Friday, May 8, 2015

A Woodland Sprite's Home Sweet Home

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"When the first baby laughed for the first time, its laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy. So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl."

~ J.M. Barrie; Peter Pan
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At long last, I'm sharing my fairy tree! It was inspired by the uber-talented Sharon Ojala. Her blog is "Homemade Obsessions," and her YouTube channel is also great. If ever you're feeling the creative itch, it'd be smart to stop by her place.  photo yes_zps9de84a81.gif You won't regret it.

I believe in giving credit where it's due, so I can't take 100% responsibility for my Fairy Tree's creation. On the day I started it, while I was still gathering the needed supplies, my mother started making the levels and a few of the roots. (Hers looked superior to mine).

After Mom did a lot of the form, I then took over with the rest: paper mache, painting and decorating.

If I were to do it all over again, I would have done a few things differently in order to make it a smoother process. (I did forget a couple things along the way. I should have re-watched the YouTube videos but didn't). In retrospect, I also would have changed a couple of minor things in my decorating but the nearest craft store is about an hour away so I made do with what I already had. I also never got around to rubbing Min Wax on the tree.

It was a learning experience for sure, but in the end I'm very happy with the result.

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The upstairs I made into an attic. I filled it with little knick-knacks a fairy might gravitate towards collecting. Human things like binoculars, light bulbs, a globe, books, buttons, etc.

Kind of like "Ariel" in The Little Mermaid come to think about it. Photobucket

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It's difficult to see in the photos, but the lantern lights up. And the bottom to the little table I made from one of my grandmother's antique perfume bottles.

I really wanted to use a perfume bottle with a label, but they were all too large for this project.

 photo 016_500v_zpsigqgtxzd.jpg

 photo 038_500v_zpsw3tnet3m.jpg

Here's a quick video of the lantern all lit up:

 photo up4_600_zpsuu9gqcop.jpg

 photo 025_600_zpsldzyghd2.jpg

 photo 036_600_zpszkhn15m6.jpg

 photo 032_600_zpshocjx6jt.jpg

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 photo 024_500v_zpsvksy4aim.jpg

Don't you just LOVE that knot/bump on the side of the tree? That was entirely Mom's doing. Isn't it just perfection?!

When it came time to do the paper mache over that section, it was a lot of fun because I knew that part was going to look great.

 photo wand_600_zpsklczwfhl.jpg

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No Fairy House or Fairy Tree is complete without a bird visitor or two.

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 photo 110_600_zpsyfr0zh0s.jpg

 photo 026_600_zps67semogu.jpg

Because it's the fairies that make wishes come true, didn't ya know?

 photo 078_600_zpspt0jjsu2.jpg

I was thrilled to come across a bunch of old bottle-caps at the antique store. When I saw the "Sprite" cap, I was probably a little more excited than I should have been. Photobucket

I might have crowed like Peter Pan and exclaimed "Oh, the cleverness of me!"... BUT it did take a full 24 hours for me to realize the connection of the name "Sprite," and the fact that I was about to build a Fairy/Sprite House.

The very next morning I returned to the antique store. I couldn't get there fast enough!

 photo h_600_zpsl0cmhtcb.jpg

 photo 023_600_zpstk5piasd.jpg

One of the things I would have changed can be seen in the above picture.

Word to the Wise: Experiment with the paper towels. I didn't realize I had used the wrong brand of paper towel until it had already dried. Thank goodness it was only in this one spot!

One day I'll add some climbing ivy to disguise it. I would have already done so, but the nearest Hobby Lobby is in College Station.

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  1. Hello Kristin, your fairy house is just adorable. I love all the little knick-knacks and the sprite table is inspired. If you are worried about the one bit on the outside, you could always trail some real ivy over it, I know it would die, but it would probably last a few days. Alternatively, you could put some in a tiny pot and turn it into a container garden for the fairies!

  2. Everything is just adorable. You really are having fun with all your fairy creations, aren't you? Well I'm sure I speak for many of your visitors when I say we have fun seeing them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your fairy tree is one of the cutest I've seen. Seems like everyone with a blog has a fairy house but no joke, your fairy tree is the cutest and you should be very proud!

  4. I'm TOTALLY IN LOVE with this tree Kristen!!! What a joy this must have been to create! It is amazing and I'm sure you have made some faeries very, very happy!!!

  5. It's so gorgeous! The lantern works! That is so perfect!! I love all the little treasures collected in the attic. It's a perfect fairy house!
    We had tons of fun in Watersound on 30A. You're right it is in the Destin area. I hope you can make it back there soon. It's changed a lot. There are tons of stores, restaurants now.

  6. Thanks for the terrific question Kristin. I will do a post on the cutting tools I use until then:

    Hi Kristin! I use the Easy Cutter for the craft sticks. You can find it in lots of places including Ebay.|dc&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=&utm_campaign=Shopping+-+Crafts&CS_003=10131488&CS_010=[ProductId]&gclid=CjwKEAjwp_uqBRClvrrXmsbPog4SJACK4gIPL1hpHbXad96qCLK6c7d0YJkvcpK1HDaKoQ2sq6gk-RoC4Qzw_wcB
    If the wood is thin enough I always like to use box cutters I get from Lowe's. I have small ones for detail work and the average size one for the rest. The trick is to always have sharp blades. The one's from Lowe's have 2 or 3 extra blades that are in the handle so you can use them for a while.
    My favorite cutter is always the box cutter. Even for the dollhouse walls. I just cut on both sides of the wood and it usually works. These box cutters are just a neater cut. So low tech and cheap I know. But I still haven't found a perfect saw. I do use the Dremel Trio when I have lots of cuts to do. Then I sand things smooth and straight.
    I should do a post on this with photos of the box cutters. Great questions! Thanks!

    1. THANK YOU!!! Thank you so much! Now I know what to look for when I finally visit Hobby Lobby again. (Trips there are so rare these days). Thankfully, we do have a Lowe's that isn't too far away.

      I'm actually excited about going to Lowe's now. How about that? Lol!

  7. Just AMAZING! I love all the wonderful details! What fun! My daughter and I loved reading Barrie's Peter Pan when she was a little girl. It's always been a treasured memory. I think Tinker Bell would LOVE this tree! The lantern is an especially great touch!


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