 049_600.jpg

 photo 042_500.jpg

 photo 012_600.jpg

This is my little area in our new workshop. It isn't finished yet, but I thought I'd give a sneak preview.

 photo v025_400.jpg

 photo 010_600.jpg

 photo 017_600.jpg

 photo v003_400.jpg

Izzy watching, aka barking and bossing around, the cattle each time they take a step.

She does enjoy keeping them in line.

 photo 018_600.jpg

 photo 007_600.jpg

 photo v026_400.jpg

I swear that Maddie meditates while outside. She'll find a spot, lie down, and just peacefully watch the cows or the traffic off in the distance.

 photo 046_500.jpg

 photo 030_600.jpg

 photo 021_600.jpg

 photo 033_600.jpg

 photo 023_600.jpg

 photo v023_400.jpg

 photo 017_600.jpg

 photo hugsandcattle_600.jpg

 photo v033_400.jpg

Izzy is more of an indoors gal, but I think she enjoyed the warm weather this weekend. She enjoyed it so much she actually hung out with the rest of us outside.

But only on the porch of course. She's a porch sitter.

 photo 035_600.jpg

 photo 008_600.jpg

 photo 015_600.jpg

 photo 022_600.jpg

("Hugs" the donkey cracks me up rolling around in the dirt like a dog)

 photo 040_500.jpg

 photo crow_600.jpg

I LOVE listening to the crows around here.

 photo 014_600.jpg

 photo 008_600.jpg

Abby was a VERY HAPPY little girl this weekend. Since the temps warmed up, the rain stopped, and the sun FINALLY came out, she got to play fetch outside with her favorite rock.

Abby looooves the outdoors and her pet rock. I'd say those are her top two obsessions.

 photo 039_600.jpg

 photo 018_600.jpg

 photo 044_600.jpg

 photo 016_600.jpg

 photo 038_600.jpg

 photo 013_600.jpg

 photo 024_600.jpg

"X" marks the spot.

 photo 045_500.jpg

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500.png

 photo HermannVogel.jpg
(Artwork: Hermann Vogel)

Up until this weekend, the cold temperatures held on for over a week.

I loved every second of it!  photo yes_zps9de84a81.gif

While we were enjoying this novelty cold weather, we turned on the heat while sipping either hot coffee or cappuccino. Outside, however, the deer were taking advantage of the corn we set out for them next to the gazebo and barn.

A couple of times a rabbit ate with them, too.

You cannot even begin to imagine the amount of deer tracks on our property right now.

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo miscramblings.png  photo blah-1.gif

 photo Greenaway350.jpg
(Artwork: Kate Greenaway)

- After reorganizing the shelves in the garage the other day, I was tidying up the little cart that we put our garden shoes on. I decided to toss my pair of shoes in the trash, seeing how they were in pretty bad shape.

Well, when I tossed them into the trash pile a bunch of deer corn fell out of one of the shoes. I guess the mouse we found in the garage the other day was the culprit. Photobucket I just found that kind of funny.

Not that I'm a fan of mice, mind you. (This was the first one we've ever found so close to the house). It was just a bit of a surprise to find a bunch of corn buried in an old shoe.

- The other day we couldn't find one of the phones. We looked, and looked, and looked until finally we paged it. Can you guess where we found it?

In the trash can!  photo sm1.gif

- It's come to my attention yet again that the Texas Lottery is evil!  photo evil1.gif

As has happened before, one set of our numbers were only - mostly - two digits away from matching the winning numbers.

2 (2) - 9 (11) - 12 (14) - 22 (20) - 31 (32) - 54 (51)

Our numbers I placed in parenthesis, so do you see what I mean? EVIL!



  1. Your photos of the furred and feathered friends look fine! lol, sorry I couldn't resist. Your night videos are super, love to see what the critters are up to at night. We have spot lights out back, the other night we heard a dog barking and flipped on the light to see three enormously furry Raccoons staring back at us. They were so fluffy, they looked like they were wearing coats! Photo editing can be a nightmare, I've had that happen a few times too. I need to always check my settings before starting out, I usually have mine on macro because of all my etsy shots. Also don't be afraid of Etsy, it just takes persistence. :)

  2. WOW those photos are amazing!!! I love that bunny and I love that amazing sunrise. The feathered friends are awesome as well :)


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