Friday, January 23, 2015

Of Soaking Feathers and Fur

 photo Lisa McCue_bunny.jpg
(Artwork: Lisa McCue)

It's blessedly cold today, and has been pouring buckets of rain, so I'm just gonna share more photos and video from the past few days.

Before the rains hit, the bunny took up residence in the flowerbed. We put up the tarp for her again, complete with a snack of the deer corn she's so fond of.

To our surprise, she refused to sit under it this time though. She's still sitting beneath the plant. I don't know if she just prefers the plant this time, or if she doesn't like how close the outdoor webcam is inside her little tent.

I was going to bring the cam back inside, but was afraid of scaring her off and into the rain.

 photo v009_400.jpg

 photo 005_600.jpg

 photo 025 cattle_600.jpg

 photo toys_600.jpg

As evidenced above, on this rainy day the dogs have simply littered the living room with their babies. I think Izzy pulls most of them out. She loves pulling babies out of her toy box, and even sitting inside her toy box. She loves hiding one of them in particular, and then others she'll place randomly around the house... to keep track of our whereabouts.

 photo 001_600.jpg

 photo 007_600.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo mbastin 2.jpg
(Artwork: Marjolein Bastin)

These vids of the deer are from earlier in the week. I was thrilled to see the video of them captured after the sun came up.

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo Bluebirds 400b.jpg
(Artwork: Marjolein Bastin)

We put out a new feeder for the birds in the back. As you can see, they're pretty happy with it but aren't always very good about sharing nicely.

But isn't it cute how the bluebirds are keeping out of the rain by sitting inside the gazebo?

 photo 009_600.jpg

 photo 017_600_1.jpg

 photo 015_600_1.jpg

 photo 024_600.jpg

 photo 010_600.jpg

 photo 020_600_1.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped.png

 photo wpckr.jpg
(Artwork: Marjolein Bastin?)

We finally have a woodpecker again! He's pretty big, and decided to come out when the sun finally did. I hope we get to see more of him.

Last week I thought I saw a baby woodpecker, but wasn't sure. Now I'm wondering if it really was.

 photo 005_600_1.jpg

 photo 003_600.jpg

 photo ttfn_zps37edc331.png


  1. I thought I commented on this, I hope it didn't get eaten! I LOVE the bunny and the sky pic, but my FAVORITE are the shots of that beautiful woodpecker.

    1. Thanks. They've been regulars around here lately. I love seeing them, although they're making me worry about our tree!

  2. Love the Pileated woodpecker!! You are probably too young to remember the Woody Woodpecker cartoons (when cartoons where good), but the call really does kind of sound like that! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I always appreciate your visits. Have a nice week! ~ Diane

    1. I'm definitely not too young to remember. Lol! I 'think' I heard a woodpecker yesterday, but I'm not sure. There have been two of them hanging around here lately.


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