Saturday, April 25, 2015

Across the Universe

 photo gogh 600_zpspocwb141.jpg

The other night I couldn't stop looking at all the Universe photos on my Pinterest Page. I must have saved hundreds of them over the years. Those images certainly puts things in perspective.

I sometimes think I don't belong on this planet. I've never been into science fiction much... although I do love some of it... yet SO MANY of my dreams at night are set in outer space. And I'm talking about really strange dreams, too: Other planets, space travel, humans in the FAR future creating a galaxy, parallel universes, technology I can't even understand. (I have them all written down on my Dreams Blog). It's those dreams which have really spurred an interest in astronomy. I find it all so fascinating and wish they had taught it more in depth at school. Had they done that, I might have actually ended up liking school. Imagine that!

It's a little strange because while I'm pretty much a homebody, content to stay at home whenever possible, I would LOVE to be able to be zip about, exploring the universe. We're so restricted down here. It's so easy to forget that we're really just aimlessly floating about inside this huge blue marble amongst the stars.
Anyone else like me, and feel more "at home" while looking at these sights?  photo 2lbkos0_zpsbloqvhef.gif

 photo NGC 1929_480_zps87vclbdz.jpg

 photo Thors Helmet Nebula_600_zps0nlpilar.jpg
(Thor's Helmet Nebula in the constellation of Canis Major)

 photo Pillars of Star Formation_400_zpsvfssu149.jpg

 photo Tyco Brahes Supernova Remnant_600_zpsltyg27sb.jpg
(Tyco Brahes Supernova Remnant)

 photo horsehead2_500_zpseqj1ms5h.jpg

 photo sense_zpsqse76hi9.jpg

 photo earth_600_zps7menbcrf.jpg

 photo Tinker Bell Triplet - 3 merging galaxies_500_zpsxhvmboru.jpg
(Tinker Bell Triplet; 3 merging galaxies)

 photo Helix Nebula 500_zps4zwi6u0o.jpg

 photo spooky 600_zps13npt3np.jpg

 photo Globular Cluster 400_zpszwe7nzyu.jpg

 photo who_500_zps7ovusibv.jpg

 photo Enceladus -Saturns tiny moon_400_zpsluxcqu5s.jpg

 photo mars2_500_zpsv1d6uxnp.jpg

 photo Flame Nebula_400_zpspl1jyh10.jpg

 photo eye3_500_zpsmhvqoigd.jpg
(Helix Nebula, often called "The Eye of God")

 photo earth_400_zpssttzuldo.jpg

 photo Eagle Nebula_512_zpsmwxjlyro.jpg

 photo light_zps1mpe2d9m.jpg

 photo earth_moon500_zpshiptch5w.jpg

 photo hourglass-shaped nebula Sharpless_435_zpsy36dqgwd.jpg

 photo Pleiades_600_zpsuxkdr9ov.jpg
(The Pleiades, a young star cluster)

 photo The-Horse-Head-Nebula-500_zpsa8fcdk2v.jpg

 photo eye_600_zpsyt5aacz2.jpg

 photo Jupiters Moon Europa 500_zpsru01q8ir.jpg
(Jupiter's Moon, Europa)

 photo thor_400_zpsxmuouzml.jpg

 photo kaku 600_zps4yodcyrr.jpg

 photo nebula-gabriela-mistral_500_zpsc73kpcef.jpg

 photo Enceladus_403_zpsyljswib5.jpg
(One of Saturn's moons, Enceladus, spewing water vapor)

 photo 600_zpswmbfywwe.jpg

 photo cn 400_zpsxt3xz2ei.jpg

 photo Molecular Cloud Barnard 68 - dark nebula 600_zps647iwesh.jpg

Photobucket  photo 427_zps7tx2aef8.gif

 photo horsehead_500_zpshyxivnxe.jpg

 photo sat_600_zpsagwarben.jpg

 photo Zeta Ophiuchi_400_zpsamd9t4ng.jpg

 photo eagle_600_zps0hhblydf.jpg
(Eagle Nebula, aka "Pillars of Creation")

 photo 2_400_zps1lnqt7b7.jpg

 photo Ghost-Like Nebula 575_zps15t3zoal.jpg

 photo spiritual_zpshowycmta.jpg

 photo Soap Bubble Nebula_400_zpsxomjxnzc.jpg

 photo saturn_earth_500_zpsopmrhj5o.jpg
(When Saturn and Earth are closest, they're approximately 746 million miles apart)

 photo 4_400_zpsazdbyy9w.jpg

 photo pulsar_500_zpsmbh6u0cn.jpg

 photo eagle nebula 1_500_zpsgqycz5ur.jpg

 photo are2_zpsm2fgatbv.jpg

 photo mars3_500_zpsv5qnbpaf.jpg

 photo NGC 6188 in constellation Ara with bright open cluster NGC 6193_500_zps6szmeabz.jpg

 photo Morning On Mars_500_zpsgsncmk69.jpg
(Morning on Mars)

 photo bubble_435_zps0xlhkvz5.jpg

 photo 3_400_zpsq4vmmog3.jpg

 photo smell_zpswsxf4bt2.jpg

 photo nebula RCW 49_600_zpso36bc47i.jpg

 photo saturn rings moon_500_zpsosdpffup.jpg

 photo deep field_396_zpso52dklkx.jpg  photo ARE_zps63jmtuj5.jpg

 photo Carina Nebula_600_zpsvghufobx.jpg

 photo Saturn at Night_600_zpsx0nmcfjh.jpg

 photo NGC 7635_ Bubble Nebula_600_zpseqrbylhz.jpg

 photo Cone Nebula_400_zpsexttwlki.jpg

 photo Ghost Nebula_reflection nebula in Cepheus constellation 500_zpsm3d9wezd.jpg
(Ghost Nebula in the Cepheus constellation)

 photo Hypernova 386_zpsjdt89urj.jpg

 photo pulsar_500_zpsmbh6u0cn.jpg

 photo Sombrero Galaxy_600_zpsayidggvl.jpg

 photo 603_zpsd1oeilid.png

 photo mars_here 500_zpszxw6xwv9.jpg

 photo extreme 600_zpsce71xzlp.jpg
(Extreme Deep Field; 5,500 galaxies are seen here, some of which are 13.2 Billion light years away!)

 photo Six Moons of Saturn_600_zpsuletmwm5.jpg

 photo Fox Fur Nebula_400_zpsx2sfrgfj.jpg

So, fellow Earthlings, would YOU volunteer to go up into space if you had the opportunity?

I believe I would. I’d be terrified, but I really think I’d go through with it.