Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Bratty 2015

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FYI: I'll likely delete this post. It's kind of a downer, which I'm really not a fan of in Blogger Land.

Well Hell. 2015 is starting out as a brat. And how?

- When my grandmother went to the ER on Christmas Eve, the doctor refused to listen to her. She told him she had another mini-stroke, but of course he felt he knew better. He told her it was dehydration coupled with a reaction to her medicine.

Well doctors don't know everything because she had to go back to the ER the other day. Turns out grandma is smarter than a doctor with his fancy medical degree because it turns out she was right.

This latest doctor said she has an aneurism in her brain, and was going to refer her to a specialist.

Well what do ya know that that never happened? An entire week later my grandmother had to call the doctor's office herself, in which she was told that he doesn't take referrals. So basically these doctors just outright ignored her and dropped the ball. That's THREE doctors ignoring a patient with a brain aneurism.

This is unacceptable, and once Grandma receives some proper treatment those doctors had better watch out because they're going to get the 'stuff' (yes, I'm editing myself) pounded out of them from all the women in this family.

- My aunt's husband has a tumor in his kidney. It's all very sad because at Christmas he knew something wasn't right. I haven't seen my aunt or her hubby in years, but I feel really bad for them because he's such a very kind man.

- My father lost his job on Monday, even though he himself earned thousands of dollars in profits for the company. Only a few weeks ago the VP himself, during a big meeting, used Dad as an example on how hard everyone needs to work at their job.

- A few weeks ago my father's office was moved to another side of town. For the first time ever he had to sign an 8 month lease on a new apartment. Before he did that, he asked if his job was safe. They told him he had nothing at all to worry about, and that he was even going to be receiving bonuses for the money he's earned the company.

LIARS! Now he's lost his job, my mother has to pay her own health insurance (Obamacare/Affordable Health Care is such an outrageous lie. My mother's insurance alone will be over $700 a month. I don't think "affordable" is being used correctly), and he'll be paying $875 a month for an apartment he isn't even using and only moved into a few weeks ago. (Not to mention the few pieces of furniture he had to buy for it).

- I'm a little frustrated for my dog, Abby. She gets sebaceous cysts, which are harmless but take forever to heal, but she now has one beneath her eye. It's looking better now, and she is acting like her normal self so that's good, but I know she's sick of battling them all the time.

I think what we're going to have to do is change her diet. We read that a dry dog food diet isn't beneficial for dogs prone to getting those cysts.

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My niece got into A&M University!

I knew she would, but she was really nervous about it.


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