Saturday, February 7, 2015

Early February Happenings

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(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

It's the month of Love, so this February post will mostly be about some beloved furkids with their sloppy kisses and wagging tails. If you're allergic to pet dander, no worries. They're all digital in here.

Okay, bad joke.  photo 34_zpsd8619e6f.gif

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The weather turned cold earlier this week - yes! - so the birds have been keeping warm by stuffing their faces with suet and seeds.

 photo z81025886.gif

While taking video of them we noticed our resident woodpecker was back!

Actually, we saw two of them. I'm naming one of them "Sir Wickel." (That's what I called the woodpecker I saw while living in Burton. I only saw him the one time, so I might as well use that name again. What can I say? I'm a fan of recycling everything).

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Meet our neighbor's friendly pup, "Buddy."

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Actually, we don't yet know his real name but that's what Mom calls him. Whenever he hears or sees that she's outside, he'll run up to the fence and will bark for her attention.

It can't be easy being a dog in love with a human Photobucket , but it is so SWEET to watch. He is simply twitterpated with her!

 photo twitterpated.png


 photo niece.jpg

My niece's senior photos turned out B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!

We're practically tearing our hair out trying to decide which ones to purchase, because day-um! this gal didn't take one bad picture in the entire bunch. Curses!

Don't ya just love her outfit here? I love that she wore her fancy-schmancy gorgeous dress with her cowgirl boots. She wore several outfits in her photos, but this one was my favorite. It's very Southern, very Texan.

I also fell in love with these next photos.

 photo niece2.jpg

I would kill to have her naturally wavy hair. I had curly hair as a child, but when I grew up it became straight.

 photo 16myniece3_zps3f30c657.jpg


This is Monument Hill and Kreische Brewery State Park. My mother took these pics and vids with her iphone.

I can't wait to see it in person! I wonder if the bluebonnets bloom there in the spring.

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 photo mhb5_600.jpg

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(Larger Pic)


Meet "Klondike."

 photo klondike_400.jpg

He's 16 pounds and 2 years young. This is the dog my brother and his wife was fostering this week. Unfortunately, it didn't work out as they'd wanted.

My brother said that this dog had Abby's sweet personality. He said it was the most laid-back, sweetest dog you've ever met. The trouble was the shelter wasn't exactly upfront about his physical condition. He could barely use his back legs. One of them was useless, and the other wasn't much better. He was having trouble getting up the doorstep, so my brother built him a ramp. (It didn't help though).

The good news is they found a new foster family for him, and I think this new person prefers fostering handicaps and would be home with him during the day.

My fingers are crossed for the sweet pup to find a permanent, loving home as soon as possible.

 photo kl1.jpg

 photo kl2.jpg

FYI: These photos of him I found online.


Look at the snow in my aunt's neck of the woods!

 photo sn1_400v.jpg

 photo sn3_400.jpg

 photo sn4_400.jpg

 photo sn2_400.jpg


Here are a couple photos my uncle took of his own neck of the woods, in Colorado.

 photo c1_600.jpg

 photo c2_600.jpg

This next pic my mother's cousin (?) posted on Facebook. It was caught on their game camera.

 photo cougar.jpg

Scary, no? They said there's been a lot of wildlife like that on their property.

This is around Somerville, Texas. (My grandma even has a house around there).


Just a short vid of Izzy in her toy box.


 photo miscramblings.png  photo blah-1.gif

- Grandma finally got an appointment about her brain aneurism. (The negligence of these doctors is sickening).

- Dad found another job only yesterday. It's less pay, but at least it's something and it came up really fast. The lady who hired him had a brain aneurism (how's that for a strange coincidence?) and she wanted to find someone else to take over for her. He pretty much got the job without an interview.

It's going to be a stressful one though. It sounds to me like there's a lot to be done around there. He's gonna have his hands full, so it's unfortunate that the pay is lower. More stress, less pay.

- My brother and SIL are visiting today. I think everyone is going out to eat at Sea Land. I looove that place, but I think I'm gonna stay at the house with ours and his dogs. I'm a mess since I've been playing outside with Abby all day, and I really feel like I need to keep a close eye on Izzy. (Izzy, our pommie, scared the living daylights out of us yesterday. She was sleeping on the floor when out of the blue she wakes up and starts stumbling all over the place. Her stomach was giving her fits and she started vomiting. She literally couldn't walk without falling over. We thought she was having a stroke).

Ever since then she's acted perfectly normal. She's eating and drinking and bossing everyone around. Still, I'm worried.

- It's a beautiful day today, although the cold weather has said goodbye. I miss it!

- I can't believe it, but there's a tiny bit of Indian Paintbrush already starting to pop up along the roads.


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  1. Hello Kristin, I loved watching the video of Buddy. He really is so sweet, and I enjoyed the woodpecker. We see the very occasional green woodpecker, but I can honestly say I’ve never seen one like that. I wonder why they are so brightly coloured; there is no place to hide when your head is red!

    I feel so sorry for "Klondike" I hope his new foster home is the perfect fit for him.

    Your niece is absolutely beautiful by the way.

    I could comment on everything, but I’m sure you would get fed up with reading, so I will just say, thank you, lovely post. Oh yes, and I do hope Izzy is fine today. xx

    1. Really? That's the only kind of woodpecker I've ever seen. I'll have to google the other kind to see what they look like. And yes, my niece is beautiful. And FUNNY! Her sense of humor is priceless.

  2. You have gorgeous photos in this post! I hope Izzy is alright.

    1. Thanks! Izzy is doing fine. (Knock on wood). She's been her normal, sassy, bossy self ever since then. I'm keeping a close eye on her anyway.

  3. Hi Kristin, the woodpecker is really pretty and he is a big one too. We have had a couple around here and I enjoy them. You have a ton of cute animal friends here and lots of lovely scenery in Texas. Take care.

  4. Great shots. Hoping for lots of bluebonnets this spring!

  5. WOW! What a wonderful interesting and enjoyable post. Where do I start. Loved all the videos, that neigbhour;s dog is so cute and I am glad the other dog got a good foster home. You niece is so pretty. Yes would look lovely in any clothes. the scenery on the video adn the shots is in the snow are stunning. Happy St Valentine's Day and have a lovely weekend.

  6. Hello Kristen, I love watching your Pileated woodie! And Buddy the neighbor is a cutie, he looks very friendly.. Your niece is beautiful, lovely photos. I do hope Klondike finds a good home. Neat capture of the Bobcat! I do hope your sweet Izzy is feeling better.. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  7. What a super collection of fascinating photos.
    Mr Wickel looks great. Buddy's cool too.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. So many beautiful photos here. I'm envious of your Pileated Woodpecker visits.

  9. Wonderful variety of photos ~ love the 'critters' and niece is very beautiful!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. Awesome photos and videos! Your niece is adorable! Love the snow shots....oh, and we used to drive by Monument Hill at the Brewery all the time but never stopped! Should have! Great wildlife-cam shot of the bobcat!

    So sorry about the brain aneurism...I'm glad she is doing better.

  11. pretty photos. i like your woodpecker and the shot of the bobcat is wonderful.

  12. Great photos Kristin! Sounds like there's been lots of activity around your place! We are up here in the frozen north and so cold, really starting to want an early spring! Take care of all your critters (I know you will!). Hugs to little Izzy.


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