Friday, April 10, 2015

Monument Hill / Kreische Brewery State Park

I finally got around to visiting Monument Hill. It isn't even that far from the house, so that was nice.

It's really pretty up there, and am sure I would have filmed and explored the place even more had the weather not been so miserably humid.

 photo 1_zpscfbssnjh.jpg

 photo 2_zpskaroeiv7.jpg

 photo 3_zpsm9lv28n3.jpg

I tried getting good video of the drive up there, but it was a disaster thanks to me forgetting to rid the windshield of bug guts. Eeeew!

 photo 4_zpslmztxhnr.jpg

 photo 5_zps9y3rgj9q.jpg

 photo 6_zps082127gb.jpg

 photo 7_zpsbbwu9l34.jpg

 photo 8_zpsxxxdocts.jpg

 photo 9_zps4mwncyvb.jpg

 photo 10_zpsk0crscm1.jpg

The 1st story in this photo is actually the 2nd story.

The first story can be seen on the other side, at the bottom of the hill. Neat, huh?

 photo 11_zpsipkodtjz.jpg

 photo 12_zpsmtc5rvtn.jpg

 photo 13_zpsyicxhaeo.jpg

 photo 14_zpsue6pnnrr.jpg

 photo 15_zps5epekttl.jpg

 photo 16_zpsfu7qmcdl.jpg

 photo 17_zps8wcmksxr.jpg

 photo 18_zpsxafwpcgu.jpg

 photo 19_zpsdgl7u5lz.jpg

 photo 20_zpsuyic2cef.jpg

 photo 21_zpss0fp5fkt.jpg

This video proves what Disney Geeks my mother and I are. Photobucket

 photo 22_zpsnrwxed0y.jpg

 photo 23_zpsuswbnhcy.jpg

 photo 24_zpsqj5twy3y.jpg

 photo 25_zpssdwa0yyf.jpg

 photo 26_zpsrurjhwpy.jpg

 photo 27_zpsqofegfvv.jpg

 photo 28_zps72bdvybf.jpg

 photo 29_zpspymrmos6.jpg

 photo 30_zps4ag1fm8u.jpg

 photo 31_zpsm1wm0m2e.jpg

 photo 32_zps5p3gpfj5.jpg

 photo ttfn_green_zpsf431359e.png

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  1. I love your photos and videos, what a lovely place. The trees are very gnarly and Disney-esque! My favorite is the beautiful butterfly. Have a wonderful weekend.


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