Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Waterlogged Easter Sunday

 photo lisi martin2_zpsbuohqrc9.jpg
(Artwork: Lisi Martin)

It's been a very wet Easter in these parts. I usually love the rain, but little Abby and Izzy hate it. (Maddie is indifferent). Izzy isn't a fan of the wet stuff because... well, because it's wet and she's an indoors diva even on sunny days. However, the reason Abby hates a rainy day is because I won't allow her to play outside in it with her pet rock.

Muddy Paws + Carpet aren't such a grand idea.

We didn't do anything special for Easter, so here are some photos and video. (Mainly of the super adorable calves next door. One of them is a little over a week old, and the other was born about 2 days ago. There's another one on it's way, too).

 photo 515-16-SweetlyScrapped_zpsd4f51152.png

 photo 007_600_zpsikdtllk2.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo easter 002_600_zpscsdykakc.jpg

One of rose trees decided to bloom for us on Easter. I only hope we can keep the deer away from her this time. Last year they made quite the snack out of our rose trees.

 photo 023_600_zpscwqekqmo.jpg

 photo owl_zpsfccf2x2k.png

 photo 009_600_zps0duafbcj.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 255ht_zpsobl6fdsr.png

I LOVE part of the above video. The reason why is self-explanatory. It's pretty darn cute!

 photo 035_600_zpspiq6n8sv.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo 030_600cr_zpsbzvegdfw.jpg

(Larger Pic)

 photo tudor_easter_zpseliutygf.png
(Artwork: Tasha Tudor)

I'm trying really hard not to think negatively about the swallows returning. They've tried building their dirty, muddy nests on our porch and roof lines a few times, but so far I think I'm winning the battle.

I hope that continues to be the case.

I really do love watching these birds fly around, because they're so graceful, and they're rather chatty birds which I also like. They have a lot of personality, but they're also very stubborn and for some reason would rather use our house - and not the barn - to build their homes in every year.

 photo 016_500v_zps0b9sommw.jpg

 photo v 013_400_zps5pjxqt54.jpg

 photo poohestr2_zpswr89dcms.png

Yep, the dogs are back. Every week we see these two dogs running around on our neighbor's property.

It's lucky for them that his dogs haven't seen them yet.

 photo 002_600_zpszfz93ytb.jpg

 photo estrbirds_zpsycoof3j9.png

And now more birds and cows. (As always. There isn't much else to take photos of around here).

I can't wait for the bluebonnets to really start popping! It shouldn't be long now. Already, we're seeing them.

 photo 040_600_zpsc8u0v9cn.jpg

 photo 003_600_zps6kfhch70.jpg
(Larger Pic)

 photo easter 001_600_zpscdunpjrn.jpg



  1. Hello Kristin, I adore the Lisa Martin artwork, so sweet. We don’t have a dog any more but can still appreciate how mud and carpets don’t mix! Those calves really are cute, how lovely to be able to watch them as they grow. I enjoyed all the photos and the videos, thank you for sharing them.

  2. Easter was very ugly and cold. Doesn't this happen every year? You get cute Easter clothes you can't wear. LOL! The chocolate makes up for it. The calves are so cute! The dogs are very cute. I could never let my dog go on a walk alone. I hope you have a gorgeous rest of Spring with many many Bluebonnets!

  3. Great bird and cow photos and videos. Love the two swallows, though I do understand your concern about them nesting on the house! The roses are lovely. Glad you had a nice Easter, if wet. Hope the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush take over your area very soon! I've already seen some awesome photos on a couple of blogs! Have a great week!

  4. The baby calves are adorable! The rain on the roses is so pretty. We had rain here today turning to huge snowflakes the size of quarters! They all melted away in a few minutes when the sun came out! My flowers are just starting to bloom. Spring is here!


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