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Of Blackbirds and Strange Phenomena

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There's been a lot going on around here lately. My grandmother's health has been a great concern, and she was back in the hospital a couple weeks ago. We all thought it was the end for her, but thankfully she got better. She has to take it easy, and can't drive anywhere. She isn't out of the woods yet, but hopefully we'll receive some answers soon. (This has been going on since Christmas Eve).


Back in February the wind was absolutely crazy, and I noticed that the cowbirds were back. I hadn't seen them in a while, and kind of missed them because I love their strange song. They sound like running water.

My mother thinks they sound like the aliens in the movie "Signs." Photobucket

So one day I looked out the window only to see hundreds of them, and even today they're still around.

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Unfortunately, the video uploaded a little poorly. I wish I had saved the original ones.

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A day later I filmed them from outside, so you can hear and see them better in the video.

Unfortunately, yet again the video uploaded horribly. It's a shame, too, because the original versions of these videos were fun to watch. At least the audio is in this one though.

Update: Earlier, the wrong video was posted. It's corrected now.

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1). Something weird has been spotted in the night sky around here lately. We live sort of in the country, and for the past two evenings it's been there.

 photo 168_original 600_zpsq4reo2pw.jpg

Around here it gets very DARK at night, but lately, inside that darkness we're seeing this strange dark line/column shooting skyward. On that first night it shot straight up, but kind of veered to the left and into a cloud... (I wish the photos would illustrate that) ... which at first made us think it was a tornado forming, or just rain, but of course it wasn't because it was stationery and returned the next night.

Researching for an explanation, I then thought it was a contrail. Contrails are very rarely visible at night, but it was my best theory... up until last night. Now I know that it can't be a contrail either because it's still there.

My next theory is it's a huge spotlight casting a shadow, but WHY would there be a light like that in such a little town? It's never been there before, and this black streak/shadow rises extremely high into the clouds. High, as in easily over 100 feet. I don't think a spotlight would do that, and there's just no way there can be a light like that in town; especially one we could see from our house so many miles away.

Last night this black line was a little thicker and veered slightly to the right. Below is the best picture I could get of it. It was raining, so this time I had to take the picture through the window.

 photo 007_600_zpsz3wbnmlp.jpg

I don't know what this thing is, especially considering the location. It's usually just pitch black right there, although it was still really DARK. (There are no street lights here, as our house and the neighbors are all on acreage).

We want so badly to hop in the car and drive down there, but it isn't safe driving around here at night. (Too many trees and deer, and sometimes cattle will have gotten loose). I know there's a logical explanation... a wackadoodle conspiracy theorist I am not... but I can't seem to come up with one. Even if it's some weird weather phenomenon, how could it possibly be in the SAME SPOT every night?

I am baffled.

The larger, and brightened, pics can be viewed HERE.

2). I finished making my Fairy Tree! I haven't taken photos of it yet, but will once the weather clears up.

3). The first venues at Round Top are opening! (It's too bad about the rainy weather though).

Here are a few videos about Round Top:

Down The Road Round Top from New Story Media on Vimeo.

Well, we locals call it "Round Top," but it's really an Antiques Week that happens twice a year. (Although a lot of the booths open a week before the official opening).

My past posts about Round Top can be viewed HERE.

4). There's a newborn baby calf next door! I haven't seen it yet, but everyone else did earlier this morning. I hope our neighbor keeps this one because the other babies he didn't.

5). I am PETRIFIED for my dogs right now, because the biggest hawk in all creation was just seen sitting on our fence post.

FYI: I don't have a lot of readers, so from now on I think the bulk of my photos and video are going to be on my Facebook Page. (The link is listed in the sidebar). It's just easier and quicker that way.


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  1. Wow...between that strange sky phenomenon and the huge hawk, there are some eerie events going on close to you right now! Well, the cowbirds also look like they just "took over!" Glad it's almost time for the Antiques Fair. And glad your grandmother is better! Have a great week, and don't go outside in the dark....just in case! :-)

    1. Are you kidding? I'm terrified of going outside during the day now, since it's time for the snakes to return... especially with all this rain. I hear the snakes are horrible right now in Houston.

  2. Oh my goodness, Kristin...these are amazing images!! Just look at all the birds congregating.

    I see by your response comment to Marie' too are getting lots of rain?!! Here, just the last couple of days we've been under flash flood warnings. And snakes? I HATE snakes.

    Thanks for adding your link to this post for the weekend at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!!

    1. I think the rain is behind us now, although for a couple days it was pretty persistent. And snakes... I dread their return. Last night I dreamed that I was trying to protect my dogs from one. They truly terrify me.

  3. Replies
    1. I love hearing them. Their song is so interesting, and it's always nice to have birds drowning out the traffic noise. :p

  4. The eerie black sector! That is weird! Your cowbirds are just all getting ready to migrate north, I'm sure they'll be here in a few days. We usually only see four or five at a time up north here. Your rain is leaving but we're getting snow! It should be gone in a few days though, thank goodness! Have a great week!

  5. It is amazing to see the large flocks of blackbirds! They really take over the feeders too! The sky capture is interesting! I would be spooked over the snakes. I hope the hawk does not hand around too long! Thanks for linking up, have a great day!

  6. Hi Kristin, I was sorry to read about your grandmother and hope she continues to improve. I’ve never heard of Cowbirds so looked them up on Google. We get lots of big black birds in the garden, but they are Rooks and don’t look quite the same as Cowbirds.
    Those pictures of the night sky are odd! Perhaps you could drive that way during daylight hours and see if there is anything on the ground that could be causing it. I think I would keep my curtains very tightly shut at night and make sure the doors are locked – but them I’m frightened of my own shadow.
    I’m surprised to don’t have a lot of blog readers – you really should have hundreds because your blog is always so interesting. I will go and look for you on Facebook after I leave this. Barbara.
    PS if you wanted to get more readers to your blog the easiest way is to comment on lots of other blogs and hope they visit you back. I’ve found that works well.

    1. When our internet connection is behaving I visit a lot of blogs and join memes, although I only comment on posts that interest me.

      I'm picky like that because it drives me absolutely bonkers when people only comment to gain blog followers or to increase their own comment count. I'd rather have a few regular visitors that are genuine... yourself included... than a bunch of insincere ones. (I think it bugs me so much because oftentimes, when I do join a blog hop, their comment will be EXACTLY like their comments on other blogs. I'm talking word for word).

      Honestly, most of the time it doesn't bother me at all that not many people read this blog. The reason I got rid of my old blogs and created this one was to start over and blog more for myself. It's only that every once in a while, if I post an entry that was a pain to write - something like reviews, etc - then it kind of makes me second guess why I'm on here at all.

      Of course, then I remind myself that a few months back I found a blog post about PENCILS of all things, and it received oodles of comments. Pencils! Lol! I swear I'm not making this up.

      If I have to start writing about pencils or my favorite brand of potato chips to gain recognition, then something is super wrong. :p


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