Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Fairy Cottage at Crick Hollow

 photo 390_zpstdugc3ox.jpg
(Artwork: "Night of the Fireflies" by Paulina Cassidy)

"When the winds of March are wakening the crocuses and crickets,
Did you ever find a fairy near some budding little thickets,...
And when she sees you creeping up to get a closer peek
She tumbles through the daffodils, a playing hide and seek."

~ Marjorie Barrows

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

And here is my latest, and so far my last, fairy house. (I'll share my Fairy Tree photos in a later post). It's the smallest one I've ever made, and still it took several hours to create.

Out of all the fairy cottages I've made so far, I think this one is my favorite.

I only wish I'd taken better photos to do it justice. It was too sunny on the day I took them, and even now it's the same.  photo sunshine_zps8b30dbfb.gif The weather is already getting quite miserably hot, so I'm not about to brave the heat to take more photos when they'll most likely turn out the same as these anyway.

I think I need to start naming these little cottages.  photo scratch_zps3adfc319.gif Any ideas?

 photo 009_500v_zpsyvti8vbx.jpg

 photo 020_600_zpsdh9v6yks.jpg

 photo 017_600_zpsxuuqcrrb.jpg

 photo 028_500v_zpsgeidz0dw.jpg

It's difficult to see in the photos, but that's a penny on the roof.

 photo 021_500v_zpsow8jjltw.jpg

 photo 032_600_zpsd0vcvbkd.jpg

 photo 101_500v_zpsv9ufdood.jpg

 photo 027_600cr_zpscullpxkd.jpg

 photo 019_500v_zpsgfpb0kjr.jpg

 photo 025_500v_zpscuvklgei.jpg

I really wanted to use more of those tiny curly branches/vine that I've used before, but I need to go out and collect some more. You can barely make one out on the roof. It's just above the little rosebud.

 photo 016_500v_zpsddamnq4f.jpg

 photo 026_600_zpsq8ltcybr.jpg

 photo 012_500v_zpsbu4w5t6d.jpg

 photo 031_600_zpssupg9pzs.jpg

 photo 018_500v_zpsmvaip7zb.jpg

For the past several days we've been at Round Top (the HUGE, super popular antiques fair that officially opens April 1st), and so many times I found myself picking up acorns and little sticks that have a nice shape to them... to use in my fairy houses.

I hope no one noticed that crazy lady putting sticks in her bag. Photobucket

 photo 023_600_zpswhap1xas.jpg

 photo 011_500v_zpsmroitqmm.jpg

 photo 024_600_zpstkh98yt5.jpg

 photo 014_500v_zpswq7yc96y.jpg


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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Crick Hollow Happenings

 photo Claire Fletcher_zpssdqkujrz.jpg
(Artwork: Claire Fletcher)

Here are some random pics and video.

These are all from February and this month, so it's a lot and it's taken me a week to write this post. I already have these photos on Facebook, but decided to place them here too. And why go to that trouble?

Insomnia City...

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 120_500v_zpsxr7iaqee.jpg

 photo 149_600_zpsjnultp1t.jpg

 photo 122_600_zpsrbbutxgi.jpg

 photo 155_600_zpsxqpftz8u.jpg

Speaking of ducks, my niece told a funny story on Facebook the other day. Here it is:

"Spring break day 7: We saved a turtle. Then when we were releasing it back into the pond, a duck chased us out of the woods. It was hilarious and completely terrifying."

 photo 085_600_zpskdnv58ee.jpg

 photo 116_600_zpsvyudigpy.jpg

(This is a cute little video. Driving down the road the other day my parents saw some wild turkeys, which is the norm for this particular road. Anyway, my mother talked to them and they answered. Photobucket The funny thing is they ALL answered together later, almost every single time, but unfortunately it was filmed only once).

 photo 119_600_zpsp5jiyro0.jpg

(We counted 40 hawks flying around, but I only filmed one section of the sky).

And about hawks... they are now my mortal enemy, right up there with snakes!

Mom and I were putting together a raised garden bed the other day, and the dogs were out there with us having so much fun. (Especially Abby, seeing how she's obsessed with the outdoors). After we were done with that, three or four hawks flew directly over my head. (If I raised my arm, I almost would have been able to touch them). Abby was right next to me, so I scooped her up so fast! Thankfully, Izzy was next to the fence so they didn't even see her. These hawks came completely out of nowhere, and were flying so LOW and in this formation.... like they were fighter jets for crying out loud. It was terrifying, and took me by total surprise because this was about half an hour before sunset and this was the first time I've seen them out that late around here.

That night I had another one of my exhausting animal rescue dreams. In this one a hawk landed on a tree branch, and was peering down at little Izzy. I picked up that baby so quickly, and just held her close!

FYI: Back when we were living in Burton, on a family friend's 43 acres while our house was being built, one day this huge hawk came flying out of a tree and in a downward trajectory. It was screeching and flying right at little Izzy.

I used to love watching the hawks flying around, but since moving here... not so much. I'm always looking at the ground for snakes, and then up into the sky for hawks.

Danger above, danger below.

 photo 163_600_zps20nstjkb.jpg

 photo 118_600_zps7zetofjz.jpg

(These dogs are always running loose).

 photo 148_600_zpsdt6tn0ub.jpg

 photo 103_600_zps6i9ernod.jpg

 photo 115_600_zpsy4xuprxv.jpg

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500_zpshl8vn4pp.png

Here's the inside of the craft building. It isn't 100% finished - the lack of a rug is really driving me crazy - and I absolutely loathe that ugly couch in there but there's nowhere else to store it.

So far we haven't used the building much because inside it's either freezing cold or so hot you feel like you're boiling on the surface of the sun. We're hoping that planting some trees and a thick trellis of jasmine next to it will help.

One thing I love about it is that the rabbit has taken up residence beneath the building. She just had babies, too, because a couple weeks ago Mom saw one in our backyard while mowing the grass.

I personally haven't seen the rabbits in a while though. I miss them. (Which reminds me: Back when were living in Burton we saw cottontails there day and night. Lots of them. There was even one that had part of it's ear torn off. I named him "Van Gogh").

 photo 023_600_zps7wuvkeax.jpg

 photo 019_600_zpsje1usb1o.jpg

 photo 018_600_zpsov4e2fhu.jpg

 photo 014_400v_zpscexqufwt.jpg

It took me 3 or 4 tries to get this fairy door done to my satisfaction, and then come picture time every single photo turned out blurry.  photo gah_zpse0ab7888.gif

This was the best of the lot and I'm not about to take more pics of it. It is what it is.

 photo 020_600_zps7waquohu.jpg

 photo 022_600_zps1trqgss1.jpg

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

There's a new baby next door!

It's strange only seeing one calf. The poor thing doesn't have anyone it's age to play with, although it seems to entertain itself quite well. This baby is FUNNY! She loves to take intervals between lying down and then running like mad.

I watched her a lot tonight. She's only a week old and this evening I saw her jumping up and down in one spot. It was so CUTE!!!! She also likes to "chase" her owner's truck, but always from a safe distance. She reminds me of his dogs in that respect. (That's probably where she learned it from).

We named her "Flower," by the way. I sure hope the neighbor's keep this one! I really love her personality.

 photo new baby4_600_zpssgrjzxae.jpg

 photo new baby5_600_zpspzje29c3.jpg

 photo new baby6_600_zpsvkq8rpmd.jpg

 photo new baby3_600_zps12uulhvp.jpg

 photo new baby2_600_zpsp9ywvyr4.jpg

 photo new baby1_600_zps9k3s27mt.jpg

 photo 902_600_zpshv0oxgox.jpg

 photo 903_600_zps3ybgsm0j.jpg

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500_zpshl8vn4pp.png

More video, mainly of the cowbirds that have taken over.

And speaking of birds, I noticed this morning that the swallows are back.

I have a love/hate relationship with these birds. They are so incredibly graceful to watch... like poetry in motion... BUT they are stubborn little things. Last year I had to fight them over NOT building their messy nests on our front porch. The ONLY way I discouraged them was by taping unsightly plastic grocery bags up in the all the corners of the porch ceiling.

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

We spotted our first bluebonnet from seed! (I hope there will be more).

I snapped a few other pics of the flowers popping up on our property, but I didn't try really hard to take great pics because I was petrified of snakes.

The bluebonnets are really starting to pop up all over the hill country.

 photo 003_600_zpsm1dv7cwa.jpg

 photo 001_600_zpsgstqtnqo.jpg

 photo 048_600_zpsxeatjrjp.jpg

 photo 099_600_zpsaqa81m45.jpg

 photo 052_600_zpspkvbykgl.jpg

 photo 058_600_zpsdmyvtnvq.jpg

 photo 002_600_zpsdn2ul33t.jpg

 photo 053_600_zpsbsqe8hqn.jpg

 photo roselabel-sweetlyscrapped_500_zpshl8vn4pp.png

Random Photos from the Round Top Antiques Show, Junk Gypsies Headquarters, etc.

 photo jg1_500v_zpsyronwnv6.jpg

 photo 045_600_zpsu2ovgwy3.jpg

 photo 065_600_zpscae8i8iy.jpg

This is the property next to our little post office right by our house.

I noticed the other day that there's a hollow in that one tree. (Which reminds me of a fairy tree, naturally. Lol! I've got fairies on the brain these days).

 photo jg marge_600_zpsdoexhvy1.jpg

 photo 026_600_zps3wdw1icp.jpg

This abandoned house sits next to the Junk Gypsies Store. Usually there are longhorns here.

 photo 036_600_zpsxgxjs5qr.jpg

 photo jg3_500v_zpsbngrdn9w.jpg

 photo 015_600_zpsfrw5em9g.jpg

Junk Gypsie's famous "Large Marge." (They did an episode about it).

 photo jg store_600_zps1upekzsq.jpg

 photo 024_600_zpsbv9ojzqt.jpg

 photo 037_600_zpslyuozfnm.jpg

 photo moon2_600_zpsihdtlxgd.jpg

 photo jg2_500v_zps8gi2ugoo.jpg

 photo 046_600_zpsydjundx9.jpg

 photo 055_600c_zpstdzbmenp.jpg

Jack Rabbit!

Along this road we will quite often see jack rabbits, road runners, and most especially wild turkeys. This particular jack rabbit is the second one I've personally seen. (Thanks to wearing my contacts for a change. Otherwise, I always miss out on seeing them).

 photo 043_600_zpswayjy4o4.jpg

 photo jg wander_600_zps22tiruva.jpg

 photo 070_600_zpsysbndcii.jpg

 photo 007_600_zpscvwi7htf.jpg

 photo 066_600_zpsnzbk499t.jpg


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