Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wuv, Tru Wuv

 photo love_tdr_zps25b41cb6.jpg
(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

"And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva... So tweasure your wuv."

- The Impressive Clergyman; The Princess Bride


Hello! I trust everyone had a nice Valentine's Day?

This Valentine's Day I visited the "Vintage Marketplace" over in Round Top. The drive there is so beautiful! Since I'm so used to hearing the traffic on the road a few acres over.... lots of big rigs... it's really easy to forget that we're nestled inside miles and miles of rolling hills and lots of trees.

During the drive we saw a lot of new baby calves. It's that time of year, ya know. (Only the day before, while driving past this one pasture on the same road, I swear I saw a newly born calf. Newly born, as in having been born that day. I also saw a road runner fly up into a tree. It was a little thing, too. It had to have been a baby).
And of course there were birds and squirrels and lots... and lots... and lots of cows.  photo cow_zpscf581b99.gif I swear the cattle outnumber the people around here.

But back to the antique store....

The Vintage Marketplace is one of my favorite venues, and I just found out that The Junk Gypsies visited there a few weeks ago.

 photo 250jg_zpsda390c94.jpg

I found the above pic on the store's Facebook page. It looks like Junk Gypsies is still filming their tv series.

I'm still bummed that we don't get that television station. Our cable provider pulled it without warning, so we only got to see the one episode. It's upsetting because on their show they're visiting places where I live. It's frustrating!

But enough crying about that. The last time I was at the Vintage Marketplace I fell in love with a painting there.

 photo goodnitepainting_2_400_zps55c6bc30.png

When I returned on Valentine's Day my father pointed out the same painting to my mother. Luckily for me, my mother bought it for me!

Isn't it sweet? Written on the back, it says it was painted on March 18, 1963. They titled it "Goodnite."

 photo goodnite_500cl_zps52a848b5.jpg

Initially, I was thinking of hanging it in the craft building, but I'm afraid it's just too hot in there. I don't want to ruin it.

I really need to find a frame for it because the edges of the picture are really rough. (Hence cropping the photo of it). I can only imagine how many years it's been wasting away inside attics and antique stores. I'm really happy it has a home now!

I also fell in love with the most adorable Children's Reader from 1957.

 photo rainbow_sky200_zpsa6c7a300.jpg

Alas, I think it was a little overpriced because at least 10 pages of it were massacred with a pair of scissors. Sections of pages were completely cut out. It's a shame because the illustrations looked really sweet.

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 photo nanamedicine_zps5a869f81.jpg

My poor dogs are feeling under the weather. All three of them.

My brother and his wife visited us last weekend, and brought their dogs with them as they always do. It seems that the dog they fostered for a couple days ("Klondike") gave his dogs a cold. They didn't have the symptoms yet when they were at our house, but this week my brother's dogs, and ours, are sneezing like you would not believe. This can't be a coincidence.

My poor babies are really needing a lot of TLC. Of the three dogs, Abby is sneezing the most.

 photo random3_zps0416fe9a.png

Over the weekend my uncle was quite the shutterbug. He took a lot of nice photos on his phone. He now lives in his dream place, Colorado.

 photo dog1_zps96a45382.jpg

 photo sc2_frozenlake_zps4e97c23c.jpg

Isn't it pretty how the lake is frozen over? I've never seen a frozen lake in person before. The closest I've been to that is seeing ice in the bird bath.

It's sad how excited I get when that happens.

 photo dog_gwtw_zpsa017cde0.jpg

My mother says the picture above reminds her of "Gone With The Wind". Lol! I have to agree.

 photo deer1_zps7cd39160.jpg

"Cue the Deer." (A la the Chevy Chase movie, "Funny Farm").

 photo sc3_zps3b9f6d85.jpg

Cue the aliens and the tractor beam from their mother ship.  photo ufo.gif

 photo sc1_zpsdfe55448.jpg

 photo deer2_zps0c5c3935.jpg

I do believe this deer thinks it's superpower is invisibility.

 photo dog3_zps82f4b90d.jpg

Next are some pics I've taken recently:

I wish they were of better quality, but I still haven't mastered the correct settings for really sunny days.

 photo 600birdssuet_zps68f508e1.jpg

 photo 048_600_zpsfb7a9a87.jpg

 photo buddyfence_600_zps5b0321ad.jpg

Yep... our neighbor's dog, which we named "Buddy" because we don't yet know his real name, is still talking to us. If we go outside, he asks us to come over. If we go walking, he follows us along the fence line.

I wish I could get real close to him, but I haven't even met his owners yet and I'm afraid of him hurting himself on the barbed wire.

That dog would crawl through that fence if he could, and he does try!

 photo birdhouse_600_zps15d8643d.jpg

 photo 052_600_zpsf48b07a8.jpg

 photo maddie047_600_zpsfe670a18.jpg

 photo birdhouse2_600_zps9c131285.jpg

 photo 054_600_zps1b9968cc.jpg

 photo isabelle039_600_zps65a0606c.jpg

 photo 049_600_zpsf010ae6c.jpg

 photo abigail026_600_zpsd3ac8c25.jpg


 photo go_zpsdc417f1b.jpg

I've always wanted to build a fairy house, and the other day I finally made my very first one! (Boy do I wish I had heard of fairy houses when my niece and nephew were little).

I have to say it turned out really well. I'm actually pretty proud of it, and that's saying something because I'm a perfectionist and I'm always falling short when it comes to any creative endeavors.

Before I built my fairy house - all made from natural materials found along the roads behind our house, as well as on my grandmother's property in the woods - I also tried my hand at building a fairy tree. My mother and I both worked on that one together, but I don't think I'll be doing it again. It's too labor intensive and incredibly messy. You also have to wait a few days for it to dry.

I haven't painted it yet, but most likely will within the next couple days. I'm a little nervous about how it's going to turn out. I would have painted it the other day, but the weather FINALLY turned cold again and it was raining and very windy outside. You're supposed to use stain on it, which has to be done outdoors, so... I'll get to it eventually.

 photo 255_zps84c588d3.jpg
(Artwork: Richard Scarry)

I also made my first fairy door. It turned out really cute! I just don't know if I'm going to place it in our craft building or incorporate it into a new fairy house.

What I wish to do is to start making one's to sell, but I'm nervous about shipping them so I'll likely get a booth somewhere here and start from there. I'm still in the experimenting stage... especially with testing the different kinds of glues... and so far they're all fairy houses to be kept indoors. I definitely want to start making some outdoor ones, too.

In a few days I'll start sharing photos of what I've made.



  1. Such a lovely post and you always manage to talk about all my favourite things. Animals, books, paintings, vintage, antiques, fairy houses etc.,
    That picture reminds me of Gone with the wind too – how funny.
    The deer hiding behind the tree reminded me of the Kangaroos in Australia (our son lives there so we visit from time to time), they stand behind the smallest trees thinking they can’t be seen. They assume if they can’t see you, you can’t see them! The funniest thing is when they lean around the tree to see if you are still watching it always makes me laugh.
    I hope your dogs are feeling better now and I also hope Buddy doesn't go down with it. Barbara

    1. That's pretty funny about the kangaroos. I didn't know that about them. It makes them sound like what my cat used to do. Lol! She was always trying to look invisible and walk inside a room without being noticed.

      The dogs are doing better, although Abby is still sneezing up a storm. Buddy can't catch it because he's the neighbor's dog. There's no way our dogs could ever get near him. Maddie is too overprotective of the little one's, and Izzy is... well, Izzy. :p

  2. Love looking at your photos Kristin. I'm sorry your pups are feeling poorly. Hope they bounce back quickly. Every now and then our kitties pick up a cold and sniffle for a few days. The painting is beautiful, I hope you find a nice frame and suitable place to hang it. What a lovely gift! have a nice weekend!


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